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Free Mistress Series Return to Wholeness



Free Goddess Initiation



Ongoing Class

Thursdays 5 pm WITA

Online Spiritual Heritage and Yoga Philosophy Course

€540,00 EUR

Membership - live events

A one-year Embodiment & Coaching container that gives you the freedom to explore & discover your true & magnificent self. It is a homecoming, where you can shine fully, be seen in all your phases, and be celebrated, appreciated & loved for what you are. 

 The Muse Full Investment

€1.999,00 EUR

Become a Trauma-Informed Embodied Feminine Wisdom Teacher, Coach, Facilitator &
Leader of your Time 

18 months of depth, devotion and dedication

The Empress Full Investment

€5.401,00 EUR

Online Trainings - live events

Awaken the Inner Priestess who always knew that we are intimately connected with life and with each other. 
€540,00 EUR (self paced - recordings
€1999,00 EUR - upcoming in person Bali Training MARCH 2023 
Sacred Sexuality, Self Love & Natural Remedies as a means for healing, growth & expansion.
€444,00 EUR (self paced - recordings) 
€888,00 EUR regular for live online upcoming course

Holding the key to unlock the Truth
€640,00 EUR (self paced - recordings) 
€880,00 EUR regular 
Femme Leadership & Heart Womb Aligned Offerings
Only for Empresses
Women's Circle Devi Facilitator Training 
€ 1.480,00 EUR investment

Vedic Teachings - self paced 

The Sacred Devi Prayers and Mantras

€487,00 EUR

The Value of Values

€247,00 EUR


€247,00 EUR

The Sacred Vedic Shanti Prayers

€187,00 EUR

Understanding the Mind & Unconscious

€247,00 EUR

Sanskrit Alphabet Practice & Mantra Chanting 

€108,00 EUR

Goddess Courses - self paced

Navaratri 2022-2021-2020 - All Access Pass

€108,00 EUR

The Embodied Trinity

€66,00 EUR

1 on 1 Coaching - online or in person