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Your desires matter.
Your desires may be as well
the door to your freedom. 

Freedom from what?
Freedom from shame & disgust.
Freedom from your own judgments. 
Freedom from disempowerment.

Your body is an orgasmic landscape. 
Your yoni holds the forgotten wisdom of the sacred. 
Your pleasure is the gift to this world. 

I look forward to welcome you into our Love Temple.
~ Shāradā Devī 


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Desires are a Sacred Power that we call Icchā Shakti

an expression of the Goddess.

That means our Desires are Sacred.

Yet often we shame desires be it coming from ourselves or others.

“You should be happy with what you have”
“I can’t ask for more… who am I to desire more?”
“I am not good enough, worthy or deserving to want more”

An inner voice that criticises our desires for more connection, for more intimacy & for more meaning and depth in life.

Afraid to follow our heart’s calling as others might judge or ridicules our choice of life style.

People judge because they are afraid to change. Afraid that they may have been living a life that they don’t truly desire. Afraid of acknowledging that they may have been living a lie … pretending to be truly happy and fulfilled.

It requires courage to Desire to say
I want more out of life
I want a real, authentic, fulfilling relationship
I desire true love
I desire to be touched as a Goddess
I long for mind-blowing orgasms and reclaim my pleasure
I desire to be a sensual, erotic, magical woman that knows & wields her power

Do any of these desires awaken a spark in your heart & Yoni? Yoni is a sacred Sanskrit word for the womb, the vessel, the vulva, the cause of this Universe.

Desires are a privilege, a gift from the Goddess of the Universe.
Desires are a luxury.

When you learn to desire out of fullness for the highest good of yourself and others you become the Goddess of Desire. Kāma Devī.

It is a true Mastery to understand, redirect and have the freedom to fulfil our not fulfil our desires.

Welcome to  this Free Mistress Class Series where we will inquire into the nature of desires, embrace our desires with love and validation and dive into a Sacred Embodiment ritual to uncover some of our deepest longings.

In this upcoming Free Mistress Class Series you will:

Learn the difference between Desires that free you and Desires that bind you

Be able recognise and neutralise the Desires that will cause you more suffering

Uncover desires of your feminine heart that have been hidden

Be guided towards the first steps of fulfilling your desires that will support you in your spiritual and feminine growth

Practice expressing desires as an information and an invocation in regard to another person that you deeply care for

Honour the desires of your body, your heart and your Yoni

This series is for you

Who is desiring to take charge of your life, your happiness and your pleasure

Who is tired of being dissatisfied, unfulfilled and irritated with life, with your partner and any other aspect of your life

Who is ready to fulfil your desires out of leisure, self love and self worth

Who has enough feeling guilty or shameful when following your desires

Who wants to live from desire as an empowerment instead of out of neediness

Who is ready to feel alive, connected to your body, your heart and your yoni

Who is ready to become a Muse, the best lover to yourself and your partner/s

I found myself crying when I reached my womb with my hands. Tears streamed down my face when I slowly made a connection with me, my womb and my sexuality as a woman. My past is coloured by incest, my biological father used me between age of 3-15. I had no memories of this until I had another trauma that triggered. My body tried to tell me that something is wrong, and I was pretty low when the memories came.

But now, when my body doesn't have to handle the experiences alone, when it can be released, I am healthier than ever! But in my journey to heal and to freedom, I forgot my womanhood, my inner secret space that is mine and had carried this sorrow and hurt for so long time. When I saw this lesson something was released, I cried for hours and I celebrated the wholeness of me, all of me. I took back something I didn't  know I lost.

It was beautiful, powerful and most of all a deep sense of gratitude that my body has carried me and protected me through my whole life. Now is the time to give back, give myself the caring and respect that I deserve.

So thank you! Thank you for taking me on this journey and show me that i can be so much more!

From my heart, Thank you! Love Sofia


I am Shāradā Devī Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devi School and it is my joy to support you in reclaiming your absolute fullness & dignity through the most powerful teachings & tools that I know.

The guidance of the goddess is portrayed in the teachings of the Vedic tradition. What we are offering in Devi School is a combination of the ancient Vedic wisdom, which is the teachings of the goddess, but also including the needed and modern approach of handling our human experiences….  like trauma and anything else we've experienced in childhood… or even as an adult. 

Since 22 years I have been on my journey of self growth and self knowledge guided by my teachers & mentors and there is nothing that I love more then share what has blessed my life with you. 


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