About Shāradā Devī

Shāradā Devī

is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta, Sanskrit & the Vedic Tradition, a Priestess of Ceremonies & a Vedic Chanting Mistress as well as the Heart of Be Woman Project & the Visionary of Devi School where Spirituality meets Embodiment. She is also a trauma informed VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality, Sacred Sexuality Practitioner, CNT (Abdominal) & Karsai (Womb & internal Sexual Organ) Massage Therapist. 

Shāradā Devī is your lead mentor & teacher throughout all the programs in Devī School. She has created the DEVI Methodology which is the culmination of 20 years+ of committed studies of the Spiritual Heritage of the Vedic Wisdom; Vedanta the Knowledge of the limitless self along with Sacred Sexuality Practices. 

From an early age, Sharada was on the quest for Moksha, absolute freedom, which led her to Venezuela, India & Bali, seeking guidance & answers to the fundamental questions of life. 

20 years ago her journey started with Yoga and more than 15 years ago, she found her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and has since then been living in Bali & India studying the ancient teachings of the Vedas directly with her teachers. In her lineage, the study of the unconscious aka inner child, devotional practices such as rituals, mantra and guided meditations is incorporated which also shines through in all her magical offerings. She has been teaching the jewels of the Vedic Tradition from the very start of her own journey as she has been encouraged to do so by her teachers.

Being a Woman like many of us felt she felt disempowered and disconnected from her own body, sexuality, power and pleasure. She felt the urge and need to reclaim the lost art and ancient wisdom of the womb and yoni. She then has immersed herself deeply into holistic sex education, body literacy, natural fertility awareness, sacred womb & earth wisdom, cervical awakening, jade egg practice, trauma release practices & integration as well as breath work & somatic embodiment rituals.

Her background in Odissi Dance, an ancient temple dance, Ayurveda, Tantra, the deep dive into ancient Rituals & Rites of Passage, the love for Sanskrit & Mantras and the secrets of Devi 'the goddess' played a profound role in her own discovery & healing of the sacred feminine & masculine; which was the spring board for her unique approach on women’s circles which she calls Devi Circles.

She wanted all women to experience the magic & healing power of her Devi Circles and started to travel internationally to offer these truly heart opening & transformative circles all over the globe.


It was then when Be Woman Project was born which has become an appreciated spiritual community with many sacred reaching out projects like free Community Devi Circles & an International annual free Goddess Festival called Navarātri.

Seeing how people truly benefited and appreciated her work she was asked & encouraged to create & teach in person as well as online international trainings, retreats and courses.

Sharada may as well be the teacher of your teacher today. She is deeply revered co teacher at several international Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali and Italy such as Meghan Currie, Daniela Garza from SOHA, LOKA YOGA, Sama Yoga & Yoga Brixen. She is invited regularly to teach as a Guest Teacher in many esteemed programs and festivals.

In 2020 Devi School was born, the School of the Goddess bringing Sharada's two offerings from the Be Woman Project & Pearls of Wisdom her Vedic online study program under one umbrella. Devī School offers short to long term in person and online one of a kind transformative programs from mistress classes, playshops, initiations, rites of passage, coaching, retreats, courses, trainings to certification.

"Sharada’s heart flourished so deeply with the Vedic teachings, the world of Rituals, the breath taking beauty of Rites of Passage & the gifts of Sacred Sexuality that any of Sharada’s programs will re awaken your lost yet long awaited powers from the Priestess, to the Witch, the Queen, the Heroine, the Living Wisdom Teacher, the Muse & the Empress all are within you .... truly the Goddess in all her forms awaits you."


The lineage of Shri Pujya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati

Shri Radhaji, Dr Carol Whitfield, is a Vedanta Teacher and Sanskrit Scholar, Teacher at the CIIS University in San Fransisco as well as an accomplished therapist and PhD in psychology. She studied with Swami Dayanandaji since the 1970s and was for many years the manager of one of his ashrams. Both of them have the rare combination of understanding both the Eastern teachings as well as psychology and the needs of a modern mind and the Western mind.

Shri Swami Vagishanandaji is a Sanyasi, Vedanta Scholar and Chanting Master for the past 40 years (he participated in five 3,5 yr residential courses with Swami Dayanandaji!). He lives as a monk, devoted to Hindu dharma (universal values) and traditions.

Shri Pujya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati – words fall short to describe our revered Guru Pujya Swamiji. He completely revived the tradition of Vedanta and Hindu Dharma and has impacted millions of peoples lives world wide.

40th birthday blessing message
From my revered teacher Radhaji

“Smt. Sharada Devi is one of my brilliant Senior Students.

She has been with me Studying Vedanta, Sanskrit and Vedic chanting in Bali now for over 10 years and continues to study and teach the same.  She has Studied Directly from Sri Swami Dayaananda Saraswati in the Traditional Ashram context and discipline for a year and participated in various camps. 

She is highly committed and well established in all aspects of Vedic traditional structure, Attitudes, and Values, she embodies these values and is constantly sharing the same with all her devoted students. Sharada is a qualified Celebrant in her own right having been traditionally initiated with major Hindu  Vedic Samskaaras ie. spiritual initiations.

She has been blessed by her revered teachers and embodies these rites of passage and Initiates others who sincerely ask and are ready to receive these priceless transformational blessings in their lives.

In her Devotional Yajna Spirit, she has been organising and conducting Sacred Feminine Women’s circles empowering women to profoundly heal themselves at all levels and has inspired many women to do the same.

Sharada has been classically trained in Odissi a form of Bhaarata Naatya sacred devotional Dance, a profound form of Meditation Integrating body mind and spirit to be one with Deity.

She is deeply immersed in all aspects of Traditional devotional Ishvara Pujaa and has trained so many sincere yogic students in these priceless spiritual practices. She has been teaching in Bali, live classes to individuals and groups in established International Yoga Teacher Trainings, and also on the web through “Vaidika Dharma” & Her Sacred “Be Woman Project” and during summer months she teaches abroad (Sweden, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, India etc.) With Ishvara Guru and Shaastras grace profound for Jnaana Vairaagya Moksa Siddhih.

May her sacred Yajna continue without obstacles, and all that come to Her; may they be blessed by her guidance and teaching.

with Naaraayana Smrtih ” — Swami Vagishaananda Saraswati 

Testimonials of Students 

taken during the Vaidika Dharma Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in collaboration with SOHA School of Healing Arts by Founder Daniela Mandala



Tantra, Tao, Shamanic Sexual Wisdom & Sacred Sexuality 

𓆃 Tantra & Yoni Healing with Maryse Cote

𓆃 Trauma Informed Sex, Love & Relationship VITA Coaching Certification with Layla Martin

𓆃 Yoni Egg & Crystal Pleasure with Layla Martin

𓆃 Female Sexuality with Layla Martin

𓆃 Male Sexuality with Layla Martin

𓆃 Science of Pleasure to become a Health Informed Sex Expert with Isabella Botura

𓆃 Cervical Awakening with Dr. Jenny Martin

𓆃 CNT & Karsai at Garden of Tao with Som

𓆃 CNT & Karsai with Khun Ni

𓆃 CNT with Remco

𓆃 Abdominal, Womb & Pelvic Floor Massage with Kay Balnaves

𓆃 Shamanic Sexual Wisdom with Asa Kullberg 


Blood Wisdom & Menstruation 

𓆃 Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

𓆃 Body Literacy & Natural Fertility Awareness with Disa Mineur

𓆃 Cervical Wellness with Denell Randall

𓆃 Womben Wellness with Usha ānandī

𓆃 Wild Power with RedSchool 


Femme Leadership & Wealth Abundance Programs

𓆃 Feminine Leadership; Exponential Wealth, Impact Academy & Cash with Melanie Ann Layer

𓆃 Feminine Leadership; Creatrix Calling with Jolie Dawn

𓆃 Private Mentorship with Financial Therapist and Business Coach 

𓆃 Long term Mastermind and Private Mentorship with Sofia Sundari

 Testimonials of Students 

taken during Sharada's online and also in person programs


"Studying with Sharada Devi is an extremely rare opportunity which shouldn’t be missed.

Sharada is a realized teacher who combines traditional Vedic teachings while fully embodying sacred sexuality, like no one else has mastered in such a complete way! Trust me, I have been around the spiritual circuses for 50 years seeing the exploitation, abuse of power, and scandals, having been myself the victim of so called ‘spiritual teachers. Studying with a genuine spiritual teacher is a rare and great blessing. Sharada and I share this blessing.

Sharada’s entire life’s commitment to self-knowledge while embracing her own shadow so fully, makes her an exceptional teacher who will help you empower and love yourself with clarity of knowledge, grace, and kindness.

Trust that investing yourself in this course will deeply transform your life, assist you to truly know, and realize yourself, and that it will bless you profoundly.

When reality is no longer about competition and when your own student becomes more brilliant than you, well… you want to acknowledge and champion her and to offer prayers of protection and gratitude for such a gift and blessing to the world! Yat Bhavam Tat bhavati! As you revere and worship, so you become!

With all my heart,
Wishing all of you the very best."

- Maryse Côté, Sacred Sexuality teacher and author.



"You are a jewel of a human. The meaning of my life has expanded since I have met you Sharada, since I went to your first Vedic teachings.
I want to thank you with all my heart for always being there, as a teacher, as a guide, as a sister, as a mom, as everything and anything you can be.
I love you so much and sending you blessings, love and light. ”

— Serra Devi, Canada Turkey


“Your words are pure grace- heartfelt. So important. How can I express what you mean to me Sharada Devi? My gratitude is vast. My eager to learn so strong. Your teaching is a true blessing to all of us. I melt into it all. No reservation. Just a full strong yes. ”

— Anna Eklund, Sweden


“Again, and again, thank you so much for your teachings, your guidance, your commitment to us students, you are an inspiration as a teacher, a woman, a human being and I am really grateful for the path I am traveling with you. ”

— Helen Eastwood, Paris


“If you are a spiritual seeker, if you teach or share yoga/women’s circles/psychotherapy/trauma informed groups of any kind, I cant recommend this enough.
Last year I was blessed to discover the most real, wise, integrated, no bs vedanta teacher. She skilfully cuts through the overwhelming bs of the wellness/yoga industry, to share ancient knowledge of the Vedas (the knowledge that we are whole and complete) in an accessible, relevant and empowering way.
The practices and rituals shared helped me out of a dark place, when I had lost my faith in yoga and what it has become, and to some extent the world around me.
I literally can’t believe my luck I get to receive this knowledge again with this offering from Sharada Devi.”

— Kate, England