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Tattvabodhaḥ focuses on the jñāna yoga spiritual discipline, otherwise known as self-inquiry.

The Bhagavad Gītā is a complete and comprehensive textbook because it deals with karma yoga (the yoga of action), upāsana yoga (the yoga of meditation) and jñāna yoga (the yoga of ‘knowledge’).

Tattvabodhaḥ does not deal with karma yoga or upāsana yoga. It focuses on jñāna yoga alone. Tattvabodhaḥ is studied because it presents a specific method of self-inquiry. Like many other ‘spiritual’ textbooks, it introduces the student to many of the technical terms required for conducting this self-inquiry.

Any particular field has its own technical terms (in Sanskrit they are called paribhāśa śabdāḥ; in English we say jargon). Just as there are technical terms in medicine, law, science, music and cricket, one requires technical terms for the purpose of self- inquiry. In Tattvabodhaḥ, many of these technical terms are systematically presented and beautifully defined. 

Therefore, Tattvabodhaḥ serves two purposes. It gives one the method of inquiry leading to self-knowledge, and lays out some of the technical terms to help the spiritual seeker gain that knowledge.


Śrī Svāmī Paramārthānanda Sarasvatī

What is Vaidika Dharma?


Who is sharing knowledge in this module?

Shāradā is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta (non-dual teachings) and the Vedic Tradition, Master of Ceremonies & Vedic Chanting as well as the Founder of BeWomanProject. At this present moment, she is undergoing one of the most in depths sex, love & relationship coaching programs. 

From an early age, Sharada was on the quest for Mokṣa, absolute freedom, which led her to India & Bali, seeking guidance & answers to the fundamental questions of life.

More than a decade ago, she found her revered teachers in the lineage of Swāmī Dayānanda Sarasvatī and has since then been living in Bali & India studying the ancient teachings of the Vedas directly with her teachers. In her lineage, the study of the inner child, Jungian Psychology & devotional practices such as rituals is incorporated which also shines through in all her magical offerings. 

Her background in Odissi Dance, a temple dance, Āyurveda, Tantra, the deep dive into ancient rituals, and the secrets of Devī 'the goddess' played a profound role in her own discovery of the sacred feminine; which was also the inspiration to start holding circles for women. 

In recent years, she has immersed herself deeply into natural fertility awareness, body literacy, sacred womb wisdom, womb yoga, holistic sex education as well as trauma release through breathwork & women’s psychology.

She is the creatrix of the BeWomanProject that today offers international women's circle facilitator courses that are based in the Vedic Tradition, incorporating a holistic and tantric approach to reclaiming one's own self-worth, a sense of belonging & returning to healthy integrated wellness that deeply honours all beings as sacred.

"The purpose of gaining this self-knowledge, as pointed out by the scriptures, is that self-knowledge gives us freedom or Mokṣa Purushārthaha – the highest goal called Mokṣa."

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"I found Sharada almost one year ago in the Embodied Woman Festival and since the moment that I heard her words I knew that I wanted to be her student. Therefore, I started going to the Pearls of Wisdom Classes and my life has been changing since there. Sharada has this way of bringing the Teachings of Vedanta to our earthly life, we feel part of the teachings and it’s a lot easier to understand and integrate into our lives.


I need to confess that my favorite classes are always the Mantra dedicated ones because I love to sing and for me the Sanskrit language and her melody as a direct connection to the mystery that is embracing us at every moment.

If you want to find a way to explore the cosmos that is inside you I totally recommend you to go to the Pearls of Wisdom. Sending love, Cindy. Om"


Cindy Costa, Portugal

"I virtually came across Sharada and the Pearls of Wisdom classes during the first lockdown in 2020. I firmly believe that when One is ready, the Teacher appears. I had been "self-teaching" Sanskrit and Mantras for a few years, doing my own research with books and audios, but I was longing for guidance. For a voice to hear, for someone to whom I could ask questions.

Finding the Pearls of Wisdom group lit up my sparkle and enthusiasm again. The classes are fascinating, both accessible and extremely deep.

 Sharada's teachings in Vedanta Philosophy and Mantra practice, her pedagogy, precision, support, generosity and full attention to all students is amazing and precious.

Sylwia introduces the Sanskrit alphabet with great enthusiasm, sincerity and joy. I find learning to write and read Sanskrit a meditation in itself, demanding focus, full presence, discipline, humility, open heart and mind.

I find the Mantra practice a beautiful tool in everyday life, to support emotional stability and to help in constant self-discovery. The various symbols, deities, concepts that are invoked in the Mantras are all aspects of Myself and of Life. Chanting is both an intimate and universal prayerful attitude.

I am grateful for these teachings, for the fantastic online platform with abundant content, for the consistent program, the weekly meetings that encourage me to work deeply, regularly and well-supported on the Path of Self-Inquiry."

Helen Eastwood, France

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