From Confusion to Clarity

From Pain to Happiness

From Incompleteness to Wholeness 

A Self Paced Online Spiritual Camp for based in the Vedic Wisdom Tradition 

From Confusion to Clarity; From Pain to Happiness; From Incompleteness to Wholeness


a 9 days live online Spiritual camp for women & men based in the Vedic Wisdom Tradition 
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The journey of gaining self knowledge which gives absolute freedom is a lifetime pursuit yet the Living Wisdom Teacher Program lays down a very good foundation to be ready to assimilate the knowledge. 

When you hear the word Spirituality what do you see or feel?


Some of us feel expansiveness, limitlessness, unpredictability, wholeness, magic 

Some of us feel afraid, uncertain, judgmental

Some of us may see themselves sitting in meditation having a non dual experience...

it is all valid 


In the Vedic Wisdom Tradition Spirituality is:


❖ Knowledge

❖ Reality

You, Me, The Universe & God/Goddess

𓆃 Are you a spiritual seeker who knows at heart that we are all one sacred being? 

𓆃 Have you been feeling confused about which spiritual path to choose?

 𓆃 Have you had spiritual experiences that have changed who you are and now you are seeking to understand what really happened?

 𓆃 Have you accumulated material wealth & still feel unhappy ... so now you are seeking for spiritual wealth? 

 𓆃 Do you want to truly be living as a free person in this life and inspire others to do the same?

 𓆃 Have you been looking for a spiritual teaching tradition yet had difficulty to find trust? 

𓆃 Have you had or still have the romantic idea to sit in a cave in the Himalayas all by yourself where you will meditate all day and ask the question; who am I ?

𓆃 Do you want to be truly happy, find purpose, meaning in life & contribute to the cosmic harmony?

𓆃 Are you a Yoga, Meditation and/or Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Counselor or Psychologist and would like to gain more depth in terms of knowing reality so that you can guide people more on their own spiritual journey?

If you have answered any of the above questions with a YES then this program is for you...

 Warm welcome dear friend

We all require support to answer the fundamental questions of life. No being, not even great saints have been able to answer these questions alone. 

What is the fundamental problem of life truly?

What is the solution to the fundamental problem?

How can we gain true permanent happiness and freedom in this life?

There are so many obstacles towards understanding what the fundamental problem is & its solution. It is a huge accomplishment to really understand what the cause to human's cycle of re-birthing & re-deathing is.

We struggle to become happy, whole and complete instead of being able to live life out of fullness and gain freedom from pain & suffering. 

It is very rare to find an informed person & teacher when it comes to spirituality, the fundamental problem & the true goal of life. There is a lot of confusion and there are many confused teachers, where a relative problem is made absolute. In turn the relative pursue which is a relative solution suddenly becomes an absolute solution, maybe even an obsession. If we look at the Spiritual Industry; how many meditations, yoga styles, healing modalities are out there? Countless ...

"If you meditate for 3 minutes a day, you will change your life!"

If you do this yoga posture, you will become ..."

"If you do this and that, you will be happier, sexier, better..."

It is wonderful that there are many tools out there for our wellness and self improvement. Yet at the same time, all of them indicate that we have to do something in order to be the person we truly want to be. 

"We have to improve. We have to become better than what we are now. We have to."

But if we do something it means there will be an effect and if the effect is a certain condition then that condition will definitely change. And if my happiness is dependent on that condition then I am not truly permanently happy because that condition will guarantee change again and that means my happiness too. So, if happiness comes, it will also go again. And it also means I am not whole and complete here and now which is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. 


the truth is that you don't have to do anything. 
You have to KNOW. 

Become an informed person & teacher 

that understands the fundamental problem & goal of life as well as its solution & how to achieve the true goal of life.

  Guided Meditations

 7 teaching Modules

 Teaching Methodology 

 Reading material in pdf format, 

 Development Diary 

 A Living Wisdom Teacher Manual

 Receive 3 full self paced courses

Fundamentals of Vedanta


the Value of Values

 48 days Sādhana

Send in a 15 minutes video recording of you sharing about a topic that is given to you. 

that needs to be completed to receive the Living Wisdom Teacher certification. 

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I found Sharada three years ago in the Embodied Woman Festival and since the moment that I heard her words I knew that I wanted to be her student. Therefore, I started going to the Vedic Online Study aka Pearls of Wisdom Classes and my life has been changing since there. Sharada has this way of bringing the Teachings of Vedanta to our earthly life, we feel part of the teachings and it’s a lot easier to understand and integrate into our lives. 

Cindy, Portugal
Our misperception that we are limited is a result of an illusion that is obscuring our true nature and connection with the Whole.

What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is the knowledge found at the end of the Veda, it is called Vedanta (anta, meaning end).

The Veda is a body of knowledge handed down from one generation to another.

It has no authorship in that it has not been authored by any given individual. It is a body of knowledge said to have been revealed to the ancient sages who, in turn, handed it over to the next generation, which handed it over to the next one, and so on, right down to our own time.

Vedanta is the end portion of the Vedas that teaches Brahma Vidya, the knowledge of the limitless being, which is, according to the Upanishads, the Self. Vedanta reveals that the nature of I is free from any limitation, it is one, non-dual being. The general understanding of the I is ‘I am limited’ time-wise, space-wise and knowledge-wise. It is because of this conclusion that I am struggling to become happy. This is what is referred to as ‘Samsara’.

 As a non-dual philosophy, Vedanta asserts that the self and the Universal Self are One. Our misperception that we are limited is a result of an illusion that is obscuring our true nature and connection with the Whole.

  • Non-duality: The belief - the Knowledge that God, the World, and the Self are really one being.

  • Samsara: the suffering that arises from the misidentification of the Self as a limited being (limited in time, space and understanding)

  • As we continue seeing wholeness in something other than myself, we seek to become whole. Vedanta reveals I am whole already, there for my actions are out of fullness and for the sake of fullness

  • Atma-jnana: self-knowledge

  • When we free ourselves from the illusion of separateness, we are able to rest in Wholeness and are oriented to our innate love and connection. We become naturally free from desire, as we no longer need to seek outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfilment.

You are the whole, you are full and complete as you are.

You are everything you want to be already.

You are the gold in and through all the ornaments.

All you need is to know yourself, to remove the darkness of ignorance, to know yourself as such.

That is freedom (moksha). Every being is searching for freedom from pain and suffering, freedom from the sense of smallness and inadequacy.

We all want to be happy, at all times and in all places.

We cannot find that in the world, the world is changing, that is the wonder of this creation, of this life.

Therefore I have to look somewhere else. Somewhere I have not yet thought of so far, somewhere closer than the closest.


That is Vedanta.

"Give the world the best & the best will come back to you "- Swami Dayananda

Content of the  
Living Wisdom  Teacher 

(TT = Teacher Training)

Yes, I'm Ready For the Teacher Training

Shāradā Devī

From an early age, I was on the quest for Moksha, absolute freedom, which led me to India & Bali, seeking guidance & answers to the fundamental questions of life. 

More than a decade ago, I found my revered teachers Shrī Swāmi Vāgishānanda, Shrī Rādhāji & Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Since then I have been living in Bali & India studying the ancient teachings of the Vedas directly with my teachers. In my lineage, the study of the unconscious aka the inner child, following Guided Meditations, devotional practices such as rituals, living a life of dharma, becoming a contributor are incorporated & important integral parts to becoming a mature person and fit student of Vedānta. 

It is my greatest joy in life to assist you in living a life of integrity through self-acceptance and the discovery of love, pointing you in the right direction of your spiritual pursuit. The sacred journey of life towards absolute happiness and fulfilment in the here and now. 

The Living Wisdom Retreat & Teacher Training is a deep dive into the heart of the most profound spiritual tradition and my prayer is that it will inspire, support and serve you the rest of your life. The journey of gaining self knowledge is a lifetime pursuit yet this program lays down a very good foundation to be ready to assimilate the knowledge. 

I have put together the most important topics so that you can study and share them honoring the traditional methodology that have been passed down from my teachers. With all my heart & infinite gratitude, bowing my head in deepest reverence for the love and blessings that I have received from the whole lineage, the teaching, and my teachers I warmly welcome you. 


I virtually came across Sharada and the Pearls of Wisdom classes during the first lockdown in 2020. I firmly believe that when One is ready, the Teacher appears. I had been "self-teaching" Sanskrit and Mantras for a few years, doing my own research with books and audios, but I was longing for guidance. For a voice to hear, for someone to whom I could ask questions.

Finding the Pearls of Wisdom group lit up my sparkle and enthusiasm again. The classes are fascinating, both accessible and extremely deep.

Sharada's teachings in Vedanta Philosophy and Mantra practice, her pedagogy, precision, support, generosity and full attention to all students is amazing and precious.

Helen Eastwood, France


6 Month Investment

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1 time investment

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Smt. Sharada Devi is one of my brilliant Senior Students.

She has been with me Studying Vedanta, Sanskrit and Vedic chanting in Bali now for over 10 years and continues to study and teach the same.  She has Studied Directly from Sri Swami Dayaananda Saraswati in the Traditional Ashram context and discipline for a year and participated in various camps. 

She is highly committed and well established in all aspects of Vedic traditional structure, Attitudes, and Values, she embodies these values and is constantly sharing the same with all her devoted students. Sharada is a qualified Celebrant in her own right having been traditionally initiated with major Hindu  Vedic Samskaaras ie. spiritual initiations.

She has been blessed by her revered teachers and embodies these rites of passage and Initiates others who sincerely ask and are ready to receive these priceless transformational blessings in their lives.

In her Devotional Yajna Spirit, she has been organising and conducting Sacred Feminine Women’s circles empowering women to profoundly heal themselves at all levels and has inspired many women to do the same.

Sharada has been classically trained in Odissi a form of Bhaarata Naatya sacred devotional Dance, a profound form of Meditation Integrating body mind and spirit to be one with Deity.

She is deeply immersed in all aspects of Traditional devotional Ishvara Pujaa and has trained so many sincere yogic students in these priceless spiritual practices. She has been teaching in Bali, live classes to individuals and groups in established International Yoga Teacher Trainings, and also on the web through “Vaidika Dharma” & Her Sacred “Be Woman Project” and during summer months she teaches abroad (Sweden, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, India etc.) With Ishvara Guru and Shaastras grace profound for Jnaana Vairaagya Moksa Siddhih.

May her sacred Yajna continue without obstacles, and all that come to Her; may they be blessed by her guidance and teaching.