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Navarātri Sādhana

The Art of Devotion


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The 9 Nights of the Goddess where each night is dedicated to one aspect of Durgā Devī, she who removes pain & sorrow. She is known as the great mother, who is fearless, bestows courage, strength & helps her devotees to face any challenge in life. Turning every difficult situation into a blessing, an opportunity for spiritual growth. 

Goddess Durgā, holds a battle, a war against adharma, for 9 nights and 10 days.

She slays the demon that represents adharma and by this brings back harmony & freedom.

She is our dharmic leader, Durgā Devī.

She is our role model.
She is our teacher.
She is trustworthy.
She goes by all names and yet She is nameless.

You may call her Maria, Isis, Ishtar, Sekhmet, Inanna, Pacha Mama, Mother Gaia, Madre Tierra, Hathor, Yemanja, Oshun, Quan Yin, Aya.

In truth, it has no significance.

All that really matters is that she exists, and that is undeniable.
She appears when we call her,
when we invoke her, when we say the word. Any word.

All words are her words. All names are her names.


During Spring Navarātri

You are invited to a participate in
and also to hold your own Sādhana. 


What is Sādhana?

Sādhana is a Sanskrit word meaning a spiritual practice. It is undertaken for inner growth, establishing one’s connection to the divine in all its forms.

It serves as a means to work on oneself, helping to reach one’s purpose in life. We are asked to choose a sacred discipline that can vary from rituals, mantras, meditations, embodiment practices, and more. These are to be incorporated for a certain amount of time to transform old, unhealthy habits into spiritually conducive patterns that lead us towards our highest truth and purpose.

As part of the Sādhana proposed during the Spring Navarātri, you are encouraged to create your own Sacred Space, an Altar.

You will be invited to design and tune into how you would like that space to look so it is most meaningful to you and a place you love to return to time and again.

It represents the abode of unconditional love, power, and truth.

Embrace the Transformation
Across Nine Divine Nights

Navarātri is segmented into three powerful triads, each dedicated to invoking specific aspects of the divine feminine, facilitating a journey of inner strength, abundance, and wisdom.

Night/Day 1, 2, 3
Durgā Devī


The first 3 nights/days are dedicated to Durgā Devī to neutralize our binding likes & dislikes, inhibitions & situations we are struggling with. We invoke strength, courage, the will & effort to change what we can in life. We ask for all the guidance & tools to remove all obstacles that stagnate our emotional & spiritual growth.

Night/Day 4, 5, 6
Lakṣmī Dev


The next 3 nights/days are dedicated to Lakṣmī Devī, the goddess of abundance & wealth. We will invoke her to bless us with health & wealth on all levels. She is the one that gives us a sense of worthiness, deservingness & helps us see that we are already what we want to be. We will honor the gift of being a woman & having a sisterhood & all other gifts that we have been given in life.

Night/Day 7, 8, 9 
Sarasvatī Devi


The last 3 nights/days are  dedicated to Sarasvatī Devī, the goddess of relative & absolute knowledge. She is also known as the goddess of communication & sacred arts. We all have been gifted with an extraordinary sacred instrument that is our body-mind sense temple through which we can embody the love that we are.

Day 10 


The Triumph of Dharma The culmination, Vijayadaśami, signifies the victory of light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance, a celebration of the triumph of Dharma. It is an invitation to embody the teachings of Navarātrī, stepping into the world as leaders who operate from a place of deep values, ethics, and a touch of divine playfulness.

Spring Navarātri


Sādhana with Shāradā Devī

Shāradā Devī will guide you through Pūjā a Vedic Ritual as well as different devotional practices. You can come as you are and you can also set up your Altar and have the different offerings available to join actively in the ritual. The Altar and Pūjā Guide you will receive after signing up. 


Your Personal Sādhana

You are welcome to carry out your own personal Sādhana in the form of holding your own Pūjā Ritual, Meditation or any other way you choose to worship the Goddess. For inspiration and guidance join one of the Sādhanas with Shāradā where she will explain how to do that. 

Day 1

Sādhana with Shāradā Devī

Day 2

 Your Personal Sādhana

Day 3

Sādhana with Shāradā Devī

Day 4

Sādhana with Shāradā Devī

Day 5

 Your Personal Sādhana


Day 6

Your Personal Sādhana

Day 7

Your Personal Sādhana

Day 8

Sādhana with Shāradā Devī 

Day 9

Sādhana with Shāradā Devī
Join the Sādhana


Love Note from Shāradā Devī

As a spiritual mentor, Vedic priestess, and connoisseur of sacred sexuality, I have devoted my life to orchestrating a journey into the realms of truth, freedom, wholeness, and sacred beauty. This journey is not just mine to traverse but yours as well—ours together. My fervor ignites in guiding souls and celebrating those daring enough to plunge into the depths of absolute freedom and to dance with the eros that breathes life into the enigma and sanctity of our existence.

Over the span of more than fifteen years, through the hallowed halls of the DEVĪ School, amidst the transformative spaces of international retreats and trainings, and within the digital domains of online spiritual somatic embodiment coaching certifications and festivals, I have been privileged to empower legions of individuals from diverse paths. To witness my community reclaiming their wholeness, their inherent dignity, and the valor to manifest their freely expressed, confidently erotic, and uniquely gifted essences has been the cosmos’s most magnificent offering to me.

Navaratri, with its divine allure, stands unparalleled as one of, if not my absolute favorite Vedic celebrations. Immersing myself in the Goddess Sadhana for the last decade, I attribute my essence, my prowess, and the transformative impact I wield to the celestial blessings of the Navaratri Blessings. The spiritual riches garnered during these nine sacred nights bestow blessings not merely for the moment but illuminate our entire lifetimes.

Should this be your first venture into Navaratri, know that it is my esteemed honor to be your guide.

For those with whom I’ve shared this sacred journey before, it brings me immeasurable joy to delve into the Sadhana anew alongside you.

And to all, it is my deepest pleasure to infuse this year’s Sadhana with an added layer of erotic richness, an invitation to explore the profound juiciness of our being.

I am eager to unfold the myriad of secrets that await us. Let us immerse ourselves in the magic of Navaratri together.

With all my love,

Shāradā Devī

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