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The Diamond  

A Next Level Exclusive Group
Mistress/Mastermind Mentorship Program


where you will crystallise your vision, reveal the raw diamond polishing it to its excellence, exuberance & uniqueness for all to admire and see themselves in it. The diamond is dedicated to an intimate fully committed and devoted group of selected people that already have strong emotional intelligence and self leadership. 

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The Diamond is You.

You are the most precious jewel that exists.
The Diamond, that is you, is most valuable
and it deserves to be most valued.
Because it is destined to be extraordinary. 

You are the Mistress/Masterpiece. 

You will crystallise your vision,
reveal the raw diamond,
polishing it to its excellence, exuberance & uniqueness
for all to admire and see themselves in.

The Diamond is You.

You are the most precious jewel that exists. The Diamond, that is you, is most valuable and it deserves to be most valued. Because it is destined to be extraordinary. 

You are the Mistress/Masterpiece. 

You will crystallise your vision, reveal the raw diamond, polishing it to its excellence, exuberance & uniqueness
for all to admire and see themselves in.

Apply if YOU


💎 Desire to be deeply supported and held accountable for where you are at in your self growth, overall expansion & potential in life 
through dharmic leadership, sacred sexuality, embodied wealth, magical rituals all coming from absolute wholeness and sovereign fullness for the highest good of all beings

💎 Dare to dream BIG, are ready to realign energetically & to open up to receive all that the Yoniverse has to offer and more

💎 Are excited about giving your all in deepest devotion and service to love, dharma & the sacred. 

There will be a maximum number of participants to ensure that everyone feels seen, mirrored, celebrated & ready to ascend to where their hearts have been calling them. 



If YOU don’t value that diamond who is going to value it?
It is true, not everyone values a diamond, but no one would refuse it.

No one would say no to a diamond.

Everyone secretly wishes to have one or to be as or more valuable.
Everyone seeks that most precious gem, as it attracts & it shines.

The beauty of the diamond is that it also reflects.
Whatever comes in touch with a diamond is reflected in that diamond.

That is why I have chosen the Diamond as my masterpiece.

Everyone gets to see themselves in the Diamond.
Everyone gets to see themselves in you,
you that is most precious.

That means they get to see themselves as most precious from their own standpoint as well.

But not everyone knows, feels or dares to see themselves for what they truly are.

You do!

That is why you have been called to inquire into my new Diamond Mentorship Program.

You know you are precious.
You know you have something to offer.
You know you have come here to play big.
You know you have come here to be the change that everyone is waiting for.
You know you are the change.
You know you are powerful.
You know you have a legacy to leave.


And now is the time to polish that Diamond.


The Diamond can be

your body temple,

your relationship,

your eros,

your power,

your core offer,

your heart offer 

your legacy

your magnum opus that you have to gift to this world

The Diamond can be anything in your life that you want to give full unwavering devotion & love to.

Only a Diamond can polish and cut another Diamond

The Diamond Mistress/Mastermind
Next Level Mentorship program is where

Together, we will excavate the Diamond. 
Together, we will polish it.
Together, we will cut it.
Together, we will guard it.
Together, we will protect it.
Together, we will admire it.
Together, we will present it to the world when it is ready.

Because only a diamond can polish and cut another diamond.

The diamond is the hardest substance on earth. Metaphorically speaking, it is unbreakable. This is your nature. The diamond withstands. It is created & undergoes the most intense pressure to become the most precious gemstone. I know that we all have undergone so much pressure in life and many of us still do. 

I invite you to turn this pressure to your advantage. 

Let it fuel you.
Let it turn you on.
Let it become and form into the Diamond that is YOU, that is your heart offering & that is your highest offering to this world.

Let the fire of your sacred desires guide you. Let the love for your visions of your life and yourself nurture you. Let the Diamond be polished & be appreciated by all.

And as time passes the once experienced pressure turns into leisure. The Leisure of the heart as there is no pushing more required as you have allowed yourself to follow your dharma.
The internal pressure is there because we still have so much to offer to this world.

As my teacher would say; leisure is earned.

In THE DIAMOND Mentorship

In THE DIAMOND Mentorship

We will use our existing Diamond Energy which is our Sacred Sexual Energy our Eros to Fuel, Polish, Cut & Reveal the Diamond.

When we are in a group setting our eros becomes so much more alive, strong and powerful as the eros is fuelled by each and everyone's eros. The diamond energy is the most powerful source and gift we have been given to manifest our visions. We all come from the sacred act of sex. Sex is what gives life, what transforms life & what creates life.

We are going to honour this most precious diamond energy with sacred rituals fusing our time together with ancient techniques that will help us transcend our limiting beliefs, judgments and fears that hinder us from daring to be the Diamond that which is desired and admired by all.

Each time we enter our temple time and space will dissolve and collapse, together we will dwell in the potential and yet deeply honour all that is here right now right here in our lives. 

Because the key to the true Diamond is to value what is here & what is given & to hold everything in highest esteem, reverence and gratitude without feeling a sense of lack.



It is the deep devotion and understanding of the ever abiding grace that lets us play in the field of potentiality, dreams, visions and magic entering the ecstasy of life that is the never ending experience of pleasurable pain and painful pleasure.


Are you ready to:

💎 Lean into what life has presented, is presenting and will present to you?

💎 Feel It all?

💎 Abide in the storm of the infinite ocean of emotions?

💎 Polish the diamond to its excellency?

💎 Align yourself energetically?

💎 Enter the field of eros and hold big ecstatic energy?

💎 Embrace yourself and the other diamonds fully?

💎 Be embraced fully?

💎 Show yourself fully?

💎 Let yourself be seen, held, admired and celebrated?

💎 Admire and celebrate the other diamonds?

Filipa Uma - Bestselling Author, Yoga Teacher, Mother
Mario - Filmmaker
Lovisa - Mother of 3, Yoga Teacher, Writer, Orgasmic Birth Advocate

The Diamond is a rolling container with a 6 month commitment.*

Start July 4th 2024 

First Live Call 8pm CET

a 6 months rolling container 


What is Included?

💎 2 group calls per month with teachings, mentoring & embodiment rituals 

💎 Twice a month practices for you to repeat throughout the weeks

💎 Telegram support, up to 2 days / week 



The Diamond only

4600€ full Investment
6 monthly installments of 850


The Diamond +
5 private calls

6400€ full Investment
6 monthly installments of 1150


The Diamond +
Reign Your Queendom

6400€ full Investment
6 monthly installments of 1150


The Diamond +
Reign Your Queendom +
5 private calls 

7200€ full Investment
6 monthly installments of 1400

* This container is open by application only. Your application will be reviewed within 72 hours, and in case of acceptance you will receive an email with all the payment options.
 ** RYQ Reign Your Queendom & Queens Alchemy
(valued at more than 4500 euros alone)
Business Leadership Course designed to support you in stepping into sharing your gifts with the world from an aligned, feminine, dharmic place. This course brings awareness to self care when sharing your gifts, and directs you to find your authentic and true Voice… motivates you to create a sequence of aligned offerings, talks about sexy sales and reaching out actions aka marketing, helps to overcome blockages with money and social media. In total 
8 Modules plus 3 Queen's Alchemy Accountability & Co Creation Sessions. 

Are you ready for THE DIAMOND?

I was born ready for you, for me, for us.

I am an Entrepreneur, the Visionary & Founder of the DEVĪ School, a Spiritual Mentor & Leader, a Vedic Priestess & a Sacred Sexuality Teacher  who has dedicated her entire life to discovering & living a life of truth, freedom, wholeness, grace & sacred beauty for me, for you, for us.

Everything I have done to empower myself, I have shared with all of my 100s of students in many different contexts from yoga and women’s circle trainings, international spiritual retreats, online spiritual somatic embodiment coaching certifications and festivals.

It is my greatest joy and passion to guide, empower and celebrate people who are ready to embark on the journey of discovering their absolute freedom & their eros that fuels the mystery and gives the sacred beauty to life. I am forever grateful for my incredible community that has grown so much over the last few years; seeing my students claim their wholeness, their dignity and dare to live again as an embodied freely expressed confident wealthy erotic powerful human being sharing their unique gifts with the whole world  is a true gift from the Universe to me.

There is no better testimony than the students, they are a living breathing example of the greatness of the spiritual heritage of the sacred teachings that are still intact.

I have had the immense blessing to study with traditional teachers, experts and mentors for many years in Venezuela, India, Bali and other parts of the world which has enabled me the understanding and foundation to carry forth these priceless teachings and practices that change one’s life forever.

For many years I was only dedicated to the spiritual path and didn’t bother much with the business side of life.

The truth is I had a big wound around money and wealth even though I grew up privileged nevertheless I experienced huge judgments, ideas and wrong beliefs when it came to wealth and spirituality which didn’t allow for wealth to be accumulated  in the form of money in my life.

Being a free person means total freedom and I wasn’t fully free until I took care of this money wounding and conditioning. So I decided after many years of traditional spiritual and sacred erotic studies to enter the field of conscious business and embodied wealth.

My life has not been the same since.

My school became incredibly successful and we are now a 6 figure dharmic business that is deeply centred in the matters of the heart with the vision and intention to inspire, support and guide all dharmis (people who have a deep sense of giving back to nature and all beings, who value all life and see all beings as equal) towards remembering that they are born free and sacred carrying their own unique magic, power, abundance, wealth and richness. 

Imagine wealth in the hands of people who actually care about others; how would the world be?

In the Vedas it says; may all dharmis be wealthy because than all beings will benefit. Because wealth is to be shared. So here I am promoting wealth, abundance, prosperity and financial freedom for the highest good of all beings. Here I am encouraging you to dare to dream in the infinite potential, to let your visions become a reality for you, for me, for us. 

Fill in the application form today and I will get back to you once it is reviewed,

In unwavering devotion
Shāradā Devī

Full Body Heart YES

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