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The Nectar of You

Reclaim Your True Power: Embrace Erotic Wealth and Sacred Love

In Person in Portugal 
October 28th to November 3rd, 2024

This is not just any retreat or immersion it is an initiation of a life time a unique blend of spiritual practices, transformative sessions, and personal empowerment strategies. With over 20 years of experience in the Vedic teachings, spiritual growth and sacred sexuality, I am committed to guiding you through this life-changing journey.

The Nectar of You

In Person in Portugal 
October 28th to November 3rd, 2024

This experience is designed to reconnect you with your deepest desires, highest path and true self.

Over the course of this immersive retreat, you will:


Rediscover True Love: Develop a profound connection with yourself and others.

Experience Incredible Sex: Learn to harness your sexual energy for healing and empowerment.

Achieve Prosperity and Abundance: Shift your mindset and embrace wealth in all forms.

Find Meaning and Joy: Engage in activities that bring depth and purpose to your life.

Love Your Work: Align your career with your passions and get excited about earning money.

I Have Not Come Here:

To play small. 
To dim my light. 
To walk in your shadows. 
To be your slave.


To cut through all ignorance and separation. 
To burn to ashes millennia of shaming the sacred feminine. 
To howl in the night and call in all dharmic forces
To destroy judgments and systematic oppression. 
To liberate myself from the evil eye and serve the Sacred.

A Love Letter

From Shāradā Devī

Desiring true love, incredible sex, depth, prosperity, abundance, meaning, a job you adore, and all the good things in life is natural. Your desires should be celebrated, not shamed or guilt-ridden. However, many of us feel shame or guilt for wanting these things.

For years, I rejected sex and money, believing they were unspiritual. As a devoted spiritual practitioner for two decades, I realized I was missing something crucial: my connection to sexual power and my capacity to hold wealth, especially money. I sought approval through sex and let money slip away as soon as I had it. I was an over-giver, unconsciously compensating for deep-seated guilt. Only through consistent work on my "wealth wound" did I begin to heal.

You might think you have no issues with money or sex, but the truth is, these are two of the most taboo topics in our society. Reflect on these questions to uncover hidden truths:

Sex Questions:

- How is your sex life, really?

- Are you truly satisfied?

- How are your orgasms? How often do you have them?

- Have you ever experienced a full-body orgasm that lasted for hours?

- Have you met God in your lovemaking?

- Do you express your desires in your partnership and allow yourself to be worshipped as a goddess?

- Has anyone ever admired your yoni/lingam/genitals and told them how beautiful and precious they are?

- Do you know that your sexual energy is sacred and is not only meant to conceive babies but also for healing, pleasure, empowerment, and manifestation?


Money Questions:

- What are your beliefs around money?

- What do you do for a living? Do you love your job and feel excited about earning money?

- Do you think you have to work hard to earn money?

- Do you think money is dirty or that wealthy people are untrustworthy?

- Do you charge what you’re worth for your sacred offerings?

- Do you spend money on high-quality products or save excessively, feeling guilty for spending?

- Do you openly discuss your earnings and spending? Why not?


Choose a new reality, say no to the old paradigm and yes to a sexual wealth revolution:


- No more unsatisfactory one-night stands or toxic or mediocre relationships

- No more feeling guilty for choosing yourself and honoring all aspects of yourself including your boundaries.

- No more working tirelessly for something you don’t believe in.


Instead, I Desire for You:

- Guilt and shame-free pleasure and wealth.

- An outrageous, fulfilling relationship.

- To wake up making love to yourself, ready for the world with an open heart and turned-on yoni.

- To do what you love, get paid for it, and celebrate your existence.

- To love every aspect of your life—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

- To be confident in your body, appearance, speech, choices, and all areas of life.

I see you standing up for yourself, following your dreams, making your visions a reality, finding purpose in every moment, and seeing beauty all around you. I see you claiming your place in the world, sharing your gifts, and shining brightly, reminding others of their infinite potential and limitless existence. I see you walking toward your highest destiny, true love, and infinite wealth.

This is My Prayer for You, for Me, for All of Us


We are destined to return to our sacred erotic innocence and reclaim our wealth.

Has your time come?

Have you waited long enough, spiraled down, or listened to imposter syndrome?


Claim what is yours.

You are worth it.

You are made for it. You are the wealth.

You are the love of your life.

Become the lover you’ve always dreamed of, and the world around you will change.

You will effortlessly attract what is meant for you.

Focus on yourself and use potent teachings and tools to reclaim your power, gifts, and life.

Entering The Temple

You Will Be


Held in the timeless nondual teachings of the limitless self,

Rejoicing in sensual rituals,
erotic exotic playdates,
artistic nude liberating expressions,

Sharing our secrets in deep sacred community,

Celebrating our precious priceless existence.

Howling in the night with the wolves


Invoking the power of all the elements to awaken our purpose and
leave our greatest legacy

Unconditional, free, unapologetic Love.

The place where

You will remember your truth.

Your body is your temple through which you access your erotic force, liberating yourself into profound orgasms that heal and nurture your existence.

Your mind is your instrument to create a reality in full alignment with your values.

Your self is your abode of love, fearless and ever-present, recognizable in the mirror of words that reveal your true self.

The immersion includes planned sessions like tantric temple nights and dinners, self-care & partner rituals, and mystery sessions honoring the group's needs. Drawing from 20 years of dedication to self-knowledge, temple dance, chanting, pujas, inner child and Jungian psychology, trauma wisdom, and sacred sexuality, I guide retreats and trainings worldwide.

My trust in the sacred order and the universe is complete. I am a vessel, a conduit for what needs to come through.

Have you come here to walk towards your highest destiny? 

Sessions are uniquely tailored to participants, filled with exquisite experiences: lavish flower petals, oil essences, breast and yoni/lingam massages, dance rituals, meeting the underworld, honoring the unseen world, dressing up, rejoicing in partner massages, deep conversations, temple nights, standing naked by the ocean, and calling in all the forces of the universe. Enjoy food that balances your constitution and supports your digestion.

Reclaim your sacred erotic wealth and embrace the life you were meant to live.

Welcome to Nectar of You



As a Vedic Wisdom teacher, spiritual mentor, ceremonialist, and connoisseur of sacred sexuality, I have devoted my life to orchestrating a journey into the realms of truth, freedom, wholeness, embodied wealth & sacred beauty. This journey is not just mine to traverse but yours as well—ours together. My fervor ignites in guiding souls and celebrating those daring enough to plunge into the depths of absolute freedom and to dance with the eros that breathes life into the enigma and sanctity of our existence.

Over the span of more than fifteen years, through the hallowed halls of the DEVĪ School, amidst the transformative spaces of international retreats and trainings, and within the digital domains of online spiritual somatic embodiment coaching certifications and festivals, I have been privileged to empower legions of individuals from diverse paths. To witness my community reclaiming their wholeness, their inherent dignity, and the valor to manifest their freely expressed, confidently erotic, and uniquely gifted essences has been the cosmos’s most magnificent offering to me.


Somatic Experiencing Emotional Presence

& Expansion Assistant

Sylwia Savitā

I'm here to assist you as you awaken to the truth of you as an Erotic, Wealthy, Sacred Being throughout the whole time of your Expansion. As your mirror, I'll presence the beauty and vastness of all of the parts of you, remind you of the power of your resources and help create a safe container as you move through the depths of your layers into your Empowered, Magnetic, Orgasmic Self.

Guest Teacher: Embodied Wealth

Sofia Sundari

In my Work I invite you to embrace and fall in love with the whole spectrum of being human: from Sexual energy to Pure Spirituality.

I draw from the lineages of Tantra, Kashmiri Shaivism, Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Taoism, western esoteric science, transpersonal psychology, quantum physics and shamanism. Over the past decade I have worked with thousands of people from 80 countries and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

My approach is highly practical and mystical in equal parts, because for me human experience is intrinsically sacred.

My work has been featured on multiple podcasts and in many publications, including Shape Magazine, The Elephant Journal, Healthline, Bustle, Yoga Journal and Metro. My first book, Liberation into Orgasm, was published in 2018 and became a bestseller within 24 hours.

Guest: Vedic Astrology Consultations

Cindy Devī

In my quest for finding the answer to "Who am I?," I found one of the most beautiful and profound sadhanas, Vedic Astrology. Jyotiṣa is the Sanskrit term used for this sacred knowledge, with reference to the lights of the sky, but also to the light within us. Once understood, astrology can become a structure on which we can lean throughout our lives. It becomes a means, a practice, that can help us manage the external and our internal world, supporting our true quest for freedom.

In recent years, I have facilitated hundreds of astrology consultations and currently dedicate myself to my podcast, my community, and various online and in-person events. My Master's degree in Psychology and my training in Yoga and Tantra influence my approach and bring a therapeutic, human, and spiritual component to all the work I do.

Temple Priestess & Expansion Assistant 

Lucilla Devī

I have been studying Vedanta for almost 5 years, devoted to these teachings that have incredibly changed my life.
Journeying with Devī School and its magic, with the different offerings and retreats, I have completed the Priestess Initiation in Bali.

Since 2 years I have been part of The Muse, The Golden Womb, a Coaching and Feminine Embodiment Program, a Trauma Informed and Sexual Health Informed Coach Certification.

I'm here to assist you through this portal of expansion, protecting our Temple space, worshiping the Goddess, in service to Truth, to Freedom, to the Sacred, always.

Our Venue:

Amaria, Portugal

We have chosen an outstandingly luxurious, private, and secluded location nestled in the wild, raw natural beauty of the Algarve.

Amaria is a special place that seamlessly blends the old and the new, connecting the past, present, and future. It was once a ‘quinta’ (or farm), until its recent transformation into a boutique hotel.

Raw, Natural Beauty

Surrounded by mother ocean, mountains, and the vastness of the sky, we will be watching the sunset from the private sauna while others may swim in the infinity pool.

Luxurious Stay

You will have your shared villa with a bathtub and fire stove to be nurtured by the water and fire elements, integrating the sessions.


With our private chef, we will nurture the body temple with the most gourmet organic vegetarian satvic food.

Tantric dinners are awaiting us. 

Sacred Space

The stunning private nature Shala will be our cauldron and altar of worship, where we will enter the depth of our infinite existence, awakening eros to heal all shame across time and space, reasserting our sacred nature, expressing through sacred art our raw beauty, reclaiming our creative force for the good of all people.

*The Picture is not indicative of the nature shala that we will be using during our retreat*

Reclaim your sacred erotic wealth and embrace the life you were meant to live.


Limited Participation to Guarantee the Full Expansion, Attention and Privacy.

Shared Occupancy


One Time Investment


What's Included: 

  • Private Telegram group the moment you sign up with mentorship to prepare you for the in person immersion plus new sacred friends for life
  • 2 live calls before the in person immersion  
  • Entire transformational journey from October 28th to November 3rd 

  • Luxurious Shared Occupancy accommodation during the in-person Immersion

  • Organic Satvic Food during the Immersion

  • Bonus: 1 on 1 private mentorship call with Shāradā 
  • Bonus: Access to the Devi Temple from the moment you sign up plus for 2 months after the immersion 

  • Bonus: 1 on 1 private Vedic Astrology Reading with our Vedic Astrologer 

Full Body YES!

VIP Private Accommodation


One Time Investment


What's Included: 

  • Luxurious Private 
     during the in-person Immersion
  • Pick up and drop off from airport
  • Private Telegram group the moment you sign up with mentorship to prepare you for the in person immersion plus new sacred sisters for life
  • 2 live calls before the in person immersion  
  • Entire transformational journey from October 28th to November 3rd 

  • Organic Satvic Food during the Immersion

  • Bonus: 1 on 1 private mentorship call with Sharada 
  • Bonus: Access to the Devi Temple from the moment you sign up and for 2 months after the immersion 

  • Bonus: 1 on 1 private Vedic Astrology Reading with our Vedic Astrologer 

Full Body YES!

6 month Investment Plans 


Shared Occupancy

6 month Investment

675€ a month

Total 4050

Full Body YES!


VIP Private Accommodation

6 month Investment

1 400€ a month

Total 8400

Full Body YES!
Cancellation Policy

Note that your payment is non-refundable. For details please read our Cancellation Policy.

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