This advanced training is a self paced in depth transformational journey

Live Training will run in 2023 - dates tba

This is my invitation for you to join our In-Depth Priestess Initiation Training mainly based in the Vedic Tradition which will lead from the darkness of duality into the vastness of the limitless indestructible being from where all magic is born, exists and goes back to.

Life is a pilgrimage to ultimately discover the sanctuary of your being. 

⫸ Awaken the Inner Priestess who always knew that we are intimately connected with life and with each other. 

⫸ Honor your sacred duty to maintain the balance between the seen and the unseen worlds. 

⫸ Abide in the Oneness between you and the whole universe which leads to fearlessness & Truth be told: that is the true pilgrimage of life. 
I am so ready!

In the Vedas it says: “This whole universe is your self. This whole universe is your family. This whole universe is Goddess.”


You who knows that life is meant
for freedom, for love, for growth and magic

You who wants to be connected to the Sacred at all times
and be in service to it. 

You who wants to heal old wounds from being a baby, a student,
a bleeding woman, a sexual woman, a mother,
a woman who is loosing her blood and encountering death. 

You who wants to be deeply empowered and reclaim the lost power through rites of passage and offer them to others. 

You who longs to use their sacred energy for the highest good.

You who wants to bring in ritual in the early hours.

You who wants to rebuild the trust in community and offer a sanctuary for all. 

All is given. All is grace. Once we acknowledge that fact, devotion is natural. 

15 years ago I was initiated into the world of rituals and today I have the blessing to offer you this profound initiation to the Priestess you have always been.
I am so happy to be accompanied by my beloved Joseph Master Drummer who is going to awaken the Drummer in you….
she who follows the beat of her heart & the sacred rhythms of life. 

When we as women, mothers, sisters, daughters come together in prayers for the highest good we bring about change; in ourselves, in each other and to all around us. 

The world doesn’t need to be saved. 

What it needs is: 

Women like you, who are ready to pray for everyone to help them remember their sacredness and wholeness.

Women that cut through the BS of division

Women that stand in pure integrity

Women that shine brighter than a 10000 suns loving, crying, roaring, shaking, dancing, laughing, celebrating, birthing, emitting truth and universal values that will protect all beings. 

Women that know that the unseen is far more vast than the seen. 

Women that follow and trust their intuition. 

Women that wield The Goddess’s magic

Women who have learned to communicate with their hearts and wombs.

Women that speak their truth

Women that honor their boundaries.  

Women who move their sacred sexual energy for the highest good. 

Women that stand fearlessly up for all beings in heart and prayers. 

Women who know their worth & place in this life. 

Women that don’t settle for less than that which is most auspicious. 

Women that know they are the presiding deity of their own body temple. 

Women who wield time and all life transitions

Women that are sacred mirrors of love, validation and compassion to all people. 

Women that see and know Oneness.

Women that take every opportunity to celebrate, honor and be in service of the Sacred. 

Women that know that life is meant for Spiritual Growth ultimately. 

Women that embrace all flavors of life and are an expression of the Goddess themselves. 


This is for you if you know that You are That Woman

Maybe a part is still hiding. 

Maybe a part is still traumatized. 

Maybe a part is still afraid. 

Maybe a part is still doubting. 

But deep down in the core of your being…

you know that you are That Woman. 

I feel that for the first time in my life I know "what I want to be".
It's beautiful. I am overwhelmed, and it feels so good. And every single word I have heard and read from you in the past five years has been a piece placed in the puzzle leading to this. Thank you, for your courage with the Be Woman Project, and all of you. - Joanna 

All comes from LOVE exists in LOVE
and goes back to LOVE. 
In the Vedic Tradition
the sacred play of life is called Līlā. 

As children we naturally abide in the Līlā. 
As teenangles we question the Līlā. 
As adults we rediscover the Līlā. 
I invite you to play the Līlā. 
I want in

What others say:


Om Maha Devi ❤️ I am lying in bed writing in my journal and I feel my heart is just completely full of love and gratitude. There is not enough words right now to explain my love for you. I hope I can collect my emotions and give them life to speak soon. ❤️ For now they know Thank you. ❤️

-Amanda, Yoga Teacher & Women's Circle Facilitator

Immensely grateful for the potent teachings shared with an abundance of sweetness and tenderness, ferocity and joy. You are truly a wonder Sharada Devi. Sacred mirror.  Safe container.  Multiplied infinitely by all the brave Devis sharing all the sacred weather.  So honored to witness and be witnessed. To move and be moved.  😍🥰🌺❤❤❤❤

-Erin, Mother, Singer Song Writer & Women's Circle Facilitator

Ladies, this is the most powerfully nourishing gifts you can offer yourself. My wise and soulful bali sister Sharada has tirelessly compiled content so that You can enjoy it for free WOW! This woman, her being, and her teachings are quite special..connecting you back with your true feminine essence. ENjoY <3

-Lernik, Entrepreneur & Designer

What is included in the Priestess Initiation Training?

  • Complete Pre Recorded Priestess Training with Shāradā Devī where you will step into your full beauty and power as a facilitator and leader
  • 7 Embodiment Rituals & Pūjās with Shāradā Devī & Joseph where you will learn the Sacred Art of True Embodiment
  • 7 Rites of Passage Shāradā Devī – overcoming any trauma from the original events and realigning your life
  • The Art of Drumming with Master Drummer Joseph Wallin where you’ll enjoy healing, music and laughter through this sacred art
  • 3 Balinese Rites of Passage - Special Full & New Moon Ceremony plus Ancestor Ritual with Balinese High Priestess Luh Manis Pranashanti – these are sacred gifts from Mama Bali
  • Special Lectures with Druid Priestess Dr. Shari Tarbet (Collective Unconscious, Gods & Goddesses & Dream Interpretation) where you’ll dive deeper into the Crone Archetype.
  • 7 special heart songs/mantras dedicated to each of the 7 rites of passage with Greek Priestess Marlia
  • Practicum & Evaluation – the evaluation process ensures you’ve received the maximum learnings and will officially certify you as a Priestess & Facilitator of Sacred Rituals & Rites of Passage.
  • You will get a complete Priestess Manual and life time access to the whole Priestess Initiation Training in our Devi School Online Platform. There’s no need to worry about timings or unforeseen events as this opportunity is granted to you for life. 

Topics we will be covering:


  • The Pilgrimage of Life & Embodying the Priestess
  • 7 Major life transitions through 7 Rites of Passage (birth, study, menarche, sexuality, motherhood, menopause and death)
  • Sanskrit Prayers & Embodiment Sādhanas for the highest Spiritual Growth and Feminine Empowerment
  • Sacred Sexual Energy for Healing & Manifestation for the Highest Good
  • Understanding the daily & yearly auspicious times to celebrate and offer ceremonies 
  • Understanding the Law of Karma and how to neutralize papa karma (painful situations caused by past unconscious actions)
  • The Power of Setting Clear Intentions 
  • How to handle & get out of Samsāra “the Wheel of Becoming Disease”
  • Ceremonial Space, Altar, Worship & Puja
  • Voice Activation: Heart Songs & Mantras 
  • the Art of Drumming
  • Goddess & God Archetypes 
  • Crone Goddess 
  • Understanding the Collective Unconscious & the Golden Cosmic Universal Mind of Devi 
  • Trust, Devotion & Ancient Vedic Knowledge 
  • The 4 Yugas (the Cycle of Times)
  • From Unmanifest to Manifest - giving Form to the Formless
  • Abiding in Cosmic Harmony
  • Community & the Sense of Belonging
  • Reclaiming Worthiness & Empowerment

DATES: self paced (live training dates tba)

Welcome & Orientation with Sharada Devi & Full Moon Rite of Passage with Balinese High Priestess Luh Manis Pranashanti 
Week 1 Initiation
Week 2 Embodying the Priestess
Mistress Class with Marlia, Puja for Practicum & Birth Ceremony
Study & Menarche
When the Drummers were Women 
Sexuality & Motherhood 
Menopause & Death 
Life of a Priestess


This truly magical program is a self paced training for women. 


I am Sharada Devi Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devi School and I am so delighted to walk with you through a complete cycle of life. In 2 weeks we will experience a life time and I know it will create a deep bond for life for which I am already eternally grateful for. 
To mirror you so that you can mirror others. 
To reclaim my worthiness has given me confidence to be all that I never thought I could be. 
To have a sense of belonging is what I have always been longing for. 
Ritual and Rites of Passage have given me the magic in my life I have always been dreaming of since I was a little girl.  I didn't know that it was the missing ingredient until I was initiated. 
Now I can initiate you so tat you can initiate your next kin. A sacred lineage of Priestesses that IS being in true service of the Goddess. 

Drum Master Joseph Wallin

Joseph Wallin is a master in rhythm. He is traveling the world teaching about the sacred space of wordless communication: Music, through drumming, With a big smile and an openness to welcome all that is, will he greet you into his circle with open arms and embrace you – however you are at this moment.
Seeing that change is inevitable. With his great passion will he guide you into the sacred realm of listening and expressing your truth. Welcome to come as you are.

Balinese Priestess Luh Manis Pranasanti 

Luh was born and raised in Bali and she is trained “Jero” or Balinese Priestess, who has responsibility in her local community to lead ceremonies. On becoming a Jero, she found her sensitivity to energy heightened, so she turned to yoga and meditation to balance it. She has since gained her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Shakti Mhi, at Prana Yoga College. She now practices and teaches Hatha and Prana Yoga and meditation full time. She is also a retreat leader and Founder of Pranasanti, which was founded on the traditional and uniquely Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, that translates as ‘ Three causes of well-being ‘. Through her tours, retreats and classes at Pranasanti, Luh shares her passion for the nature, culture and spirituality of Bali with others who want to do something a bit different and delve deep into Bali’s culture, magic and ancient wisdom. She believes that her purpose is to help others to find their hidden ability and gift by sharing her views, knowledge and wisdom from Bali to everyone she meets through her activities in a way that is deep, authentic and unique.

Druid Priestess Dr. Shari Tarbet

Author of the Conquered Feminine EVIDENCE OF THE DEMONIZATION OF THE FEMININE IN LANGUAGE. A lifelong interest in mythology, Dr. Tarbet holds degrees in Mythological Studies/ Depth Psychology, English/History Education, and Broadcast Journalism. An educator for over 30 years, she currently teaches short courses on myth at the OSHER Institute. She also has taught Navajo students at Dine college in New Mexico. Dr. Tarbet has presented papers on various topics in myth as well as the demonization of the Sacred Feminine in language, history, and myth; won second place in the Children’s Lit. category at the SWW convention in the 90s; and has had her poetry published in Southwest Women’s Poetry Exchange, and Between: Literary Review, She co-produced the Bal de Korai, a dance performance blending her original poetry on twelve Greek goddesses, Middle Eastern music, and solo belly dance performances in which the dancers embodied the goddesses. Dr. Tarbet currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her two cats Olivia and Jasper.

Greek Priestess Marlia Cœur

Marlia Cœur is much more than a musician. She is healing through her music. She is a vocal activator and facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice. She has journeyed around the world with her music, offering live performances, sacred experiences, high-energy vocal workshops & retreats. With a growing presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. Through intentional breathing, true embodiment & vocal encouragement, she guides you to fully connect to your heart, freely sing your soul’s song and vibrate your true power with love. You can find her albums and listen to her Sound Healing Journeys on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & YouTube as "Marlia project"

Brazilian Priestess Beta Lisboa

I am a passionate Brazilian spiritual seeker, founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system. I offer Yoga mentoring program for teachers, Women's Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, Myofascial Release bodywork healer, and Author.
After much research over 25 years of learnings, my passion focuses on women’s embodiment and trauma healing integration. My school of yoga advocated over more than 500 graduates in 20 different countries with over 5000 hours of teaching experience.

 𓆃 Descriptions  𓆃 

Priestess Classes & Teachings

Inspiring lectures on the fundamentals of living a life in service, of honoring the unseen world, of giving back & of understanding the myth of our times. Special Guest Teachers who will share their knowledge in regard to Goddess/God Archetype, Collective Unconscious & the Art of Drumming. 

Embodiment Ritual & Morning Puja 

An intimate space for us to heal the 5 stages of Holistic Sacred Sexuality. Liberating our sacred energy, learning to move her, use her, harness her for the highest good. Followed by Vedic Ritual to honor the unseen and unseeable. 

Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage will create long lasting impressions in ones heart. Meet the unmet needs of the living being. Sanctify life as sacred. Give a deep sense of belonging, worthiness & sacredness. This is a magical expression and participation mystique, a regression to the magical child yet this time with wisdom, understanding and depth.


It is an attitude that we will invite to reside in our hearts in and through every expression, practices and learning. When we see what we have, it goes to the infinite. Everything is given, including my body, mind, and sense complex. When this fact is assimilated, Devotion is natural.

Vedic Chanting

Mantras are specific prayers that have their origin in the Vedas. Chanting is a form of prayer, through which we can invoke the grace of the giver, who is the source of all knowledge and has all power.

Every action has a result and so do prayers. The result will be in the form of punyam, which is the unseen factor that helps to neutralize obstacles in our daily lives as well as grant us our wishes. Mantra chanting absorbs, integrates, heals, transforms and invokes blessings and protection.


the teachings of Non-Duality. The direct means to Moksa, freedom from all pain & suffering.
It is a proven teaching tradition that has been taught for generations.
Our teaching follows the lineage of
Swami Dayananda Saraswati
- an uninterrupted and pure methodology.
It says that we are one without a second.

We are all that is here. And all that is here is sacred.


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And she listened to the whispers of her ancestors and followed her heart

 special Living Goddess Playshop bonus valued at €108 

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