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Rites Of Passage
The Teachers

In this incredible training, Learning from Sacred Masters
You will become a Priestess and a Highly Skilled Facilitator of Sacred Rituals

 Your Faculty Shāradā Devī, Sylwia Savitā, Joseph Wallin, Emily Kuser, Marlia Coeur, Ibu Robin, Sanna Akasha, Beta Lisboa & Balinese High Priestess

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In this incredible training, Learning from Sacred Masters, You will become a Priestess and a Highly Skilled Facilitator of Sacred Rituals

Your Faculty Shāradā Devī, Joseph Wallin, Emily Kuser, Marlia Coeur, Ibu Robin, Sanna Akasha, Beta Lisboa & Balinese High Priestess

Pilgrim with us March 12th to 28th 2023 in Swasti Eco Cottages, Ubud, Bali, the island of Goddesses for Live In-Person Training!

(Self-Paced Online Option Available)


You who knows that life is meant for freedom, for love, for growth and magic. 

You who wants to be connected to the Sacred at all times and be in service to it. 

You who wants to heal old wounds from being a baby, a student, a bleeding woman, a sexual woman, a mother, a woman who is loosing her blood and encountering death. 

You who wants to be deeply empowered and reclaim the lost power through rites of passage and offer them to others. 

You who longs to use their sacred energy for the highest good.

You who wants to bring in ritual in the early hours.

You who wants to rebuild the trust in community and offer a sanctuary for all. 

This is my invitation for you to join our In-Depth Priestess Initiation Training mainly based in the Vedic Tradition which leads from the darkness of duality into the vastness of the limitless indestructible being from where all magic is born, exists and goes back to.

Life is a pilgrimage
to ultimately discover the sanctuary of your being.

 Awaken the Inner Priestess who always knew that we are intimately connected with life and with each other. 
 Honor your sacred duty to maintain the balance between the seen and the unseen worlds. 
 Abide in the Oneness between you and the whole universe which leads to fearlessness & Truth be told: that is the true pilgrimage of life. 

I am so ready!

"I feel that for the first time in my life I know "what I want to be".
It's beautiful. I am overwhelmed, and it feels so good. And every single word I have heard and read from you in the past five years has been a piece placed in the puzzle leading to this. Thank you, for your courage with the Be Woman Project, and all of you. "


15 years ago I was initiated into the world of rituals and today I have the blessing to offer you this profound initiation to the Priestess you have always been.
I am so happy to be accompanied by my beloved Joseph Master Drummer who is going to awaken the Drummer in you….
she who follows the beat of her heart & the sacred rhythms of life. 

What is included in the Priestess Initiation Training?

 How does a day look like?


You will wake up to the first session of the day guided by Shāradā Devī and Joseph Wallin with a Devi Embodiment Ritual presided or followed by a magical Vedic Ritual that we call Pūjā. These sessions are here to prepare you for the day, heal old stored trauma and wounds through somatic awareness, sacred sound and the drum. 

The following session will usually be Priestess Teachings, Drum & Vocal Lessons and also sacred sharing time and preparation for the rite of passage of the day. 

Most afternoons will be dedicated to the magical ceremonies; our Rites of Passage to heal that transition of life, to make up for those moments where we did not get celebrated or acknowledged or to prepare us for that important time in our lives. 

1st Morning Session -  Embodiment Ritual & Vedic Puja

An intimate space for us to heal the 5 stages of Holistic Sacred Sexuality. Liberating our sacred energy, learning to move her, use her, harness her for the highest good. Followed by Vedic Ritual to honor the unseen and unseeable. 

2nd Morning Session - Priestess Classes & Teachings

Inspiring lectures on the fundamentals of living a life in service, of honoring the unseen world, of giving back & of understanding the myth of our times. Special Guest Teachers that are expert in their field of work will also share their knowledge and wisdom during these classes. 

3rd Afternoon and/or Evening Session - Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage will create long lasting impressions in ones heart. Meet the unmet needs of the living being. Sanctify life as sacred. Give a deep sense of belonging, worthiness & sacredness. This is a magical expression and participation mystique, a regression to the magical child yet this time with wisdom, understanding and depth.

 The 3 magic ingredients


It is an attitude that we will invite to reside in our hearts in and through every expression, practices and learning. When we see what we have, it goes to the infinite. Everything is given, including my body, mind, and sense complex. When this fact is assimilated, Devotion is natural.


the teachings of Non-Duality. The direct means to Moksa, freedom from all pain & suffering. It is a proven teaching tradition that has been taught for generations. Our teaching follows the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati - an uninterrupted and pure methodology.
It says that we are one without a second.

We are all that is here. And all that is here is sacred.

Vedic Chanting

Mantras are specific prayers that have their origin in the Vedas. Chanting is a form of prayer, through which we can invoke the grace of the giver, who is the source of all knowledge and has all power.

Every action has a result and so do prayers. The result will be in the form of punyam, which is the unseen factor that helps to neutralize obstacles in our daily lives as well as grant us our wishes. Mantra chanting absorbs, integrates, heals, transforms and invokes blessings and protection.

Rites of Passage

aka Samskāras 

The main focus of our Priestess Initiation Training is on the sacred transitions of life. The first part of the training is a deep immersion into the world of rituals where you will receive the rite of passage dedicated to the 7 major transitions. It is a time to remember and restore the healing and empowering gifts of being and sharing in community.

The second part of the training is where you will step up & lead from your heart and inspiration one rite of passage together with your sacred sisters sharing your unique magic to this world. 

The main focus of our Priestess Initiation Training is on the sacred transitions of life. The first part of the training is a deep immersion into the world of rituals where you will receive the rite of passage dedicated to the 7 major transitions. It is a time to remember and restore the healing and empowering gifts of being and sharing in community.

The second part of the training is where you will step up & lead from your heart and inspiration one rite of passage together with your sacred sisters sharing your unique magic to this world. 

The ritual world of Vaidika differs greatly among regions, villages and individuals. However, the common thread uniting them is the understanding that all that is here is sacred.

A detailed series of life-cycle rituals (samskara, refinements, rites of passages) mark major transitions in the life of the individual. 

The Vaidika way of life perceives each element of an individual’s life as sacred and worthy of worship and celebration.

Thus, from the moment of birth, intake of first food, writing of first letters, till marriage, and death, every life event is associated with sacredness, worship, and celebration. Even in death, wherein people always mourn, it is recognized that the journey of the jivatma has not ended and the death rites aim to aid the jivatma to regain new birth and continue its journey further. Thus, even the Death Rites are sacred and have utmost importance in the Vaidika scheme of things. 

Samskaras, or Vaidika Rites of Passage, according to the ancient sage Panini, are the ornaments that decorate one’s personality. They mark the important stages of one’s life and enable one to live a fulfilling life, complete with happiness and contentment. They pave the way for one’s physical and spiritual journey through this life. It is believed that the various Vaidika samskaras meticulously lead to a purification of one’s ‘papas’, (vices or faults), and even correction of physical deformities. The Upanishads mention samskaras as a means to grow and prosper in all four goals that a human being can have: These goals, or Purushartha are: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (wealth), Kama (work and pleasure) and Moksha (freedom). 

Birth Initiation

Honoring the precious gift of life and invoking long health, mental brilliance and abundance on all levels Guest Teacher Ibu Robin CNN Heroine and Founder of Bumi Sehat Natural Birthing Cliniques

Studies Initiation

Honoring education and the goddess of knowledge through initiation to Sanskrit Language

Menarche Initiation

Honoring the first bleed with learning the wisdom of the womb & its natural cycles

Sacred Union Initiation

Honoring the inner union of the sacred feminine and masculine & the art of sacred erotic 

Motherhood Initiation

Honoring the gift of motherhood with Guest Teacher Sanna Devi and also the mother in and of the universe with Sharada 

Menopause Initiation

Honoring the second spring or also known the phase of entering the wise woman with Guest Teacher Beta Lisboa

Death Initiation

Honoring the cycle of life and death and embracing the unknown and inevitable 

Drum, Sing & Rest   

We have invited some of the best space holders, healers, teachers to offer you an unforgettable journey.

Art of Drumming

Awaken your inner Drummer with Joseph Wallin. One of our tools to connect to the Sacred as Priestess has been the drum. “All the eggs a woman will every carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old foetus in the womb of her mother. This means our cellular life as en egg begins in the womb of our grandmother. Each of us spent five months in our grandmother's womb, and she in turn formed within the womb of her grandmother. We vibrate to the rhythms of our mother's blood before she herself is born, and this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.” ― Layne Redmond,  When The Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm

Ancient Songs

Being embraced by our own voices and those that have been waiting for us, loving us and knowing us before we were even born is balsam to the heart & nectar to the tongue. The lullaby of our ancestors echoes in the distance, it is there... all we gotta do is remember. We are here to sing their songs which are our songs. 

Their prayers are our prayers. Their love is our love. Together in voice and word we unite and awaken and reawaken the natural Gifts of the Priestesses. 

Marlia Coeur is a healer and women´s circle song keeper and writer, she has shared with us in the previous training the songs for each rite of passage and she will again re ignite the flame with her love and passion. 

Power of Rest

Emily Kuser, wonderful Yoga teacher in the fields of Classical Tantra, Hatha Yoga, Somatics and Integrated Sexuality and self-care will guide you into the gifts of Yoga Nidra where stillness is the healing itself & all parts can find home again. Yoga Nidra, known as the 'Yogic sleep' is an ancient practice that invokes deep relaxation, calmness of the heart & gives the opportunity to integrate this profound pilgrimage to the sanctuary of your being. 

 Your Teachers 

Self Paced and In-Person


I am Sharada Devi Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devi School and I am so delighted to walk with you through a complete cycle of life. In 2 weeks we will experience a life time and I know it will create a deep bond for life for which I am already eternally grateful for. 

To mirror you so that you can mirror others. 
To reclaim my worthiness has given me confidence to be all that I never thought I could be. 

To have a sense of belonging is what I have always been longing for. 

Ritual and Rites of Passage have given me the magic in my life I have always been dreaming of since I was a little girl.  I didn't know that it was the missing ingredient until I was initiated. 

Now I can initiate you so tat you can initiate your next kin. A sacred lineage of Priestesses that IS being in true service of the Goddess. 

Drum Master Joseph Wallin

Joseph Wallin is a master in rhythm. He is traveling the world teaching about the sacred space of wordless communication: Music, through drumming, With a big smile and an openness to welcome all that is, will he greet you into his circle with open arms and embrace you – however you are at this moment.
Seeing that change is inevitable. With his great passion will he guide you into the sacred realm of listening and expressing your truth. Welcome to come as you are.

Greek Priestess Marlia Cœur

Marlia Cœur is much more than a musician. She is healing through her music. She is a vocal activator and facilitator of human potential expressed through the voice. She has journeyed around the world with her music, offering live performances, sacred experiences, high-energy vocal workshops & retreats. With a growing presence, she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. Through intentional breathing, true embodiment & vocal encouragement, she guides you to fully connect to your heart, freely sing your soul’s song and vibrate your true power with love. You can find her albums and listen to her Sound Healing Journeys on Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp & YouTube as "Marlia project"

Priestess Emily Victoria Kuser

Emily established High Vibe Yoga in 2010, offering specialized courses in Women’s SelfCare, Yoga Therapy (including Yoga Nidra) and Yoga For Beginners. She is dedicated to offering a fresh and honest approach to spirituality and is known for creating nourishing and welcoming learning environments. Emily is a long time teacher at The Yoga Barn in Bali and holds her courses internationally.

Priestess Sylwia Devī

EMOTIONAL SUPPORT & CO CREATRIX of DEVI SCHOOL Sylwia is our Polish Priestess here to fully assist you as you awaken your Inner Priestess

@sylwia_em_travels has been by my side supporting every undertaking from Pearls of Wisdom, Be Woman Project to Devi School for the last 4 years. Fully devoted to her own emotional & spiritual growth never shying back from any challenge she has learned to meet Devi in all her forms grace & prayerfully. She has poured her love into the birthing of so many of our projects including our annual mahā Navarātri 9 nights of the Goddess Festival. She is an essential part of the smooth and successful establishment of Devi School which is deeply appreciated and a sanctuary for many today. Her cheerful, loving, clear, sweet & devoted presence inspires and offers a safe sacred mirror for healing & transformation.

She is now joining the Priestess Initiation Training not only as a co organiser but also as emotional support throughout the training as well as holding space for Pūjā & Embodiment Rituals.

Menopause Priestess Beta Lisboa

I am a passionate Brazilian spiritual seeker, founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system. I offer Yoga mentoring program for teachers, Women's Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, Myofascial Release bodywork healer, and Author.
After much research over 25 years of learnings, my passion focuses on women’s embodiment and trauma healing integration. My school of yoga advocated over more than 500 graduates in 20 different countries with over 5000 hours of teaching experience.

Mother Priestess Sanna Devī

Sanna has dedicated her life to understanding and embodying the Vedic and Yogic wisdom. Yoga and meditation have been her companions since she was 16 years old. During her years as an engineer, and now recently as a mother, she has had a lot of practice in integrating and applying its tools and wisdom in modern everyday life.

Birth Priestess Ibu Robin Lim

Bumi Sehat Founder, a non-for-profit organisation, based in Bali, Indonesia. Bumi Sehat operates three Community Health, Education & Childbirth Centres within Indonesia.

Ibu Robin Lim Filipina~American~Micronesian grandmother midwife, Doula and founder of Bumi Sehat NGO which maintains clinics in Indonesia and Philippines. Like my Filipina grandmother, I am blessed to kneel at the feet of birthing women, the StarGate between Earth and the Land of Souls. Every 11 seconds a pregnant woman or newborn dies somewhere on Earth. 800 mothers and 7,000 babies die each day. Most of these lives are lost due to preventable or treatable causes. Solutions include: humanizing protocols and practices for birth and postpartum care, eradicating disparities in food security and making skilled midwives and trained doulas available to every MotherBaby.

Ida Pandita Mpu Nabe Achaya Prami 

A senior Hindu high priest living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. She was diksa (high priest initiation) in 2001 ago. She has had seven spiritual sons who have also become Hindu high priests. For 21 years she has served Hindus in various rituals and given enlightenment to humanity universally with great compassion like a universal mother.

Balinese Priestess Luh Manis Pranasanti (Self-Paced Only)

Luh was born and raised in Bali and she is trained “Jero” or Balinese Priestess, who has responsibility in her local community to lead ceremonies. On becoming a Jero, she found her sensitivity to energy heightened, so she turned to yoga and meditation to balance it. She has since gained her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training from Shakti Mhi, at Prana Yoga College. She now practices and teaches Hatha and Prana Yoga and meditation full time. She is also a retreat leader and Founder of Pranasanti, which was founded on the traditional and uniquely Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, that translates as ‘ Three causes of well-being ‘. Through her tours, retreats and classes at Pranasanti, Luh shares her passion for the nature, culture and spirituality of Bali with others who want to do something a bit different and delve deep into Bali’s culture, magic and ancient wisdom. She believes that her purpose is to help others to find their hidden ability and gift by sharing her views, knowledge and wisdom from Bali to everyone she meets through her activities in a way that is deep, authentic and unique.

Druid Priestess Dr. Shari Tarbet (Self-Paced Only)

Author of the Conquered Feminine EVIDENCE OF THE DEMONIZATION OF THE FEMININE IN LANGUAGE. A lifelong interest in mythology, Dr. Tarbet holds degrees in Mythological Studies/ Depth Psychology, English/History Education, and Broadcast Journalism. An educator for over 30 years, she currently teaches short courses on myth at the OSHER Institute. She also has taught Navajo students at Dine college in New Mexico. Dr. Tarbet has presented papers on various topics in myth as well as the demonization of the Sacred Feminine in language, history, and myth; won second place in the Children’s Lit. category at the SWW convention in the 90s; and has had her poetry published in Southwest Women’s Poetry Exchange, and Between: Literary Review, She co-produced the Bal de Korai, a dance performance blending her original poetry on twelve Greek goddesses, Middle Eastern music, and solo belly dance performances in which the dancers embodied the goddesses. Dr. Tarbet currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her two cats Olivia and Jasper.

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