Living Goddess

Awaken to the Sacred Beauty & Profound Meaning that life has to offer.

The Sacred IS and can be recognized from the moment before you wake up all the way you go to bed and close your eyes.

Ritualize your whole day with:

  • life affirming Gestures - Mudras
  • heartfelt Sanskrit Prayers - Mantras (with English translation)
  • empowering Attitude - Bhavana that will help you grow in a quantum leap.


When you start your day like this & continue living your life like a Goddess you will:

  • create new impressions that truly honor life
  • change old painful patterns into new inspiring ones
  • convert disempowering attachments into healthy and empowering ones
  • be content without any reason being just yourself
  • celebrate all parts of yourself
  • love yourself more and more
  • feel connected & a sense of belonging
  • grow in leaps and bounds
  • manifest your dreams faster
  • attract people that can see you for who you truly are
  • be truly intimate with life & people '
  • access your pleasure & sensuality
  • abide in awe and wonderment
  • feel supported & protected by the universe
  • trust the greater order of things
  • make conscious decisions in life to help you reclaim your absolute fullness & dignity through the most powerful teachings & tools that I know, Vedanta integrated with Sacred Sexuality,
Womb Wisdom,
Earth Wisdom,
Trauma integration,
Inner Child Awareness & true sisterhood with the key ingredients of devotion & trust with the underlying universal values that we call Dharma.

The Goddess is you, is me, is all of us.

She is devoted, empowered, vibrant, and stands in her integrity.


Thank you for helping to plant a Be Woman Forest.

For each investment through the courses and other Be Woman or Devi School offerings, you contribute to Treesisters. 

Together We Grow The Lungs of the World

What People Are Saying:

Hello Sacred Sisters ✨ i wanted to share with you how much i loved Shāradā’s play course called “Living Goddess” - it’s a beautiful little course, jam packed with super interesting content like Mantras and the Mudras and so many inspirational tips to dive deeper…. SO SO much more value than the small sum it costs (only 27€!!!).

Fiorenza from Italy

You are a jewel of a human. The meaning of my life has expanded since I have met you Sharada, since I went to your first Vedic teachings. I want to thank you with all my heart for always being there, as a teacher, as a guide, as a sister, as a mom, as everything and anything you can be. I love you so much and sending you blessings, love and light. ❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😘😘😘😘

Serra Devi, Canada

This is a rare, profound and transformational interactive online workshop. I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart.

Mette from Norway

€27,00 EUR

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