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13 moons of Online Group Coaching & Feminine Embodiment Program, a Trauma & S@xual Health Informed Coach Training Certification, in depth Vedic & Sacred S@xuality Studies, Somatic Experiencing Sessions, Natural Apothecary Studies and a global Sisterhood Community.

450+ hours of pre-recorded material and live sessions.

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Learn from the most respected teachers.
Ignite or reignite your erotic fullness.

Reclaim your power as a Sacred Woman who wields her magic for the good of all.

Does this sound familiar?

𓆃 You have an inner knowing that you are on the precipice of stepping into a new phase of life once you find the right community and support

𓆃 You long to embrace your natural gifts and bring them to the world in your work, as an embodied healer

𓆃 You’ve suffered trauma  and you are invested in reparenting your inner child

𓆃 You are ready to embrace your s@xual energy and use it forhealing, creativity and manifestation as it has been used in ancient times

𓆃 You are longing to live orgasmically, heart womb aligned while being a vessel of healing & transformation for yourself and the world

𓆃 You are in love with Mother Nature's Gift, longing to connect to her queendom & embrace the witchy side of you

𓆃 You relate to being described as witchy, intuitive, s@xual, unconventional, magical, powerful & fierce

𓆃 You thirst to learn, grow and deepen your journey of self-discovery and self-love

𓆃 You’re on the path to discover and truly know your self as whole and complete

𓆃 You long to belong, to deepen your spiritual growth, abide in the Sacred & are searching for a true sisterhood in which you are seen and understood

…Envision yourself for a moment entering a Jungle or Forest Temple

where from all directions women & non-binary folks are walking towards the centre. You look at each other with awe & admiration & you have come with a shared intention to commit to yourself, to each other, and to the goddess… to make the most out of this life. To claim the full vibrant empowered woman that you are and to abide in a true sisterhood where we offer each other support, unconditional love & validation...

"What I found in joining is immeasurable. It nourishes all aspects of myself and my life."

-Helen, Founding Devi Temple Member

My Story:


I wish I would have had the Coaching & Feminine Embodiment practices back in the days when my life was governed by my incapacity to  accept myself.

There has been a time in my life where I wasn’t aware that my nervous system was in a constant fight, fly or freeze mode. 

Overworking plus being obsessed with Yoga, having an eating disorder caused by underlying stress that slowly but surely drained my batteries… were just the tip of the iceberg of all that was waiting to be processed.

Often I think… what if I would have had the courage to speak up in the Venezuelan Yoga community where I first started to really immerse myself into the Yoga practice? Would others have shared their struggles with me and instead of competing, would we have been able to create a real friendship empower each other in these vulnerable states?

The stress of living up to an ideal, being famous & becoming somebody other than yourself can really give the wrong impression of what the Spiritual & Feminine Awakening is all about.

The reason why Muse has come to life is to have a real, authentic, stable and consistent platform for all of you who are sincerely looking for friendships & sisterhood while peeling off these layers of judgments, releasing trauma & awakening your spiritual full, authentic, pleasurable, empowered & devotional goddess.

In the Muse. our Golden Womb you will:

· Awaken to your own unique magic ·
 · See that you are free and bountiful ·

· Become your own lover & muse ·

Love spending time with yourself ·

Feel full of inspiration and open up to a new world of possibilities & potential ·

Be in the company of other powerful women and finally rediscover safety ·

Be loved, seen and belong ·

Dare to imagine & creativity starts to flow again ·

Manifest anything you want in life ·

Know your self worth & have super confidence ·

Handle & be with fear & all other emotions of life ·

What makes The Muse a one of a kind program?


It has its roots in Vedanta the timeless teachings of non duality which leads to Freedom integrated with Trauma & Health Informed Sacred S@xuality Teachings & Embodiment Rituals, the Healing of the Inner Child & Laser Focused Coaching led by experts who together bring 120 years of lived teaching experience. 

You will belong to a Heart Yoni centred Sacred Sisterhood community, develop and grow through coaching programs and explore & discover your true & magnificent self in a community that gives you the freedom to shine fully. It is a homecoming, where you can be seen in all your phases, and be celebrated, appreciated & loved for what and who you are.

We know deep in our hearts that this is true.
We can remind each other when we forget. 


True healing, growth and transformation takes time and The Muse is a steady, consistent golden womb where you can join an amazing community of inspiring women and nonbinary ‘heroines’ that are longing just like you to continue giving meaning, connection, and empowerment to this female embodiment

The Muse Introduces Sacred S@xuality, Self Love & Natural Remedies

as a means for Healing, Growth & Expansion. 

This aspect of life is often covered with mystery, shame, and pain, both for women and men. Intimacy can touch our deepest core wounds, our most vulnerable secrets, our heart-wrenching attachments and addictions. Intimacy also brings out our most noble, heroic selves, our most caring, inspired, and beautiful actions.

We open up to the erotic essential flavor of life, śṛṅgāra rasa, and caring sensuality. Through sacred sexuality, we wake up to really being in the body, and having a felt-sense experience of life which means we are capable of meeting all flavors of life from deeply painful, to profoundly pleasurable, and expansively ecstatic.

Natural remedies have been with us since beginningless times and Mother Nature offers us her queendom for all sorts of healing, revitalisation and rejuvenation. 

Life is meant for liberation & Mother Earth has given us all the tools to destroy all the wrong judgements we have made upon ourselves as well as countless remedies so that we can reclaim our essence of wholeness and innate connection.

The more mastery we gain over our own bodies and minds, the more we can stand on the axis of emotional independence.

𓆃 Through emotional independence, we access our inherent joy and pleasure.

𓆃 Through owning our pleasure, we stop seeking it from partners for completion.

𓆃 Through knowing our wholeness, we are free to create, contribute & serve as an embodied healer. 

S@xuality is a free expression of Nature.

Plants, trees, animals never hold back, they expose themselves as an offering. 

S@xuality in Nature is not only about having an intercourse. 

S@xuality is a shout of abundance, when the seeds are given freely to the wind. 

S@xuality is art in the form of the colors of flowers, peacock feathers, coupling dances.

S@xuality is music... Think about the concerts of birds, the roars of felines in love. 

S@xuality is interrelation: different species of bugs developed over the centuries resembling s@xual partners of specific plants, or think about the role of the bees in the pollination for example. 

In Nature every being is constantly expressing s@xually to ignite their creative power and their role in the sacred inter-play of life. 

Embodying our s@xual being, connecting with the senses, bring us closer to our creative and self-healing abilities, guided and sustained by all the realm of Mother Nature. 

Most of us have not had a healthy upbringing when it comes to our s@xuality. 

Most of us have learned that there is something shameful or dirty about our s@xuality. 

Most of us did not receive the proper empowering education when it comes to s@xuality. 

Many of us have experienced trauma when it comes to our s@xuality. 

Most of us have turned away from trusting Mother Nature's ability to heal us. 

Most of us have lost our connection to our inner healer. 

Most of us have given our power away. 

Women being disconnected from their bodies, disliking or even hating their bodies, rejecting their blood, the inability to feel pleasure or have orgasms, destructive diets, breast implants, rejecting ageing, the often painful symptoms of menopause, vaginal dryness, low libido and other female dysfunctions like UTI, Candida, Cervical Dysplasia and so forth. 

The list is endless. 

It is common. It is not normal.


A woman’s body is naturally inclined to being in the felt sense, which means being alive to all the sensations, the wide spectrum of feelings, emotions and infinite pleasure. 

Our bodies are our temples. 
Our bodies are our sanctuary.
Our bodies are a vessel for deep healing, transformation and creativity. 

In order to access our infinite power and pleasure we have to descend before we can ascend. 

We get to dance through the night of darkness so we can move towards the light of fullness and reclaim our orgasmic nature

No matter what has happened to you. 

You are whole. 
You are not broken. 
You are complete. 

We implement the Wisdom of Trauma which means we take time to be with what surfaces from moment to moment so that we can integrate our experiences in a healthy empowering safe way. 

We meet what has not been met. 
We feel what has not been felt. 
We release what has been stuck. 
We transform what has been numbing us. 
We awaken what has been dormant. 
We love what has been rejected. 
We reclaim what has been shunned. 
We reignite what has been shamed.

"Studying with Sharada Devi is an extremely rare opportunity which shouldn’t be missed.

Sharada is a realized teacher who combines traditional Vedic teachings while fully embodying sacred sexuality, like no one else has mastered in such a complete way! Trust me, I have been around the spiritual circuses for 50 years seeing the exploitation, abuse of power, and scandals, having been myself the victim of so called ‘spiritual teachers. Studying with a genuine spiritual teacher is a rare and great blessing. Sharada and I share this blessing.

Sharada’s entire life’s commitment to self-knowledge while embracing her own shadow so fully, makes her an exceptional teacher who will help you empower and love yourself with clarity of knowledge, grace, and kindness.

Trust that investing yourself in this course will deeply transform your life, assist you to truly know, and realize yourself, and that it will bless you profoundly.

When reality is no longer about competition and when your own student becomes more brilliant than you, well… you want to acknowledge and champion her and to offer prayers of protection and gratitude for such a gift and blessing to the world! Yat Bhavam Tat bhavati! As you revere and worship, so you become!

With all my heart,
Wishing all of you the very best."

- Maryse Côté, Sacred Sexuality teacher and author.

a 13 Moons Cycle

LIVE:  Group Coaching, Embodiment Sessions,  Coach Training Sessions, Sacred S@xuality, Trauma / Somatic Experiencing Sessions & Sessions with a Women's S@xual Health Medical Doctor
+ 12 Months of a Vast Study Library of Video / Audio Recordings, PDFs & Study Manuals
 Consistent Mentoring with Shāradā Devī 
Guidance & Emotional Support with Sylwia Savitā Devī 
Ready to Muse


⫸ Once a month LIVE DEVĪ Group Coaching 

⫸ Once a month LIVE DEVĪ Embodiment Ritual 

 6 Modules of LIVE DEVĪ Coach Training 

DEVĪ Coaching Practicums

 DEVĪ Methodology Coach Training Q & A Slots

⫸ DEVĪ Connection Sister Support 

 DEVĪ Coach Certification Program

 4 Weekly Vedic Wisdom PRE-recorded Sessions: 

Devī Mantra & Goddess Archetypes, Understanding the Mind & The Unconscious, the Value of Values ~ Living in Integrity, the Knowledge of the Limitless Self

  7 Modules & 7 LIVE Sessions of Trauma Informed Sacred Sexuality 

  5 Modules & 3 LIVE Sessions Natural Apothecary Witch Corner

4 Modules & 5 LIVE Sessions on The Wisdom of Trauma & Somatic Experiencing with a Trauma Therapist 

 5 LIVE Sessions with a Women's S@xual Health Medical Doctor

2 weekly ongoing LIVE Vedanta, Guided Meditation & Vedic Chanting Online Classes  

All live classes will be recorded so that you can watch them after if you cannot join live

 Global Sisterhood Community Support

 BONUS: 3 - 5 LIVE sessions with Experts in Menstrual Health, Shamanic S@xual Wisdom, Breath Awareness & Sacred Pelvis 

 BONUS: Teacher & Mentor Panels 

 BONUS: Reign Your Queendom ~ Heart Yoni Centered Leadership (sign up before June 23rd)

 ADD ON: One-on-One Devī Coaching 



 Once a month LIVE DEVĪ Group Coaching 

 Once a month LIVE DEVĪ Embodiment Ritual 

 7 Modules of LIVE DEVĪ Coach Training 

 DEVĪ Coaching Practicums

 DEVĪ Methodology Coach Training Q & A Slots

 DEVĪ Connection Sister Support 

 DEVĪ Coach Certification Program

 4 Weekly Vedic Wisdom PRE-recorded Sessions: 

Devī Mantra & Goddess Archetypes, Understanding the Mind & The Unconscious, the Value of Values ~ Living in Integrity, the Knowledge of the Limitless Self

 7 Modules & 7 LIVE Sessions of Trauma Informed Sacred Sexuality 

⫸ 4 Modules & 5 LIVE Sessions on The Wisdom of Trauma & Somatic Experiencing with a Trauma Therapist 

 6 LIVE Sessions with a Women's Sexual Health Medical Doctor

 2 weekly ongoing LIVE Vedanta, Guided Meditation & Vedic Chanting Online Classes  

 All live classes will be recorded so that you can watch them after if you cannot join live

 Global Sisterhood Community Support

 BONUS: 3 - 5 LIVE sessions with Experts in Menstrual Health, Men's Sexuality, Shamanic Sexual Wisdom & Yoga Therapy 

 BONUS: Teacher & Mentor Panels 

 ADD ON: One-on-One Devī Coaching 

 ADD ON: Reign Your Queendom ~ Heart Yoni Centered Leadership 

What is the DEVĪ Coaching Methodology?

DEVĪ COACHING METHODOLOGY is a unique combination of the most profound spiritual teachings & practices that lead to the understanding that the SELF is limitless, which leads to ultimate freedom, mokṣa and modern highly valued transformative techniques to heal & understand, validate & integrate all our human experiences.

It is a complete holistic integrated approach where the whole person is addressed to ensure that even the deep rooted most hidden parts of our existence are being tended to where no part is left out.

Trauma is stored in our bodies and in order to rewire our old unhealthy habits, patterns, nervous system and deep rooted behaviours we need to approach our spiritual awakening from the bottom to the top and/or from the top to the bottom.


From the bottom to the top: Through embodiment rituals we release stored trauma that manifests in day to day life as the fight, flight, freeze, fawn response so that we can enjoy the full spectrum of life including pleasure again.

From there we attend to the emotions, the sub and unconscious through guided meditations, visualisations and re imaginations to offer a reality that serves our true purpose and ultimately embraces the cognitive journey through the Eastern Spiritual Heritage of the Vedic Wisdom; Vedanta ~  discovering that ones self in truth is limitless, whole and complete.

From the top to the bottom would be starting with the knowledge, moving though the sub and unconscious to the embodiment rituals.

This approach offers a true pilgrimage to discovering the sanctuary of our being which leads us to be able to live life fully, happily and pleasurably.

A life where we can fearlessly embrace all that is.

DEVĪ Coaching Methodology is a sacred dance of Shiva & Shakti honouring the masculine and feminine principles. A union of the East and the West.


The cognitive journey which focuses on the understanding of the mind & limitless self is guided by the teachings of Vedanta.

The embodied journey is inspired by Jungian Psychology, The Understanding of the Unconscious, Inner Child Dynamics, Shadow Work, Wisdom of Trauma, Somatic Experiencing, Self Care & Self Pleasure Massage, Yoni Egg & Crystal Dildo Rituals, Tantric and Taoistic Practices, Sacred S@xuality,  Feminine Embodiment Practices & De-Armouring Practices, The New Science of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, Yoni Shakti & Womb Wisdom, Gentle Breath-Work, Guided Meditations, Visualisations & Re-imagination, The VITA Coaching Methodology & The Nature’s Wisdom “Natural Apothecary”.




In Devī School, our vision is for all to know their worth, and to wake up to our goddess nature as devoted, empowered, vibrant, integrated women, moving about happily and effectively in the world, in contribution as mothers, partners, daughters, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, or any other qualifier that can describe a woman, or woman-identifying person.

It goes beyond culture, country, religion, or politics. In this world, the roles and desires that can be carried out in life are countless…but driving all of that activity is the desire for lasting happiness, or mokṣa.

After Having Successfully Completed the Program You Can Choose to be Certified As

DEVĪ Coach

Devoted Embodied Vedantic Integrated Coaching

Devoted ~ She is in Service to the Sacred, which means to to be committed to ones own emotional and spiritual growth … which is discovering unconditional love through living a life of karma yoga and becoming a contributor to maintain the balance and harmony between the seen and the unseen worlds

Embodied / Empowered ~ She is fully expressed in her many shades of emotions and experiences & is able to accept, embrace and transform to serve her ultimate truth
Vedantic / Vital ~ She fully understands that she is the source of absolute and relative pleasure & uses these gifts for the highest good
Integrated ~ She is dedicated to living a life of Dharma,  which means fully & fearlessly. She blooms into a Spiritual Pillar becoming a trustworthy leader & role model



In Devī Coaching we come together as Sacred Mirrors to hold what is ready to be held, to accept what has been long awaited and to validate that which has been rejected, judged, criticised and misunderstood.

The Coach is a mirror that helps us see what is right in front of us, to understand patterns, conditionings, and bring light onto things that we don’t want to see, are in denial of and things that feel almost impossible to face alone.

A Devī Coach is there to assist and guide us through patterns that we can see, but need support with… as we don’t have the resources to shift and address them alone.

A Devī Coach is also there to guide us how to give expression and honour our inner journey when we have the resources, are able to see all of the pieces of the puzzle and helps us to bring all of those pieces together.

A Devī Coach is also there to enter with us into the magic of the space, and through asking the right questions … brings clarity, confidence and empowerment to make the necessary changes in life.

Inviting a Devī Coach into your life does not mean that you are broken… they are there as your friend to help you refine, restructure, evolve, grow and to live your life to its fullest potential.

They are there to hold you accountable and also to celebrate all of your steps … not matter how big or small… to cherish every unfoldment of your progress … to celebrate the full spectrum of life in all its colours.

Course Curriculum 

*Subject to Change*

Meet Your Teachers


Shāradā is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta, Sanskrit & the Vedic Tradition, a Priestess of Ceremonies & a Vedic Chanting Mistress as well as the Heart of Be Woman Project & the Visionary of Devi School where Spirituality meets Embodiment. She is also a VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach from the Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality, Sacred Sexuality Teacher & CNT (Abdominal) & Karsai (Womb & internal Sexual Organ) Massage Therapist.

From an early age, Shāradā was on the quest for Moksha, absolute freedom, which led her to Venezuela, India & Bali, seeking guidance & answers to the fundamental questions of life.

20 years ago her journey started with Yoga and more than a decade ago, she found her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and has since then been living in Bali & India studying the ancient teachings of the Vedas directly with her teachers. In her lineage, the study of the unconscious aka inner child, devotional practices such as rituals, mantra and guided meditations is incorporated which also shines through in all her magical offerings. She has been teaching the jewels of the Vedic Tradition from the very start of her own journey as she has been encouraged to do so by her teachers. 



Sylwia Savitā has been diving deep into Inner Child & Trauma Healing, The Art of Holding Space, Conscious Communication & Relating,  Visual Arts & Art Therapy. She is a devoted student of Vedānta, Vedic Mantra Chanting, Sanskrit & Sacred Vedic Rituals and Traditions, which she has been assimilating daily since over 4 years.

Her curiosity and love for seeking truth, will for growth and healing has brought her to yoga since her early 20s. She has then successfully completed over 650h of Vinyasa (Meghan Currie), Ashtanga (Irena Bartolec) & Sama Yoga Teacher Training.

Her love for exploring new cultures, languages & nature has led her to live and study in Europe and South East Asia.

She is the co-creator, space holder, teacher and GM in the Be Woman Project & Devī School. She also overlooks the smooth movement of the Community Devī Circles and is the Navatātrī Festival Coordinator. She has been an apprentice and assistant to Shāradā since 2019 and has since then discovered in depth Somatic Embodiment Wisdom, Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Relating Tools and Techniques and much more.


Elisa is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Deep Ecology Facilitator, Yin Yoga Teacher and Permaculture lover. 

Elisa is an intuitive and self-educated herbalist. She loves to grow herbs and pick wild medical plants to prepare medicated oils for her Ayurvedic Treatments, herbal teas and other natural remedies. She is a Vedanta student. The search for truth within has been a golden thread in her life since a very young age.

She met Be Woman Project in 2018 when she started her journey of discovery of the sacred feminine, falling in love with it. She loves to apply a nature based approach in her facilitation work, Devi Circles and personal practices. Elisa has a background in human rights protection in post-conflict situations, Environmental protection, Trauma Release, Languages and Cultures of South Asia. She studied and lived in Europe and South Asia.


is a passionate Brazilian spiritual seeker, founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system.

She offers  and a Yoga Mentoring Program and is a Women's Embodiment Coach, a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, a Myofascial Release Bodywork Healer, and Author.

She has over 25 years of research and study in Women’s Embodiment and Trauma Healing Integration. Her School of Yoga advocated over more than 500 graduates in 20 different countries with over 5000 hours of teaching experience. 


Chilean with German roots, Macarena Devī is a medical doctor graduated in Chile in 2015 and specialist in Dermatology and Venereology/ Sexual Health graduated in Germany in 2022. 

Macarena is a Pilates practitioner since the age of seventeen, in her mid-twenties she started to practice Yoga and dove deep into the meaning of taking care of the body and mind from a holistic approach. In 2020 she met Shāradā Devī and started studying Vedanta, which has opened her heart in infinite ways and has brought precious tools to her life. She graduated as Women Circle Facilitator and Priestess of Vedic Rituals in Devī School. Currently, she is doing her 270h Yoga Teacher Training with Sama Yoga. 

Her focus as a physician is to empower her patients with knowledge and a healthy lifestyle to heal and prevent diseases. She works integrating the knowledge of Western Medicine with the jewels of Vedanta and Āyurveda and invites you to see your body as Whole.  

Maca has a deep reverence for Mother Nature and loves animals and music. She lives and works in Munich, Germany. 


As a physiotherapist Petra's focus is on mental health and persistent pain rehabilitation. She is currently doing a master's degree and taking a specialization in these fields.

She was one of the first in Sweden to be internationally certified in yoga therapy via IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and she has the privilege to share yoga therapy clinically and as a body-based trauma treatment at courses via the Karolinska Institute. With more than 20 years of experience in meditation, yoga and qigong she has a deep passion to learn and explore the mind-body connection.

She has been the head of school and lead teacher on Urban OM Yoga Trainings. Petra Parvati loves to share methods that support self-compassion, self-knowledge and the sense of self-trust.


Bex is fascinated with how women and Yoga go together! She explores Yoga from both a historical context of the search for spiritual liberation as well as its evolution and support for the modern day woman. She is fascinated with the natural shifts that happen to a woman within her menstrual cycle and life stages.

Her courses are designed to support women to empower themselves through cycle awareness and embrace Yoga as a powerful system of support and self-knowledge. She teaches at the Yoga Barn in Bali, where she has been based for the last 14 years. Her in-person and online courses include "Women ReWilding" which explores women in the history of yoga until the present day and a series of practices that can support female health and cycle awareness.

"The Art of Teaching" is a deep dive into what is often missed out of contemporary trainings including the power of myth, magic and mastery in the history and philosophy of yoga, and as a compass to teach.

"Unwind the Feminine" combines the practice of Yin Yoga with Traditional Chinese Medicine but in a way which is supportive for women's cycles and life stages.


Åsa has a rare ability to show us with a tender and loving way how we can relate to our body, sexuality and relationships. All her trainings develop a natural presence in the body and soul and offer us the possibility to see ourselves and others as we truly are.

Im So Ready

What Others Say



*Subject to Change*

In order to take into the consideration different time zones, we will share the exact time of sessions once we come closer to the beginning of our program, once we see the time zones of the participants. 

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