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 A one year Online Group Coaching & Feminine Embodiment Program that includes a trauma informed coach training program, a group membership, in depth Vedic studies, a sacred sexuality course and a women's circle community.


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 You will belong to a heart womb centred sacred sisterhood community, develop and grow through coaching programs and explore & discover your true & magnificent self in a community that gives you the freedom to shine fully. It is a homecoming, where you can be seen in all your phases, and be celebrated, appreciated & loved for what and who you are.

Starting April/May 2023 - live sessions

with an ongoing yearly enrolment

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - if you sign up now you receive access to all of the recordings from 2022 & immediate access to the community and you can join the live classes from this cycle

I'm So Ready

What makes The Muse a one of a kind program?


It has its roots in Vedanta the timeless teachings of non duality which leads to Freedom integrated with Trauma Informed Sacred Sexuality Embodiment Rituals, Inner Child Dynamics & laser focused Coaching. 


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve suffered trauma and overcome great pains, your invested in your reparenting your inner child and blooming like a lotus flower 

  • You have an inner knowing that you are on the precipice of stepping into a new phase of life, once you find the right community and support

  • You ache for true sisterhood, friendship, to be seen and understood for all that you are

  • You thirst to learn, grow and deepen your journey of self-discovery and self-love

  • You know you’re destined for a full purposeful life and are ready to step into your potential 

  • You long to belong, to deepen your spiritual growth and abide in sacred

  • You’re on the path to discover and truly know your self as whole and complete 

You are the One...

that you have been waiting for. 

Awaken to your own unique magic.
See that you are free and bountiful.
Become your own lover & muse.
Love spending time with yourself.
Feel full of inspiration and open up a new world of possibilities & potential.
Be in the company of other powerful women and finally rediscover safety. 
Be loved, seen and belong.
Dare to imagine & creativity starts to flow again.
Manifest anything you want in life.
Know your self worth & have super confidence.
Handle & be with fear & all other emotions of life. 

I wish I would have had the Coaching & Feminine Embodiment practices & understanding back in the days when my life was governed by my incapacity of accepting myself


There has been a time in my life where I wasn’t aware that my nervous system was in a constant fight, fly or freeze mode. Overworking plus being obsessed with Yoga, having an eating disorder caused by underlying stress that slowly but surely drained my batteries… were just the tip of the iceberg of all that was waiting to be processed.

Often I think… what if I would have had the courage to speak up in the Venezuelan Yoga community where I first started to really immerse myself into the Yoga practice? Would others have shared their struggles with me and instead of competing, would we have been able to create a real friendship & empower each other in these vulnerable states?I have seen it too often, including here in Ubud where I have been living for 14 years now, the pressure to look a certain way, the stress of living up to an ideal, being famous & becoming somebody other than yourself can really give the wrong impression of what the Spiritual & Feminine Awakening is all about.That’s why I created 'the Muse' to have a real authentic stable and consistent platform for all of you who are sincerely looking for friendships & sisterhood while peeling off these layers of judgments, releasing trauma & awakening your spiritual full authentic pleasurable empowered devotional goddess.

…Envision yourself for a moment entering a Water Jungle Temple

where from all directions women & nonbinary folks are walking towards the center. You look at each other with awe & admiration & you have come with a shared intention to commit to yourself, to each other, and to the goddess… to make the most out of this life. To claim the full vibrant empowered woman that you are and to abide in a true sisterhood where we offer each other support, unconditional love & validation

I want in






We know deep in our hearts that this is true.
We can remind each other when we forget. 


The Muse is a steady, consistent golden womb
where you can join an amazing community of inspiring women and nonbinary ‘heroines’ that are longing just like you to continue giving
meaning, connection, and empowerment to this female embodiment

What others say:

”What I found in joining the Devi Temple is immeasurable. It nourishes all aspects of myself and my life.

-Helen, Founding Devi Temple Member

”Devi temple has been a very special journey for me and 6 months in I realise I have the best relationship that I have had with my body in years

-Frida, Devi Temple Founding Member

”Sharada is one of the best teachers I have ever come across in my life! A truly transformational & life-changing experience! 

-Taryn Weaggeler, Loka Yoga School

What is included in the Muse Program?

  • Once a month Group Devi Coaching

  • Once a month Devi Embodiment Ritual 

  • Devi Coach Training (6 Modules)  

  • The Rising Witch Trauma Informed Sacred Sexuality Course   (is included in this year's cycle 2023)

  • Private Community Support

  • Access to weekly on going Live Online Classes (Wednesdays Mantra Chanting & Thursdays Vedantasubject to change 
  • Immediate Access to Pearls of Wisdom Bundle '8 in depths self paced programs' (Understanding the Mind, Value of Values, Sanskrit, Vedic Chanting, Tattvabodha, Devi Mantras, Fundamentals of Vedanta & Gurustotram) Valued at 1800 Euros check them out here. 
  • PLUS 30 % off on the 4 major online programs (Priestess Initiation, Living Wisdom Teacher, Reign your Queendom & Heroine's Journey) check them out here.  

“So much inner transformation and something is opening up within me. You are all like a garden with different colorful flowers, each one so unique”


I am Sharada Devi Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devi School

and it is my joy to support you in reclaiming your absolute fullness & dignity through the most powerful teachings & tools that I know.

Wherever there is light there can be no darkness.
Wherever there is knowledge there can be no ignorance.
Wherever there is dignity there can be no shame. 


 Descriptions of what is inside the Golden Womb

Starting April/May for 1 full year

ongoing enrolment 

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - if you sign up now you receive access to all of the recordings from 2022 & immediate access to the community and you can join the live classes from this cycle

And she listened to the whispers of her ancestors and followed her heart


As an amazing bonus you will get immediate access to 8 full courses:

 Valued at € 1800 


- The Knowledge of the limitless Self -

- Understanding the Unconscious & the Mind -

- Vedic Shanti Prayers -

- Devi Mantras -

- Sanskrit Language -

- The Value of Values -

- Fundamentals of Vedanta -

- Gurustotram -



PLUS 30 % off on the 4 major online programs 

(Priestess Initiation, Living Wisdom Teacher, Reign your Queendom & Heroine's Journey)  

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9000 Euros

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(total  2 256€)

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