Sex Magick Ritual

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I am So Ready for Sex Magick

Our Sexual Energy is a gift that we have been given, and we can use it for the highest good.


What do you want to do with the power that you have or are in the process of awakening?


Sex Magick is an ancient and powerful ritual that has been lost to womanhood for a very long time and is now surfacing and being revived.

It is a beautiful ritual where we use our Sacred Sexual Energy for the purpose of Manifestation, placing our goals and manifesting our desires.

During the ritual, you will connect to your Sexual Energy, feel your sexual pleasure, and move through the different energy centers of your body and out into the universe.

This can involve a lot of fear.

We are scared of using sexual energy in the wrong way. That is why I emphasise bringing in Dharma, the Universal Values, and the importance of Understanding the Goals of Life.

Before we go into the Sex Magick process, we need to get clarity on your vision and be precise on how it looks, feels, tastes, smells, and sounds when accomplishing your goal.

In the process of Sex Magick, we connect to the Earth, the physicality, the manifestation. Earth is what we can smell, see, taste, hear, and touch.

All of the five senses are able to perceive the earth. The Earth is also related to our first energy center, our first chakra.

Magick is the manifestation of everything we are experiencing and the power we have been given. It is the possibility and potential to do anything we want with it.

We have been given an infinite Yoniverse; it is inexplicable.

In Sanskrit, Magick is Māyā Devī, meaning "she who is not."

By this, we mean that everything we experience is not separate from its original nature.

This is important to assimilate, as often when we think of Māyā or Magick, we think of something that does not really exist, something that is not really real.

But in Veda, there is a different meaning. Māyā, she who is not separate from the original essence.

Reality is consciousness.
From that consciousness, with Māyā's magick, space, air, fire, water, and earth were created.

Nothing is ever separated from the original essence.
The original essence is wholeness, completeness, and love.
All that is here is Love.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is separate from Love.
Everything I experience comes from, originates, and is Love.

Naturally, we want to experience and manifest a life that is closest to the original essence.

It is natural that we have desires for Magick.

We desire loving relationships, authentic and inspiring conversations, abundance, a safe home, and beautiful nature around us.

It is also natural that we don't want things that are painful, manipulative, or distorted. We move away from these things.

We are worthy of desiring anything, but it's important to remember that if we want something, we need to be ready for the consequences.

Can we desire things to their fullness?

Magick is this whole universe. We are in the process of awakening all the powers we have as human beings in this life.

Sex Magick recognizes that sexual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed and utilized to create change, manifest intentions, and deepen spiritual connections.

It embraces the idea that sexuality is a natural and sacred part of human experience, and when approached with awareness and intention, it can lead to profound personal and spiritual transformation.

I found myself crying when I reached my womb with my hands. Tears streamed down my face when I slowly made a connection with me, my womb and my sexuality as a woman. My past is coloured by incest, my biological father used me between age of 3-15. I had no memories of this until I had another trauma that triggered. My body tried to tell me that something is wrong, and I was pretty low when the memories came.

But now, when my body doesn't have to handle the experiences alone, when it can be released, I am healthier than ever! But in my journey to heal and to freedom, I forgot my womanhood, my inner secret space that is mine and had carried this sorrow and hurt for so long time. When I saw this lesson something was released, I cried for hours and I celebrated the wholeness of me, all of me. I took back something I didn't  know I lost.

It was beautiful, powerful and most of all a deep sense of gratitude that my body has carried me and protected me through my whole life. Now is the time to give back, give myself the caring and respect that I deserve.

So thank you! Thank you for taking me on this journey and show me that i can be so much more!

From my heart, Thank you! Love Sofia

Shāradā <3 thank you beloved Devī for your loving, allowing and permitting essence. Thank you for your overflow of wisdom and transmissions. I love you and thank you. 

love Carmen Ribero


I am Shāradā Devī Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devī School and it is my joy to support you in reclaiming your absolute fullness & dignity through the most powerful teachings & tools that I know.

The guidance of the goddess is portrayed in the teachings of the Vedic tradition. What we are offering in Devī School is a combination of the ancient Vedic wisdom, which is the teachings of the goddess, but also including the needed and modern approach of handling our human experiences….  like trauma and anything else we've experienced in childhood… or even as an adult. 

Since 22 years I have been on my journey of self growth and self knowledge guided by my teachers & mentors and there is nothing that I love more then share what has blessed my life with you. 


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You will receive the recordings after signing up

(recordings available for 2 weeks)

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