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Altar Guide

Your first steps into creating the altar of your dreams. The sacred place for you and the Goddess

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The Frequency of Love.

Learn about roses, how to utilise them as medicine to heal and empower.

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5 Step Pūjā

Here you will learn how to perform your small quick puja.

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Reclamation of 
The Sacred Feminine

Unlearning the words that associate with shame, and transforming them into what they were meant for

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Spices and Herbs for Sexual Empowerment and Healing

Ayurvedic Guide into sexual herbs for healing

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Vision Quest

You are born with a purpose.
You are born a leader. You are born with a legacy. 

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Sacred Desire

Taking Charge of My Life, My Happiness & My Pleasure 

Free Mistress Class Series

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I am an Entrepreneur, the Visionary & Founder of the DEVĪ School, a Spiritual Mentor & Leader, a Vedic Priestess & a Sacred Sexuality Teacher  who has dedicated her entire life to discovering & living a life of truth, freedom, wholeness, grace & sacred beauty for me, for you, for us.

Everything I have done to empower myself, I have shared with all of my 100s of students in many different contexts from yoga and women’s circle trainings, international spiritual retreats, online spiritual somatic embodiment coaching certifications and festivals.

It is my greatest joy and passion to guide, empower and celebrate people who are ready to embark on the journey of discovering their absolute freedom & their eros that fuels the mystery and gives the sacred beauty to life. I am forever grateful for my incredible community that has grown so much over the last few years; seeing my students claim their wholeness, their dignity and dare to live again as an embodied freely expressed confident wealthy erotic powerful human being sharing their unique gifts with the whole world  is a true gift from the Universe to me.


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