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We want to start this journey with a story ... first of all we have a question for your...Are you ready to finally meet the Beloved? Because before we can truly serve others we have to be able to serve, see, hear, understand & love ourselves. 

Once upon a time…


When the moon was full and bright… thousands of stars were sparkling…. she looked up into the vastness of the sky and she prayed to the beloved “where are you? For time immemorial I have been waiting for you to come to fill me… to touch my soul, to take me beyond the illusion of separation and to penetrate me and unite in divine love” and she said “no matter how long it will take I will be searching for you”. 

I am so ready!


𓆃 Have you also been searching for the beloved?

𓆃 Have you been praying or still are
for and to the beloved?

𓆃 Have you felt alone and at times…  even hopeless?

𓆃  Have you wanted to shrink and hide with
an overwhelming sensation of pain? 


I know that each one of us also heard this voice whispering in our heart…

to stay and pray.

We all have that voice in us....

otherwise you wouldn't be here.


Take a moment to identify with her.

When she saw all these women singing and dancing,
laughing and being so free... 


Have you ever been in a situation where you were about to enter
a circle of women...

and felt like hiding and running away?

Fear overwhelmed you?


I remember my first time when I entered a women's circle.

All I could do was cry.

Then I didn't know why.

Today I know why.

It was a recognition of something that was mine/ours once a upon a time.

We were wise women, priestesses, witches, queens standing fierce in our dharmic power.  
The tears were ancient, it was a grief of having lost the legacy of our sacred woman and sisterhood, over our dignity & freedom. 

Although I felt like running, I stayed… I stayed and prayed.

And I found the Goddess.

I found the Beloved.

At the center. At the heart. At the temple of my very being.

And I know it's there…  the Beloved in each one of you.

What do you think she felt in that moment when she saw those women singing, dancing & laughing? 


𓆃 She wanted to be part, to belong and to feel accepted and also she felt the fear of rejection?

𓆃  She felt fear but also deep hope?

𓆃 She felt was not good enough? 

𓆃 She felt not worthy & not deserving? 

𓆃 She felt deep longing for connection and shyness for not knowing how to reach out?




Let's take a moment and just feel that.

How we probably all have felt at one point in our lives not good enough, not beautiful enough, or worthy enough… 

we all may have felt fear of not belonging… of not being accepted or of being rejected.


What came up for me strongly was the mother wound and the sister wound. Seeing all these women together and remembering my upbringing and my relationship to my mother, my sister …. the jealousy that came from my most intimate friends & suddenly being betrayed, talked about or gossiped over....and also maybe she remembered that at some point of time as women we weren't allowed to be together and share…. It was a crime to share in sacred circles. 

I want in

What do you think was that voice,
that force in her that whispered to her


It was the heart…  the womb… the intuition… the wise woman.


I invite you to feel your force & hear your voice… 


and not ignore the divine, the sacred, the beloved.
That part that knows exactly the wild woman inside of us. 

The divine in all of us, the fearless parts inside of us …  
I think we all can identify with her …
with the one who is longing for the beloved ...
which is really our very own self… 

I like to call her The Empress.

The Empress is known as she who reigns… she who is sovereign and powerful…  yet ever gentle.  

There is a beautiful story where there's a queen who has a deep value for her land, for her people. She's committed to her duty, but she also has a deep value for Ancient Wisdom and to know herself. To know the truth of herself. 

Welcome Dearest Empress


exactly as you are ...unapologetically, you can be yourself here.

I know it takes a lot of courage to do something new, something foreign, something from another culture.  

I’m so excited that you have found your way to this sacred space where Spirituality meets Embodiment.

My love, my heart and all my devotion has been poured into this offering. For years, I have been receiving tools, teachings and guidance from my teachers and mentors.

I've now poured it all into “the Empress Program”. 

The symbol of the wings has been inspired by the goddess Isis, an Egyptian goddess of fertility, sexuality and erotic power, strength and abundance. She has two beautiful wings and we also use these two wings as examples in our teaching tradition over and over again.

It's so beautiful to bring that together. The symbolism of the goddess and the teaching tradition. 

 The Empress Program is for you if: 


𓆃 If you are once for all ready to pull the root & the destroy the cause of all your pain & suffering and truly want to rise as a Devoted, Empowered, Wise and Integrated Woman while becoming a Trauma Informed Embodied Wise Wisdom Teacher, Leader, Coach & Leader of your time. 

𓆃 If you want to live a life that is completely heart womb aligned. 

𓆃 If you want to live in sacred symbiosis with all and give back to the world through your unique gifts while feeling confident, supported & connected all the way through. 

𓆃 If you want to embrace & transform that which has been sabotaging you and keeping you small. 

𓆃 If you are ready to embrace a new way of living that is in accordance with the highest values of life.

𓆃 If you want to spiritualise every facet of your life.

𓆃 If you want to live your fullest potential, be truly happy, feel belonging and worthy.

𓆃 If you are ready to unleash your wild, sexy, magnetic, powerful Goddess

𓆃 If you long to be in service and guide others to be the highest version of themselves.

𓆃 If you are ready to step fully into your role in this world, receive sacred training and the honor of a Devi School Spiritual Teacher Certification



This is not for you if you are:

𓆃 Not ready to change your unhealthy habits. 

𓆃 Looking for a quick fix. 

𓆃 Not truly invested in yourself. 

𓆃 Still blaming the world for your misery. 

𓆃 Thinking something outside of yourself will come and save you. 

𓆃 Not ready to do the practices and share with your sacred sisters.

𓆃 Experiencing no desire to be orgasmic, empowered, wild & free.

The Empress Program is a
18 months container:

What is included?


1 full cycle of Devi School approximately 18 months :

𓆃 The Priestess Initiation Training in Bali

𓆃 Reign Your Queendom

𓆃 Heroine's Journey

𓆃 The Living Wisdom Teacher

 𓆃 The Muse 'The Golden Womb' 

  • 12 Months of the Muse Cycle (all recordings, pdfs, audio recordings & LIVE Coaching, Embodiment & Coach Training Sessions) 

    • Weekly Vedic Wisdom study program on Devi Mantras, Understanding the Mind, Dharma the Value of Values & the Knowledge of the Limitless Self
    • Once a month Group Devi Coaching
    • Once a month Devi Embodiment Ritual 

    •  Devi Coach Training (7 Modules)  
    • Practicum + Q & A Slots for the DEVI Methodology Coach Training
  • 7 Modules of the Rising Witch Embodied Healer (all recordings, pdfs & course manual, audio recording & live sessions)
  • Private Community Support

  •  Access to weekly on going Live Online Classes (Wednesdays Mantra Chanting & Thursdays Vedantasubject to change 

What others say:

If you are searching for therapy/healing and are ready to dive in and do the work, identifying and neutralising your triggers, unhealthy patterns, shadows and fears – and do so safely, in an empowered way, with deep love and nurturing, no spiritual bypassing – just raw, honest truth – and practical ways to resource and heal from the inside out, I can’t recommend BE  W○MAN Project enough.

The knowledge of the Vedas is so relevant today, and resonates so deeply – it blows my mind – yet makes perfect sense, bringing into sharper focus that which is unchanging. 

This ancient wisdom has been shared refreshingly by you and the team with a deep understanding of human identity, modern biology, modern sex education, trauma informed and relevant for people living in the real world today.

I asked last year for a teacher to appear on my path who would be perfect for me at this time, and you appeared! I asked the universe for guidance and clarity and I received it tenfold! I have renewed energy, sense of purpose, faith, gratitude and self-worth, that I know now is fully integrated. 

And to the sisters from around the world who I shared this experience with; you have restored my faith in humanity! It is possible to create and hold spaces free from debate, judgements, opinions and advice; a place to just speak and be heard, to take off our armour and truly support one another with just our presence. No fixing. Just being. So many different women, yet all the same when given the opportunity to connect safely. I am you and you are me. 

- Kate, Mother, Yoga Teacher & Women's Circle Facilitator


I am Shāradā Devī Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devi School

and it is my joy to support you in reclaiming your absolute fullness & dignity through the most powerful teachings & tools that I know.

The Empress is really Devī… the one who shines and who exists in all of us.  She who has it all because she is the source of all. She is the cause of everything. She doesn't have a sense that there's anything other than herself.

When I found Devī,  it was as if I found everything.  I found the Empress in me. I dared to speak up and to stand up for myself.  I decided to not walk the popular myth of the western culture.  I know it requires a lot of courage. 

Every single day I need to find that courage again… but know I have the Empress. I am the Empress. I have Devī in my life. And I know that the Empress is You too.

The guidance of the goddess is portrayed in the teachings of the Vedic tradition. What we are offering in Devi School is a combination of the ancient Vedic wisdom, which is the teachings of the goddess, but also including the needed and modern approach of handling our human experiences….  like trauma or whatever else we've experienced in early childhood… or even as an adult. 


 Descriptions of what is inside

5 exponential Programs dedicated to awaken the Priestess, the Witch who is the Embodied Healer, the Living Wisdom Teacher, the dharmic Queen & the Heroine


⫸ Awaken the Inner Priestess who always knew that we are intimately connected with life and with each other. 

⫸ Honor your sacred duty to maintain the balance between the seen and the unseen worlds. 

⫸ Abide in the Oneness between you and the whole universe which leads to fearlessness & Truth be told: that is the true pilgrimage of life.


⫸ Embody your Healer

⫸ Be One with Mother Nature's Magic 

⫸ Learn the Wisdom of Trauma

⫸ Heal Your Sexual Traumas

⫸ Master your Sacred Sexual Energy

⫸ Discover safety and honour your boundaries

 ⫸ Leave your Legacy

⫸ Understand the 2 wings of the bird that are needed for complete emotional and spiritual maturity 

⫸ From confusion towards clarity

⫸ Receive the Map of life towards Happiness & Freedom

⫸ 3 main ingredients to live your vision

⫸ 6 Qualities to achieve your goal

 Understand the 6 obstacles 

Femme Leadership & Heart Womb Aligned Offerings

⫸ Being a leader of your time

⫸ Self Care when sharing your Gifts

⫸ Authenticity & Find your true Voice

⫸ Content Creativity 

⫸ The Aligned Sequence of Offerings aka Sales

⫸ Community building is the sexy sales and marketing

⫸ Social Media & Algorithm

⫸ Money my Beloved



⫸ Women's Circle Facilitator Training

⫸ Feminine Awakening & Embodiment

⫸ Women's empowerment

⫸ Know your cycles - Fertility Awareness

⫸ Ayurveda for Women

⫸ Master your emotions and own your pleasure

⫸ Sacred Sisterhood

⫸ Weekly Women's Cirlce on the most important topics of life

⫸ Live by your own Myth

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