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Step into your full Witchy Sexual Goddess Feminine Power with this 5 modules Trauma Informed Sacred Sexuality Course.
Learn from the most respected teachers, ignite or reignite your erotic fullness, reclaim your power as a sacred woman who wields her magic for the good of all. 

self pace program

if you want to join the live online program then join the Muse Devi Coaching & Embodiment 1 year program 

𓆃 Have you ever wondered if there is anything wrong with you because you feel so much?

𓆃 Do you know that your sexual energy is the most sacred thing on this planet and it has been used for 1000 of years for healing, creativity and manifestation?

𓆃 Are you longing to live orgasmically, heart womb aligned while being a vessel of healing & transformation for yourself and the world

𓆃 Have you been in love with Mother Nature's Gift, longing to connect to her queendom & embrace the witchy side of you

𓆃 Do you relate to being described as witchy, intuitive, sexual, unconventional, magical, powerful & fierce?

𓆃 Do you long to embrace your natural gifts and bring them to the world in your work, as an embodied healer? 

Yes and I am ready to rise

When you hear the word Witch what do you see?

Most of us see a green ugly woman with a long nose, a fat wart, black cloak, with long dry hair flying on a broomstick.
Many grew up believing the Witch is to be feared, she is mean and not be trusted.
The truth is the complete opposite!!

The root meaning of Witch means she who consecrates & sanctifies.

It was;

The Witch…She who understood the language of animals and plants was considered a Witch.
She who had the ability to feel a deeper connection with Mother Nature was considered a Witch.
She who knew how to collaborate with plants, herbs, roots, minerals, food, spices and flowers to heal was considered a Witch.
She who was the womb wisdom keeper was considered a Witch.
She who used her sexual energy for the highest good was considered a Witch.
She who trusted her intuition before anything else and was able to unlock the potential of natural medicine was considered a Witch.
She who was conscious of her feminine Powers was a considered Witch.
She was empowered, independent & therefore dangerous.

Together we Rise as Witches from the ashes and together we shall destroy the darkness of ignorance, fear, projection, denial and suppression.

Together we heal our traumas & learn to love every single part of our existence.

Together we celebrate the reclamation of the lost ritual of Sex Magic.

Together we will reclaim our ability to meet the world in an intuitive, real & felt sense way.

Together we will awaken the senses to perceive, feel and understand the ecosystem we belong to in a more subtle and deep way to be able to receive the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Together we will connect with our heritage as natural healers when being a healer is a sign of power rather than a form of submission.

Sacred Sexuality, Self Love & Natural Remedies as a means for Healing, Growth & Expansion. 

This aspect of life is often covered with mystery, shame, and pain, both for women and men.
Intimacy can touch our deepest core wounds, our most vulnerable secrets, our heart-wrenching attachments and addictions
Intimacy also brings out our most noble, heroic selves, our most caring, inspired, and beautiful actions.

We open up to the erotic essential flavor of life, śṛṅgāra rasa, and caring sensuality. Through sacred sexuality, we wake up to really being in the body, and having a felt-sense experience of life which means we are capable of meeting all flavors of life from deeply painful, to profoundly pleasurable, and expansively ecstatic

Natural remedies have been with us since beginningless times and Mother Nature offers us her queendom for all sorts of healing, revitalisation and rejuvenation. 

Life is meant for liberation & Mother Earth has given us all the tools to destroy all the wrong judgements we have made upon ourselves as well as countless remedies so that we can reclaim our essence of wholeness and innate connection.

The more mastery we gain over our own bodies and minds, the more we can stand on the axis of emotional independence.

𓆃 Through emotional independence, we access our inherent joy and pleasure.

𓆃 Through owning our pleasure, we stop seeking it from partners for completion.

𓆃 Through knowing our wholeness, we are available to create and contribute & serve as an embodied healer

Sexuality is a free expression of Nature. Plants, trees, animals never hold back, they expose themselves as an offering. Sexuality in Nature is not only about having an intercourse. Sexuality is a shout of abundance, when the seeds are given freely to the wind. Sexuality is art in the form of the colors of flowers, peacock feathers, coupling dances. Sexuality is music... Think about the concerts of birds, the roars of felines in love. Sexuality is interrelation: different species of bugs developed over the centuries resembling sexual partners of specific plants, or think about the role of the bees in the pollination for example. In Nature every being is constantly expressing sexually to ignite their creative power and their role in the sacred inter-play of life. 

Embodying our sexual being, connecting with the senses, bring us closer to our creative and self-healing abilities, guided and sustained by all the realm of Mother Nature. 

Most of us have not had a healthy upbringing when it comes to our sexuality. 

Most of us have learned that there is something shameful or dirty about our sexuality. 

Most of us did not receive the proper empowering education when it comes to sexuality. 

Many of us have experienced trauma when it comes to our sexuality. 

Most of us have turned away from trusting Mother Nature's ability to heal us. 

Most of us have lost our connection to our inner healer. 

Most of us have given our power away. 

The sessions with Sharada were deeply transformational. Her embodied approach allowed my nervous system to fully trust and relax. Her deep wisdom allowed parts of me to open and old wound to heal very quickly. Her fierce power resonated with such softness that my whole being transformed naturally and organically. I loved her genuine care and love for my process; her openness to where I was at and I really enjoyed the Balinese vibes which were received with such joy. Thank you Sharada for your support and for allowing healing, empowerment and clarity to become fully embodied within me.

Barbara Cotes


The sessions with Sharada were deeply transformational. Her embodied approach allowed my nervous system to fully trust and relax. Her deep wisdom allowed parts of me to open and old wound to heal very quickly. Her fierce power resonated with such softness that my whole being transformed naturally and organically. I loved her genuine care and love for my process; her openness to where I was at and I really enjoyed the Balinese vibes which were received with such joy. Thank you Sharada for your support and for allowing healing, empowerment and clarity to become fully embodied within me.

Barbara Cotes


 Women being disconnected from their bodies, disliking or even hating their bodies, rejecting their blood, the inability to feel pleasure or have orgasms, destructive diets, breast implants, rejecting ageing, the often painful symptoms of menopause, vaginal dryness, low libido and other female dysfunctions like UTI, Candida, Cervical Dysplasia and so forth. 

The list is endless. 

It is common. It is not normal.

A woman’s body is naturally inclined to being in the felt sense, which means being alive to all the sensations, the wide spectrum of feelings, emotions and infinite pleasure. 

Our bodies are our temples. 
Our bodies are our sanctuary.
Our bodies are a vessel for deep healing, transformation and creativity. 

In order to access our infinite power and pleasure we have to descend before we can ascend. 

We gotta be able to dance through the night of darkness so we can move towards the light of fullness and reclaim our orgasmic nature

No matter what has happened to you. 

You are whole. 
You are not broken. 
You are complete. 

We implement the Wisdom of Trauma which means we take time to be with what surfaces from moment to moment so that we can integrate our experiences in a healthy empowering safe way. 

We meet what has not been met. 
We feel what has not been felt. 
We release what has been stuck. 
We transform what has been numbing us. 
We awaken what has been dormant. 
We love what has been rejected. 
We reclaim what has been shunned. 
We reignite what has been shamed.

𓆃 How much time have we waisted on things that do not truly bring us happiness & empowerment?

𓆃 How much more time will I sit back and wait for the sign that tells me that I am ready?

𓆃 How much more longer will I stay in my bubble, feel dissatisfied, small, afraid and sabotage all my life & relationships postponing my joy?

No more.

Repeat after me:

I am a Woman. 

I am a powerful Woman. 

I am a sexy Woman. 

I am a free Woman. 

I am a wild Woman. 

I am a Bitch.

(which by the way means Goddess of the Dogs and animals.
It's time to reclaim all words that demonize the sacred feminine.) 

I am the Sacred Feminine. 

I am the Sacred Masculine. 

I am a Healer. 

I am a Wise Woman. 

I am a Witch. 

One with Mother Nature's Magic 


What is in the Rising Witch Program?

 𓆃 5 In Depth Modules on reclaiming your orgasmic, empowered and whole self through Sacred Sexuality Initiation Rituals with Shāradā Devī Founder of Devi School, Feminine Embodiment Coach, Sacred Sexuality & Vedanta Teacher & Vedic Priestess 
pre recorded material as well as live weekend classes*

𓆃 5 In Depth Modules on reclaiming your healing powers one with Mother Nature's with Elisa Maran Ayurveda Specialist  (Herbalism & Concoctions, Being one with the Elements) 
pre recorded material as well as 2 live classes* 

𓆃 2 extra In Depth Modules* 

𓆃 In Depth sessions on the Wisdom of Trauma with Beta Lisboa Somatic Experience SE Therapist
pre recorded as well as 1 live session* 

𓆃 1 Mistress Class on The Witch Wound with Dr. Shari Tarbet Jungian PhD. 
pre recorded

𓆃 complete Witch Manual pdf 

𓆃 Life time access to the whole Rising Witch Embodied Healer Program in our Devi School Online Platform. There’s no need to worry about timings or unforeseen events as this opportunity is granted to you for life. (or at least as long as the internet exists)

*(only if you join the Muse see here)

Reclamation of your Dignity, Power & Fullness


Yes, I'm Ready

Your Witch Sisters 


Shāradā Devī


I am the Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devi School and I feel so much magic and blessings that we can rise together & that I can share this very special program with you. The Rising Witch is a dream come true, merging the teachings of Sacred Sexuality with the Gift of the Herbal Queendom, the Wisdom of Trauma & the true story of the Witches. I know this training will transform everyone that joins it. It will be a rebirth.

I will stand with you in the fire and burn to ashes;
the shame & ocean of pain that has been trapped in our bodies. 
I will stand with you in the water;
to cleanse our bodies from inappropriate touch. 
I will stand with you in the wind;
to breath into our Yonis to reawaken our orgasmic nature. 
I will stand with you on the earth;
to ground our feet into the centre of our mother and remember our roots. 
I will stand with you in space;
to destroy the illusion of separation,
to abide in the ocean of love as our hearts unite & expand to the infinite. 
Together we rise.

Elisa Devī


"I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and scholar, Deep Ecology Facilitator, Yin Yoga & Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and Permaculture lover. I am in this life experience a daughter, a sister, a mother. I find myself aligned with my true essence when I dedicate my energy to heal others... When I touch soils, herbs, skins and souls. I am a humble vessel of the nurturing care of Mother Nature.

My heart lies in the knowledge of Vedanta and Ayurveda.

Despite my experiences and studies about medical plants and traditional medicine, both in South-Asia and Europe, I love to consider myself an intuitive and self-educated herbalist as observing Nature and myself in connection with Her is my most important teacher and guide. I grow and pick wild medical herbs to prepare herbal teas and other natural remedies.

I cannot but apply a nature based approach in my facilitation work, Devi Circles and personal practices. I will share with you some magic from the realm of herbs and plants. I will walk with you to meet your ancient self, your intuitive powers, your intimate bond with Mother Nature and your legacy as a true healer."

Beta Devī


I am a passionate  Brazilian spiritual seeker, founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system. I offer Yoga mentoring program for teachers, Women's Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, Myofascial Release bodywork healer, and Author.

After much research over 25 years of learnings, my passion focuses on women’s embodiment and trauma healing integration. My school of yoga advocated over more than 500 graduates in 20 different countries with over 5000 hours of teaching experience.

Dr. Shari Devī


Shari Tarbet, Phd. Has been an educator for over 30 years. She taught English, history, literature, and grammar at both the middle school and high school levels in Lawrence, Kansas and Albuquerque, NM. After earning her PhD. She taught at the Navajo Nation’s Dine college for six years.

She has been presenting lectures, courses, and presentations in various topics on the Sacred Feminine in myth and history for fourteen years with the OSHER Institute, WHA, AAR, Mythcon, Southwest American Pop Culture Conference, and Southwest Writer’s Workshop. Shari is now working on her book The Conquered Feminine: Evidence of the Demonization of the Feminine in Language. In addition, her poetry has appeared in poetry anthologies, and she is currently working on two books of poetry: Things my Cats have Told Me, and one tentatively titled Ruminations.

I came to begin working with Sharada after realizing that I needed to add a spiritual element to my healing process for my cervix. With her by my side I was able to move through the pain that was keeping me from feeling a deep connection with my body and my sexuality. I was able to uncover truths that I didn't know I had stored away in my brain and reprogram them and be more compassionate with myself. Our work together was incredibly sweet and sacred and I felt safe and supported the whole time even when facing difficult issues I needed to move through. I feel much more confident about my healing and about the support I have around me at all times. Working with Sharada is a true blessing I wish every woman could experience.  

Emma Garrison


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 And she listened to the whispers of her ancestors and followed her heart

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