Chanting is one of the most beautiful, healing, liberating and nourishing Sādhanas. It is a devotional practice, a prayer where we establish a relationship with the God/Goddess, the creator - cause - substratum of this whole universe that we call Īśvara or Devī. 

The Vedic Vision is one of Wholeness. 

God/Goddess is the creator of the whole universe. 
God/Goddess is the cause of the whole universe. 
God/Goddess is the substratum of this whole universe.

The universe is never separate from the creator, the cause or the substratum. 

God/Goddess is in and through the whole universe as limitless existence, unconditional love manifesting as all names, forms and functions. 

In the Vedic View all that is here is sacred and everything is fit to be worshipped, adored and admired. 

We will invoke Īśvara/Devī as Guru the teacher that wields the sampradāya the traditional teaching methodology through the words of Vedanta to remove the darkness of self ignorance which is the fundamental cause of all pain through the light of the knowledge of the limitless self.

Gurustotram, a profoundly beautiful devotional hymn that is rendered in a heart moving melody... in praise of the teacher, teaching and the teaching methodology. 

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