OT - Heroine's Journey Women's Circle Facilitator Course 2022

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Be the Heroine of your own Myth

Learn what is meaningful in life and will truly bring you peace

the 3 months - 180h Foundation Course of the Trauma Informed Embodied Feminine Wisdom Teacher, Coach & Facilitator Empress Certification

  • Feminine Awakening
  • Vedic Teachings
  • Ayurveda
  • Self Care
  • Womb & Earth Wisdom
  • Universal Values
  • Sacred Sisterhood
  • Ceremony and Rituals
  • Communication Skills
  • Sacred Weather of Emotions
  • Wisdom of Trauma
  • Self Acceptance
  • Clarity & Understanding for Living a Spiritual Life

*Get the All Access Pass for Navaratri Festival included when you sign up for Heroine's Journey today! 

— Details —

Registration to Devi School with all access to the foundational course ‘The Heroine’s Journey’

Pre-recorded classes with Shāradā (600 minutes total)

plus pre-recorded classes with Guest Teacher (285 minutes total)

3 Months cohort support

Weekly live classes with Shāradā
(33 contact hours)

Weekly classes (Ayurveda for Women)
(15 contact hours)

Weekly Devi Circles ledled by Shāradā & Devi School Teachers 
(36 contact hours)

2 Guest Teachers that are expert in their field: Body Literacy & Natural Fertility Awareness & Circle Facilitator Teacher
(6 contact hours total)

 All these live classes will be recorded so that you can watch them after if you cannot join live

Mini Devi Circles led by you (2 hours)

Participation in Mini Devi Circles (8 hours)

Connection Sister Program

Social Media Content Creativity Program 

Devi Surprise


Bonus: 12 mantras & songs for your circles

All Access Pass Navarātri Online Goddess Festival 2020, 21 & 22


The Terms and Conditions


3 monthly Investments

Regular investment: 540 Euros

I rather pay in 3 monthly instalments

One time Investment

Regular investment: 1480 Euros (save 140 euros on regular)


Thank you for helping to plant a Be Woman Forest.

For each investment through the courses and other Be Woman or Devi School offerings, you contribute to Treesisters.


Together We Grow The Lungs of the World

What women who has done this course are saying:

The training has been an enriching and fulfilling experience that I cherish and hold dear to my heart. Above all, it has given me a renewed awareness about what it is to be a woman and how to stay connected to that. I am deeply grateful to Sharada Devi & all the beautiful women who I have met on this sacred journey – THANK YOU. My wish is for all women to have access to the Be Woman Project, it is a divine opportunity to connect more deeply to your feminine essence and to those around you. OM DEVYAI NAMAH!

Carolyn Saraswati

I can honestly say that it was the best decision I could make. I doubted a little bit to join because the course was online but I feel so grateful and blessed that I did! It is so beautiful to meet and connect with women all around the world on such a deep level. Diving into the sacred feminine and by that connecting with myself on a deeper level and understanding that there is only Devi, in all of us. In this time I experienced so much nourishment, nurturing, love and healing! And all of this was possible due to the sacred and safe environment Sharada created. What a gift to myself and what a beautiful journey. The Heroine's Journey continues because what I take with me is not only a deeper connection with myself, also a new sisterhood, tools for sacred self-care practices and a lot of new insights about the sacred feminine. This is something I hope more women will experience. Therefore my wish for the Be Woman Project is that Sharada and her sisterhood will reach as many women as possible. This work is so needed, so valuable and so precious. It is truly a a gift for yourself. Something all women deserve.

Brenda Balvers

€1.480,00 EUR

Sexuality Coaching Upgrade!

In these 4 in-depth coaching sessions with Sharada, you will together establish a clear goal & sacred map towards living the way you truly desire. So often we are governed by our old patterns, the unconscious & old beliefs which in return keep us small & stagnant. Eventually, this can lead to frustration, anger & resentment. We lack worthiness and deserving-ness which are key ingredients to manifest our heart’s desires. Connecting pleasure & wellness to abundance & prosperity is crucial. Reclaim your sovereignty & dignity through these sacred practices & tools that will change your life forever.

Only 4 spots available - first comes first served <3 

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