Sex Magick

This is a 3 hours Playshop where you will learn one of the most powerful manifestation tools.


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Sex Magick

S.x Magick is an ancient and powerful ritual that has long been lost to both womanhood and manhood but is now resurfacing and being revived. It is a unique ceremony where we utilize our Sacred S.xual Energy to manifest our Visions, Dreams, and Goals. Throughout the ritual, you'll connect with your S.xual Energy, embrace your desires, affirm consent, experience s.xual pleasure, and channel it through the various energy centers, known as chakras, culminating in the Yoniverse with your vision present if aligned with your highest purpose.

Traditionally shared only in my in-depth, long-term course, an inner calling has prompted me to offer this ritual regularly. It's now available in the form of an in-depth 3-hour playshop, allowing anyone to reclaim their power at any time.

This ritual is healing, empowering, and a unique expression of the love we are. We say yes to our innate power, honor our body temple, and worship it through our given turn-on. Making love to ourselves helps heal deep traumas and wounds carried in our bones.

Acknowledging our s.xually traumatized society, we embark on s.xual reclamation, recognizing that we are NOT broken, born sinners, or profane. The truth is, we are sacred, magical, and powerful beyond measure. Your body is the holiest temple, one you carry wherever you go.

Recognizing that you come from the sacred act of S.x, you possess a tool more powerful than any other. It can be a weapon if not treated with utmost reverence and care. While some have abused power in the name of God and S.x, God and S.x are not to be feared. You can live in fear or rediscover the sacredness and magic of s.x, finding God at its heart.

In the upcoming playshop, we'll start with a lecture covering the mechanics, sequence, possible triggers, how to resource, and how to honor your boundaries. The second part is dedicated to the ritual itself, which you can do at a later time if you're not ready at that moment.

This ritual complements the upcoming free Master/Mistress Class called the Vision Quest. In the Vision Quest, we'll explore the unseen world of infinite potentiality, welcoming our deepest visions, goals, and true purpose in life. This preparation will help you know your vision and goal, crucial for the S.x Magic ritual.

Our Sexual Energy is a gift that we have been given, and we can use it for the highest good.

What do you want to do with the power that you have or are in the process of awakening?


I am Shāradā Devī Founder & Heart of The Be Woman Project & Devī School and it is my joy to support you in reclaiming your absolute fullness & dignity through the most powerful teachings & tools that I know.

The guidance of the goddess is portrayed in the teachings of the Vedic tradition. What we are offering in Devī School is a combination of the ancient Vedic wisdom, which is the teachings of the goddess, but also including the needed and modern approach of handling our human experiences….  like trauma and anything else we've experienced in childhood… or even as an adult. 

Since 22 years I have been on my journey of self growth and self knowledge guided by my teachers & mentors and there is nothing that I love more then share what has blessed my life with you. 

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Important note there is no guarantee for results as it very much depends on your readiness and openness to the world of sacred sexuality. 

For in depth courses we suggest to check out our Muse the Golden Womb 1 year container. 

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What People Are Saying:

Shāradā <3 thank you beloved Devī for your loving, allowing an d permitting essence. Thank you for your overflow of wisdom and transmissions. I love you and thank you.

Carmen Ribero

Studying with Sharada Devi is an extremely rare opportunity which shouldn’t be missed. Sharada is a realized teacher who combines traditional Vedic teachings while fully embodying sacred sexuality, like no one else has mastered in such a complete way! Trust me, I have been around the spiritual circuses for 50 years seeing the exploitation, abuse of power, and scandals, having been myself the victim of so called ‘spiritual teachers. Studying with a genuine spiritual teacher is a rare and great blessing. Sharada and I share this blessing. Sharada’s entire life’s commitment to self-knowledge while embracing her own shadow so fully, makes her an exceptional teacher who will help you empower and love yourself with clarity of knowledge, grace, and kindness. Trust that investing yourself in this course will deeply transform your life, assist you to truly know, and realize yourself, and that it will bless you profoundly. When reality is no longer about competition and when your own student becomes more brilliant than you, well… you want to acknowledge and champion her and to offer prayers of protection and gratitude for such a gift and blessing to the world! Yat Bhavam Tat bhavati! As you revere and worship, so you become!

Maryse Côté, Sacred Sexuality teacher and author

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