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Join us for a long weekend where we will dive into the heart of Vedanta with same-hearted peoplewho have a deep value for spirituality, integrity, devotion and truth. 

Röstånga Friday - Sunday, September 6 to 8, 2024

Vedanta Classes * Satsang * Guided Meditations * Vedic Chanting * Pūjā

We feel deeply blessed to once again invite you to the beautiful forests in the national park ”Söderåsen” in South Sweden where we will be nourished not only by the magical nature but also by the time less teachings of Vedanta. 

For those who are new to Vedanta, this will be a wonderful opportunity to be introduced step by step into a tradition that has been passed on from teacher to disciple.

For those who already have been exposed to the teaching, it will be a nice time to deepen and assimilate their understanding of Vedanta. As it is a lifetime contemplation on the nature of I, that is essentially free from all limitations, one can always gain more clarity.

A mirror in words that says that I am everything I want to be already, that I am complete, full and whole, always was, always will be.

This a vision that is dear, attractive and desired by all people at all time and at all places. Therefore it is a timeless teaching.

We look forward to sharing this auspicious weekend with you


Åsa, Shāradā and Joanna


Friday - Sunday, September 6 to 8, 2024
* FRIDAY - Half day schedule

Early arrival walk in the nationalpark, cool swim in Odensjön lake near by, contemplation in the garden

13.00 to 15.00 Check in

15.00 Start/Welcome ceremony

Schedule flow for classes, talks, Satsang, ceremonies, lunch and dinner etc.
will be announced at the welcome ceremony.

*SATURDAY - Full day schedule

*SUNDAY - half day schedule (finish at 14.00 or 15.00ish)

You are welcome to stay longer for contemplation, nature walk, swimming etc.


Please sign up only if you really intend to register to participate in this sweet retreat. When signing up you agree to receive a registration form and pay a registration fee.

About Shāradā Devī

From an early age, Sharada was on the quest for Moksha, absolute freedom, which led her to Venezuela, India & Bali, seeking guidance & answers to the fundamental questions of life. 

20 years ago her journey started with Yoga and more than a decade ago, she found her revered teachers in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and has since then been living in Bali & India studying the ancient teachings of the Vedas directly with her teachers. In her lineage, the study of the unconscious aka inner child, devotional practices such as rituals, mantra and guided meditations is incorporated which also shines through in all her magical offerings. She has been teaching the jewels of the Vedic Tradition from the very start of her own journey as she has been encouraged to do so by her teachers.

Sharada is a devoted and committed student and teacher of Vedanta, Sanskrit & the Vedic Tradition, a Priestess of Ceremonies & a Vedic Chanting Mistress as well as the Heart of Be Woman Project & the Visionary of Devi School where Spirituality meets Embodiment. She is also a Feminine Embodiment Coach and Therapist.

 “She is one of the best teachers I have ever come across in my life! Truly transformational, life-changing experience!” Taryn Weggelaar, Loka Yoga School

“She is a slight young woman with Swiss, Philippine heritage and it’s clearly not the first life she has dedicated to Vedanta. She has such poise, presence and a deep love of Sanskrit, and her discourse is mind-opening, gentle and exquisite.” Clare, UK

"Sharada teaches ‘Yoga Philosophy’ which she calls Yoga Knowledge with all her heart. She conveys the Vedantic/Yogic Teachings & Sacred Disciplines in a real, authentic, graspable, enjoyable, deep, heart-opening and mind-blowing way."

"She teaches with all heart. Her love, patience, compassion and clarity help one to see what Vedanta is saying in a seemingly effortless way." - Julia Devī

Smt. Sharada Devi is one of my brilliant Senior Students.

She has been with me Studying Vedanta, Sanskrit and Vedic chanting in Bali now for over 13 years and continues to study and teach the same. She has Studied Directly from Sri Swami Dayaananda Saraswati in the Traditional Ashram context and discipline for a year and participated in various camps. 

 She is highly committed and well established in all aspects of Vedic traditional structure, Attitudes, and Values, she embodies these values and is constantly sharing the same with all her devoted students. Sharada is a qualified Celebrant in her own right having been traditionally initiated with major Hindu  Vedic Samskāras ie. spiritual initiations.

She has been blessed by her revered teachers and embodies these rites of passage and Initiates others who sincerely ask and are ready to receive these priceless transformational blessings in their lives.

In her Devotional Yajna Spirit, she has been organising and conducting Sacred Feminine Women’s circles empowering women to profoundly heal themselves at all levels and has inspired many women to do the same.

Sharada has classically trained in Odissi a form of Bhaarata Naatya sacred devotional Dance, a profound form of Meditation – integrating body mind and spirit to be one with Deity.

She is deeply immersed in all aspects of Traditional devotional Ishvara Pujaa and has trained so many sincere yogic students in these priceless spiritual practices. She has been teaching mainly in Bali live classes individuals and groups in established International Yoga Teacher Trainings, and also on the web through “Vaidika Dharma” & Her Sacred “Be Woman Project” and during summer months she teaches in Sweden, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Holland etc. with Ishvara Guru and Shāstras grace profound for Jnāna Vairāgya Moksa Siddhih.

May her sacred Yajna continue timelessly blessing all that come to be blessed by her guidance and teaching.

with Naaraayana Smrtih 

Swami Vagishaananda Saraswati 


Testimonials of Students 

taken during the Vaidika Dharma Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in collaboration with SOHA School of Healing Arts by Founder Daniela Mandala