Ice Queen to Love Queen

Embark on a transformative journey from numbness to unconditional love & erotic aliveness.

Our master aka mistress class series invites you to transcend the mastery of suffering, blame, and shame.
Discover the art of letting go as you navigate unexpected turns, transforming into the queen of love.

Together, let's celebrate the full potential of every human being, remembering and abiding in the love that we are. This is a moment of deep connection, an opportunity to witness and celebrate sacred transitions, and a commitment to your own inner growth, highest truth, and purpose.

Reserve your spot now for this magical, luxurious journey of the heart – a week filled with deep connection, authentic relating, and true conversations.

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What People Are Saying:

Om Sister, you have no idea how important and healing these two days have already been. Just wow. I am so grateful for you turning this pain into this medicine. The space you hold is impeccable, with so much grace, so much divine presence. So much devotion just washes through all that is and just brings you back home. Thank you sister for this gift from life. Literally, this is a gift from life. Thank you for offering it.

Suzanne, Ice Queen to Love Queen Participant

Studying with Sharada Devi is an extremely rare opportunity which shouldn’t be missed. Sharada is a realized teacher who combines traditional Vedic teachings while fully embodying sacred sexuality, like no one else has mastered in such a complete way! Trust me, I have been around the spiritual circuses for 50 years seeing the exploitation, abuse of power, and scandals, having been myself the victim of so called ‘spiritual teachers. Studying with a genuine spiritual teacher is a rare and great blessing. Sharada and I share this blessing. Sharada’s entire life’s commitment to self-knowledge while embracing her own shadow so fully, makes her an exceptional teacher who will help you empower and love yourself with clarity of knowledge, grace, and kindness. Trust that investing yourself in this course will deeply transform your life, assist you to truly know, and realize yourself, and that it will bless you profoundly. When reality is no longer about competition and when your own student becomes more brilliant than you, well… you want to acknowledge and champion her and to offer prayers of protection and gratitude for such a gift and blessing to the world! Yat Bhavam Tat bhavati! As you revere and worship, so you become!

Maryse Côté, Sacred Sexuality senior teacher and author

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