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Moments with Oneself, Īśvara & Devī

This is an ongoing live Online Course.


You will receive all of the class recordings & also can join the weekly Live Online Sessions.


These Sessions are a combination of:
- Guided Meditations
- Guided Jāpa Mālā Practice
- Vedic Teachings: Vedānta
- Bonus: Welcoming all Spiritual Sentiments ~ The Universal Language is Prayer ~ Mystical Prayer Circles (please watch the introduction to these circles so you can take full benefit of the session)


Guided Meditations or Upāsana yoga is the sacred discipline where one sits (asana) with that which is close (upa); one’s mind. It is the most important meeting of all, where one can set account with all the characters of the stage and resolve all unresolved issues. This is crucial in order to have a mind that is available for the knowledge to take place.

A Jāpa Mālā is primarily a tool for meditation ~ we repeat a mantra that we have been initiated into. Jāpa stands for the repetition of a sacred word, a mantra. A mālā is a sacred object. Jāpa mantra represents our relationship to Devī, Īsvara… we give a form to the formless. When we repeat the name we get to the one that is named & we invoke all of the qualities of that are represented by that sacred word, name.

Vedanta is the end portion of the Vedas that teaches Brahma Vidya, the knowledge of the limitless being, which is, according to the Upanishads, the Self. Vedanta reveals that the nature of I is free from any limitation, it is one, non-dual being. The general understanding of the I is ‘I am limited’ time-wise, space-wise and knowledge-wise. It is because of this conclusion that I am struggling to become happy. This is what is referred to as ‘Samsara’. In order to get out of that endless cycle of birth and death, I need to know my essential nature as free from death, free from change, free from any limitation whatsoever.


Vedanta says, You are the whole, you are full and complete as you are.
You are everything you want to be already.
You are the gold in and through all the ornaments.
All you need is to know, to remove the darkness of ignorance, to know yourself as such.


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