The Sacred Devi Prayers and Mantras

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A journey of deep healing & reclamation of the Sacred Feminine through Guided Meditations,

Visualizations, Sacred Gestures called Mudras, Puja, Self Care Practices and much more.

The Mantras are taught to you in the most traditional & authentic way. The way they have been chanted for thousands of years.

You will learn the proper pronunciation, the unfoldment for how the mantras will gift your life, get closer to the Goddess and her different aspects; beginning with
Lalita Goddess of Sacred Sexuality,
Durga Goddess of Dharma & Great Mother,
Laksmi Goddess of Abundance & Self Worth,
Sarasvati Goddess of Knowledge & Arts,
Bhumi Goddess of the Earth,
Annapurna Goddess of Food,
Parvati Goddess of the Mountains &
Shiva God of the Sacred Masculine & Fullness.


This is for you that longs to:

  • know what Vedic Goddess Worship is all about
  • deepen their understanding of the Vedic Teachings including Dharma, Vedanta, the attitude that helps us grow in life
  • continue ritualize your life
  • feel connected to the Goddess & her story at all times
  • know more about yourself as the limitless self
  • discover yourself as the Goddess
  • heal your relationship to the sacred feminine; your mother, sisters etc.
  • heal your relationship to the sacred masculine; your father etc.
  • heal your relationship to all your ancestors & other beings in your life
  • discover relationship as a means for self growth
  • change your myth
  • care for your body as a temple
  • learn about self massage
  • And many more other aspects are covered.

What you'll get:

  • 35 plus modules
  • Booklet with all Mantras
  • Audios
  • Practices
  • Online Support


Additionally you will receive:

4 Transformational Bonus Embodiment Classes which are valued at 100 Euros total):

  • Discover your Yes and No with Boundaries
  • Liberate Holy Rage
  • Claim Worthiness
  • Harness Your Power



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