Priestess Initiation Training Online

This advanced training is a self-paced in depth transformational journey

Live Training will run in 2023 - dates tba


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In service to the Sacred

Awaken the Inner Priestess who always knew that we are intimately connected with life and with each other. 

Honor your sacred duty to maintain the balance between the seen and the unseen worlds. 

Abide in the Oneness between you and the whole universe which leads to fearlessness & Truth be told: that is the true pilgrimage of life. 

In the Vedas it says:

“This whole universe is your self. This whole universe is your family. This whole universe is Goddess.”

This is my invitation to you to join our In-Depth Priestess Initiation Training mainly based in the Vedic Tradition with Shamanic and Isis Sparkles which will lead from the darkness of duality into the vastness of the limitless indestructible being from where all magic is born, exists and goes back to. 

15 years ago I was initiated into the world of rituals and today I have the profound blessing to offer you this profound initiation to the Priestess you have always been. I am so happy to be accompanied by my beloved Joseph Master Drummer who is going to awaken the Drummer in you…. she who follows the beat of her heart & the sacred rhythms of life. 


What is included in the Priestess Initiation Training?

  • 14 full days (1 day off) Priestess Training with Shāradā Devī
  • 13 Embodiment Classes with Shāradā Devī
  • 7 Rites of Passage Shāradā Devī
  • 3 Balinese Rites of Passage - Special Full & New Moon Ceremony plus Ancestor Ritual with Balinese High Priestess Luh Manis Pranashanti
  • Special Lectures with Druid Priestess Dr. Shari Tarbet (Collective Unconscious, Gods & Goddesses & Dream Interpretation)
  • The Art of Drumming with Master Drummer Joseph Wallin 
  • Practicum & Evaluation
  •  You will get a complete Priestess Manual and life time access to the whole Priestess Initiation Training in our Devi School Online Platform

Topics we will be covering:

  • The Pilgrimage of life & embodying the Priestess
  • 7 Major life transitions through 7 Rites of Passage (from birth, study, menarche, sexuality, motherhood, menopause to death)
  • Daily Sanskrit Prayers & Embodiment Sādhanas for the highest Spiritual Growth and Feminine Empowerment
  • Sacred Sexual Energy for Healing & Manifestation for the Highest Good
  • Understanding the daily & yearly auspicious times to celebrate and offer ceremonies 
  • Understanding the Law of Karma and how to neutralize papa karma (painful situations caused by past unconscious actions)
  • The Power of Setting clear Intentions 
  • How to handle & get out of Samsāra “the Wheel of Becoming Disease”
  • Ceremonial space, Altar, Worship & Puja
  • Voice Activation: Heart Songs & Mantras 
  • the Art of Drumming
  • Goddess & God Archetypes 
  • Crone Goddess 
  • Understanding the Collective Unconscious & the Golden Cosmic Universal Mind of Devi 
  • Trust, Devotion & Ancient Vedic Knowledge 
  • The 4 Yugas (the Cycle of Times)
  • From Unmanifest to Manifest - giving Form to the Formless
  • Abiding in Cosmic Harmony
  • Community & the Sense of Belonging
  • Reclaiming Worthiness & Empowerment

Material & Recordings

You will get a complete Priestess Manual and life time access to the whole Priestess Initiation Training in our Devi School Online Platform

Heart Exchange - Investment


Full Investment - € 540  

Investment Plan - 2 x  300



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What People Are Saying:

“Be Woman Project and Sharada's heartfelt teachings gave me the space to be, explore and discover what it means to honour and embrace the feminine. I discovered parts of my being which I had never meet before. To be in safe and sacred space with the Devi Sisters was truly healing and such a blessing. I feel amazed at how sacred and deep the connection of sisterhood can be. The be woman training, is the first training where I felt not just connected to the teachers but connected to the students - the Devi Sisters. The connection of sisterhood is missing in modern day society and it is my dream and wish to bring this to more women in my community . I forever have a flame that has been lit in my heart which I will continue to share with my sisters, daughters, mothers and grandmothers. I feel truly blessed to be part of the be woman project and I look forward to learning more.”


€540,00 EUR


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