Understanding The Mind & The Unconscious

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20 Module Course

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"The mind is always busy, and its nature is restless. In the Gita Arjuna says, “I can perhaps stop the wind with my hand, but not this mind”. Restlessness itself is the mind. The mind is entrenched, turbulent, and very powerful. How then, can one sit and meditate?"

Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati


In the Vedic Teaching we look upon our body the outer instrument and the mind as the inner instrument.

The Antah Karana aka Inner Instrument is divided into 4 parts:

Manas - mind

The place where your doubts, feelings and emotions are, felt sense. 

Chittam - memory power

The place where our memories are, also the unconscious 

Buddhi - intellect

The place where our intellect is. Discernment, choices, knowledge takes place, there is clarity. 

Ahankara - ego

The 4th part is our ego, the I-notion. The ego identifies and says; I am the body, doer, knower, experiencer… the ego can identify with anything.

In this module we will focus more on our Inner Instrument called Antah Karana, through Guided Meditation and Vedanta Classes - building a relationship with out minds & unconscious.

"Upāsana yoga is the sacred discipline where I sit (asana) with that which is close (upa); my mind. It is the most important meeting of all, where I can set account with all the characters of the stage and resolve all my unresolved issues. This is crucial in order to have a mind that is available for the knowledge to take place."



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