Navaratri 2021 - All Access Pass

The 9 nights of the Goddess Online Festival Navarātri has come to life to offer a unique opportunity to all those that are longing to empower, enrich & spiritualize their lives profoundly. 

Dedicated to truly support us women to remember, awaken & reclaim our power as a Goddess,
Role Model & Wise Free Woman

Sharada & The Be Woman Team are going to offer a complete daily magical Sadhana with teachings & practices from the Vedic Tradition,
Sacred Feminine Wisdom,
Feminine Embodiment,
Devi Circles,
Puja, Mantra &
Guided Meditations
 to honor the Goddess in all that is.

More than 20 Powerful Feminine World Class Leaders will contribute to the festival with their outstanding presence offering modern, fresh, unique, empowering, uplifting, transformative playshops so that you have an unforgettable experience and can take the teachings, practices & tools home to accompany you the rest of your life. 

It is your chance to bring out the sacred beauty, meaning and purpose in your life, to welcome the gifts of true sisterhood and the endless reservoir of magic and love. Our hearts are full of excitement and joy to welcome you during the 9 Nights of the Goddess Festival in Navarātri!

See you soon!


What you'll get in this purchase:

  • Access to the Navaratri Festival 2021 platform for one year. The festival includes:

  • Classes from more than 20 teachers on different subjects to awakening the Goddess that we are
  • A 9 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) to deepen your connection with the divine.
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

The Terms and Conditions



Thank you for helping to plant a Be Woman Forest.

For each investment through the courses and other Be Woman or Devi School offerings, you contribute to Treesisters. 

Together We Grow The Lungs of the World

€97,00 EUR

❍  Special offer: 
3 Devi Embodiment Classes from our closed Devi Temple Membership Program ❍ 

Bring back Sacredness with your body through:




How do we deal with anger in an effective & sacred way? How do we deal with the root cause, instead of turning to passive-aggressiveness? Anyone with the same background would feel the same, would have done the same.
Learn more about:
 our likes and dislikes  traumas 
 conditioning  beliefs 
 unresolved issues  self-ignorance



 Expressing, Fulfilling & Honoring my needs in a healthy way ❍

Listening to your body. Discovering Consent. Awakening Shakti. Magical Yoni Egg Ritual.



Power goes with gentleness. Awakening Shakti through breath, movement & Yoni Egg Ritual.
The power of knowledge - Jnana Shakti
The power of desire - Icchaa Shakti
The power of action - Kriya Shakti
Devi in the form of Shakti blesses us with these powers so that we can live empowered and follow our hearts, our calling in life.

Since you have shown interest in working with your feminine awakening we think that these classes will be valuable tools on your journey. So we are offering these transformative classes for

only 33 Euro

*These classes was recorded live with women from our closed Devi Temple Membership Program.  

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