1 on 1 Signature Package Devi Coaching & Mentorship "Return to Sacred"




Laser-focused questions that will help you get clarity in life, 5 sense rituals, body /mind scan & mapping, guided meditations & visualisations, dynamic inner family system rituals, shadow work, breath work, self-care rituals, sexual healing, ancestral healing, grieving rituals, sex magic, value system, empowering truth, creating new mental patterns that are supportive of your goals and desires, mantras, rituals, and of course the profound teachings of Vedanta & the Vedic Tradition; a road map towards Moksha Freedom. 

This signature package is for those people that are truly ready to put their heart and soul into their life’s goal and purpose. 

You are a full body yes to committing to your limitless potential & to embodying the goddess/god, priestess/priest, witch/sorcerer that you are. 

11 life transforming SESSIONS in between session we will have accountability & contact through voice & text messages

You will be invited and celebrated. 
You will be asked to perform sacred tasks that bring you closer to your life goals. 
I am here to be your sacred mirror to let you see that you are worthier than the worthiest, powerful, sacred & that you can be the person you truly want to be. 

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€3.000,00 EUR


There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this Mentorship.

Before purchasing an Online, self paced or in person Program it is important that you fully read and thoroughly understand our cancellation policy.

This cancellation policy is designed to protect both Immersion/Program leaders and the participants.


“You” refers to a participant who applied and made payment for a Devi School Program.

“We” refers to Devi School.

“Cancellation” is defined as not attending the Devi School Program that you made payment for or wanting to switch to another Program.

“Program” refers to any online, self paced, in person immersion/course/training from Devi School Programs Online, self paced or in person.

Cancellation initiated by Participant

Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. Should  you cancel your participation to any program for any reason, the cancellation policy outlined below will apply, with no exceptions.

We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances, however we will have incurred expenses that, once paid, cannot be refunded. We strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance if you have concerns in case of an in person experience. 

Cancellation policy for programs

All PAYMENTS are NON-REFUNDABLE*, **. They will be kept to cover administrative fees.

In the event that you made a single payment (full fee) for the program, the non-refundable policy will also apply.

We are financially responsible for the program, therefore we ask that you respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement.


Cancellation initiated by Devi School

Over the past many years we never had to cancel a program. In the event that a scheduled program needs to be cancelled for any reason, your full fee and deposit payment will be transferred to another program. Alternatively, you may request a full refund of your payment.

Any significant changes to program details***, will be communicated ASAP. In this case, we offer you these two options: a full refund (deposit included) or the option of transferring  your payment to another program.  This decision should be made regarding within 30 days, otherwise our cancelation policy will apply.

***Significant program details are: change of scheduled date, location, duration, price, leader or general concept of the program.

We are not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreat, this includes airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with  the preparation of your trip. In case you have any concerns, please purchase travel insurance.

Cancellation for Online Programs

There are no refunds for Online Programs.

If you are purchasing a Program or a Private mentoring and agreed to pay in instalments you are responsible for the entire amount originally agreed to. There are no refunds or early terminations for these services.


Devi School cannot and does not give any guarantees on results or earnings with our information, courses, programs. mistress minds, coaching, plans, tools, or strategies.

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