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  We gathered together on the first and last day of Navarātri 2023 to pray and stand for Dharma. Invoking the Sacred Feminine, Dūrgā Devī, the great warrior goddess, who protects Universal Values and guides us from ignorance & suffering into self knowledge & freedom.

We invoked the Divine Masculine, Rāma Deva, who like Dūrgā is a great warrior, who protects Dharma & leads by example. Together they stand for freedom, together they stand for truth.

If you would like to have the opportunity to celebrate the 9 days of Navarātri, you can purchase the recordings of the previous years at the bottom of this page. 


About the Ceremony

Over the last 3 years, we embarked on a 10-day journey of empowerment and spiritual awakening. The 9 Nights of the Goddess Online Festival, dedicated to reclaiming inner power as Goddesses, Mothers in all Forms, Priestesses, Witches, Heroines, Leaders, Role Models, and Wise Free Women, was an unforgettable experience.

This year, we switched gears.  We took the essence of that empowering journey and condensed it into two special Sādhanas that aligned with the sacred Navarātri dates.

We welcomed the Sacred Feminine & the Divine Masculine together for a Universal Prayer Circle for the Courage & Strength to protect and live an integrated life following Dharma. Together, we shared prayers and set intentions for our path, our loved ones & the collective whole. 

Join us for the Navarātri Sacred Ceremony – a celebration of your inner Divinity, a condensed burst of your inner power, and a reminder of the remarkable journey we've shared over the years.

It's time to embrace the change, the evolution, and the Devī & Deva within.

The 9 nights of the sacred, where each night is dedicated to one aspect of Durgā Devī, she who removes pain & sorrow. She is known as the great mother, who is fearless, bestows courage, strength & helps her devotees to face any challenge in life. Turning every difficult situation into a blessing, an opportunity for spiritual growth. 

Love Note from Shāradā Devī

We did not want to miss out on this opportunity to meet again during the auspicious time of the 9 nights of the Goddess.

The last 3 years were incredible, this year we needed rest and integration.

Yet it is important to come together as a world family in prayers, especially during these difficult times.

It is with great honour that we warmly invite you all - deva/men/sacred masculine and devi/sacred feminine/women - again to our beloved Navarātrī this year we call it the Navarātrī Sacred Ceremony.

This is the 4th year that we had gathered. This year we wanted to especially honour the Deva the Sacred Masculine. We need the healthy integrated masculine. We prayed and invoked it in all of us.

We are so grateful to be able to welcome you all and invite you to join us again this year in this Sacred Ceremony dedicated to the Goddess / God that is as you, as me, as all of us.

It is a time where we reflect and have an opportunity to face the truth, let go of the old that is not serving our highest purpose, invoke strength for a dharmic honouring abundant pleasurable way of living, and seek wisdom that frees our hearts from suffering. 

It is a time to forgive, to say I am sorry, to acknowledge the priceless gifts of life and the true purpose of human embodiment. 

It is a time to invoke a Himalayan amount of Spiritual Wealth that cannot be taken away from anyone and will truly support one in abiding in abundance, prosperity and love. 

It is a place where you can know your true self, the whole and complete self… that self that cannot be improved upon because it is better than the best already, unique like a snowflake. 

It is a place where you can know others as yourself and discover that comparison, competition and jealousy has served its purpose and can be converted into admiration, support and collaboration. 

It is a place where you can know the Sacred that is always here… never not here… ever available to celebrate your journey of life. 

May these 9 nights and 10 days dedicated to the Sacred bring us closer, resolve conflicts and untie the most dense knots of the heart so that we can abide in the unconditional Love that we are, that IS. 

With love and infinite gratitude

Shāradā Devī
Devī School 

Night/Day 1

Prayer Circle

Durgā Devī

 (approx. 2h30)


The first day/night is dedicated to Durgā Devī to neutralize our binding likes & dislikes, inhibitions & situations we are struggling with. We invoke strength, courage, the will & effort to change what we can in life. We ask for all the guidance & tools to remove all obstacles that stagnate our emotional & spiritual growth. 

We will gather in a Sacred Pūjā ritual and share prayers, mantras, songs and anything else that you would like to offer to Devī during this time together. 

Night/Day 2-9

Self Sadhana 

You are invited to continue doing your own Sadhana 


You can also access to our previous Navarātri Online Goddess Festival Recordings.

You are welcome to read more about our Navaratri 2022, 2021 & 2020 Bundle Below on this page.








Day 10


Rāma Deva

 (approx. 2h30) 


The tenth day is called Vijayadaśami, which marks the defeat of Durgā over the demon Mahiśāsuramardini. Vijaya means "victory", also symbolic of the victory over our own minds. This day marks the day where Dharma wins over Adharma, where the Value of Values reigns supreme in leading one’s life. Also known as Dussehra, the tenth day reminds us of reverence and devotion for the shining Self as Devī or Brahmātmā. We return home and own up the powerful, shining Being who goes beyond even the phenomena and powers of sattva, rajas, and tamas, deified as Durgā, Lakṣmī, Sarasvatī in days 1-9. It is the day when the hero Rāma returned home to Ayodhyā after vanquishing Rāvaṇa, an inspiring model for each of us on our own heroine’s journey of true Self Discovery and power.

Brought to You by:

A Sacred Union of the ancient Knowledge of the Self and Trauma informed Embodiment to reclaim your absolute Fullness, Power & Radiance. 

Devī School & the Be Woman Project are here to inspire as many beings as possible to reclaim their absolute fullness & dignity through powerful teachings & tools; the magical world of rituals & mantras with the teachings of Vedanta (the knowledge of the limitless self) integrated with trauma informed Sacred Sexuality, Earth Wisdom, Inner Child Dynamics, & true community with the key ingredients of devotion, trust & universal values that we call Dharma.

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The Navarārti Online Goddess Festival Full edition has been brought to you by Devī School since 2020.

Women have been sharing their gifts, passions, teachings, love and inspiration full heartedly during a powerful gathering lasting 9 nights and 10 days to neutralise jealousy, comparison, fear, to empower women to stand in their power, to reclaim their voice, their creative force, their sexuality, to stand up for important issues like eradicating abuse of women in yoga, women's rights, educating about fertility awareness, the wisdom of menopause, embodying ecstatic nature and so much more. 

This  year we will gather 2 times during the full Navarātri Ceremony, on day 1 and day 10 to honour the conquering of Dharma over Adharma in our inner and outer world, however, you are welcome to join the ceremony the full 10 days along with the Sadhanas and powerful sessions from the previous years. 

We welcome you to this year's Sadhanas for free.

You will be able to purchase a one year access to the bundle of the 3 festivals in the check out page.

Navarātri 2022 Recordings Include: 

Shāradā Devi: Opening & Closing Ceremonies, daily Sādhanās & daily 16 step Pūjās


Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati - The Power and Healing of Durgā Devī 
Ibu Robin - Power of Mother’s Love 
Ni Luh Manis - The Power of Community
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli - Restoring Rhythmic Cycles of Deep Feminine Power - A Radical Yogic Act of Collective Rest.
 Jane Hardwicke Collings - The Autumn Woman Archetype & Wise Womanhood - Menopause
Nadeshwari Joythimayananda - She is Me 
Vaidika Bali - Feminine Power, Feeling, & Embodiment through Balinese Arts
Dr. Shari Tarbet - Sharing of a Poem 
Sheila Kamara Hay - Ecstatic Birth: A Divine Blueprint for all Creation
Charli Kornblum - "Return to the Sacred" Vocal Sound Healing to Uplift and Empower
Prema Mayi - The Power of Devotion through Sacred Sounds & Devotional Kirtan
Jelena Devī - Mother's of This Earth ~ Dance & Embodiment Journey
Kaya Mindlin - Lakṣmī Tantra
Beta Lisboa - Womb healing through Yin Fascial Yoga
Nathalie Sommer - Womb healing
Kāmadevī Carla Zürcher - Radical Transcendance
Daniela Mandala - Anatomy of the 7 Emotions: How to Alchemize the Body-Mind Complex
Anna Maria Magdalena - Earth Priestess Arts: Womb Voice of Woman
Parul Parvati - Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and the role of the Moon as Mother
Shereen Öberg - Healing, Meditation & Ceremony to the Goddess 
Shāradā Devī  - Trauma Informed Sacred Sexuality
Nima Kashavarzi, Shereen Öberg, 
Sheila Kamara Hey - 
We are all One
Shereen, Anna, Sanna, Lakshya, Shāradā & Nathalia - Mother Circles
Elisa Devī, Melanie Devī & Sylwia Savitā Devī - Session Support & Festival Management

Navarātri 2021 Recordings Include: 

Shāradā Devi: Opening & Closing Ceremonies, daily Sādhanās & daily 16 step Pūjās

Parul Dave - Vedic Astrology / Joytish
Daniela Mandala - 
The Golden Manifesto. Piercing Reality through Heart Radiance.
Disa Mineur - 
Fertility Awareness & the Menstrual Cycle
Meghan Currie - 
Love Every Moment
Taj Savitri - 
Becoming Intimate the Multidimensional Self
Tove Folkesson - 
Finding Your Voice - Writing Your Story
Prema Mayi - 
Kirtan - Devotional Music
Arti - 
To Awaken the Within as we Dance Through the 9 Nights
Nidhi Singh - 
Sufi Whirling Meditation
Monali - 
Developing Devotion - Dance & Music traditions of Bali & India
Nalini Blossom - 
Singer Songwriter & Womb Awakening Mentor

Navarātri 2020 Recordings Include: 

Shāradā Devi: Opening & Closing Ceremonies, daily Sādhanās 
Sylwia Devi: Lakṣmī & Sarasvaī Sādhanā
Julia Devi: Durgā Sādhanā
Rahel Devi: Durgā & Lakṣmī Sādhanā

Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati - Shakti
Sanna - Coming Home in Yourself
Emily Kuser - Sex, Death & Money
Nathalie Sommer - The Guided Womb Healing Gathering
Amy Thiessen - Voices of the Goddess
Daniela Garza Rio - Medicine Womben
Bex Tyrer - Unwind the feminine Yoga for Woman
Maryse Cote - Be the Heroine of Your Own Myth, Living Sexuality from the Inside Out
Lakshya - Prenatal Yoga Class
Marie Close - Dance & Art Life Ritual
Prema Mayi - Magical Kirtan

Dr. Sujatha  - Nurturing Shakthi & Understanding the Fundamentals of Ayurveda
Lindsey  - Together we Honor Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, creativity, fresh waters, and so much more
Jenny Janaki - "Beloved Womb" a Yoga class
Beta Lisboa - Yin Fascial Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Reduction
Petra Parvati - "Supported from Within" a Sacred Spine Yoga Therapy
Jo Shakti Argañaraz - Sacred Rage
Ingela - Durga Devi
Kay Balnaves - Self-care abdominal, womb & pelvic massage practice
Sat Sisters - Concert with devotional music

Navarātri Ceremony 2023


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