Bi monthly Women’s Circles happening online via zoom that help us rediscover and re-establish a Sacred Sisterhood bond and empower ourselves as a woman. We come together to share, create, exchange, be with and celebrate each other neutralising competition and jealousy.

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Welcome Dear Sister!

Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by many over the last decades.

Women’s circles help us rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, having a sisterhood and being a mother in and of the universe. 

We are thrilled to invite you to our New Devī Community Circles, where we can reclaim that bond, reclaim our voices and let our stories be heard. Let ourselves be seen.

Being seen and witnessed. 

Being heard and validated.

Being celebrated and admired. 

This is at the heart of out Community Devī Circles.

 For many women we have met, coming together in a women’s circle is something unknown, scary, challenging, and even at the thought of it they feel to reject it or laugh at it. 

Why is it so scary? It’s just a bunch of women. Have we asked this question?

We have felt betrayed. Perhaps we ourselves have betrayed. And so we have lost trust. With this, jealousy and competition have become the unsteady foundation upon which we sometimes relate. It is not a comfortable and safe space in which to open our hearts. 

Yet all we long for is to be real with each other and ourselves. To nurture and be nurtured. To love and be loved.



Why Community Devi Circles?

A Devī Circle is a Sacred Circle of Women where we come together to support each other on this journey of life.

There are times when we do not have many resources or we find ourselves helpless. We seek help in society, our partner, our family and sometimes, through means that are not so healthy. Yet we need support, nourishment, and the steady presence of an open heart.

When these other sources of comfort and understanding are not available, where can we find the support we need?

Knowing yourself as the source of love, happiness & security is the greatest wealth one can possess as a human being.

As I can love people freely without agendas, not needing them to be in a certain way, so that I can be happy.

Having self knowledge means I can grant people space to be who they are and appreciate them as Laksmi, as a gift from the Universe as my Sacred Mirror.

We all have something to learn from each other.Let's inspire each other to grow, rise and shine!


Diving into the Sacred Feminine and connecting with myself on a deeper level and understanding that there is only Devi, in all of us. I experienced so much nourishment, nurturing, love and healing!

~ Brenda, Holland

Nourishing meetings with women who share a longing for spiritual growth. Sharing our stories and desires in a safe, soft and sacred place. Celebrating that we are women. Welcoming whatever is in our search for deeper knowledge of self. Offering our presence as the best present. Sharing the power of prayer. Restoring old wisdom. Mirroring our fullness.

~ Anna, Sweden

A Women's Circle.

Where time and space resolves.

Where division is nothing but a wrong vision.

We come together to see each other.

Naked, raw, vulnerable, real. Strong, brave and free.

To give voice to what has been unsaid.

To release what has been unfelt.

To unite in the sense of loneliness.

To care for all that is with love and tenderness.

To share silence.

To be present.

To pray, invoke guidance, clarity & self knowledge.

How can Community Devi Circles Benefit You?

1. They can help you see and understand that every woman is unique.

2. They are a safe container to share our deepest stories.

3. They help Us relate in new ways with other women.

4. We can learn to know ourselves better.

5. We learn to validate ourselves. 

6. We lean into the art of listening. 

7. We learn to share our emotions and to stay with our felt sense.


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Be Woman Project is based upon 11 core values with its origin from the Vedas. Here we will mention some of the important ones when we are meeting in a Community Devi Circle. 


Ahimsa (non injury): we meet another woman with the intention of not hurting. We meet with physical respect and humbleness, as well as emotional tenderness. We use words of respect and admiration instead of words that can hurt another sister 

Abhayam (fearlessness): may I not be afraid of you and you not be afraid of me. When we show our vulnerability we can easily feel naked and raw. We invoke for our circles that we can be naked and raw without feeling threatened by another woman, without it to be a competition. We lift our hand just like Ganesha does to show that we are in this together, and there is no need to be afraid of each other

Madhu Vratam (a vow of sweetness):  we honor each other's existence and presence with sweet words, compliments and support. If we see that another woman is in need of some support we can stay present, place a hand on her shoulder, ask if she needs anything, give her a tissue if she is crying,  a chocolate or some sweet honey- dripping compliments. Be as sweet as you would meet a newborn baby. When we are not in a physical circle, but meeting in the virtual space we can still give a smile or write some supporting words in the chatbox.

Ksantih (accomodation): the understanding that there is always a reason, a background, for another woman's behavior, attitude or words. We say that “If I would have been you, I would probably do the same”. We are complex beings. We only see and meet a little piece of a woman's story in a Devi circle. Meeting the stories and a woman with another background than yourself  without judgements but with glad acceptance is something we always aim for. 





A circle of women where we can come and be just as we are. Already whole and complete but often we need sacred mirrors to see and feel that we are already more than enough. It's a circle for all women (those identifying as women) with different backgrounds, different ages, regardless of skin colour and nationality. It's a place where we meet in a safe and held container to open up about our deepest fears and biggest dreams, to know that everything shared goes back to Devi, to the infinite. It's a place where we support each other, where we see, where we admire each other, to neutralize competition and jealousy that is often so deep rooted in us from our upbringing. It's a place where we validate each others feelings and stories and also learn to validate ourselves. It's a place to come back home, to reclaim the power of being a woman in all its forms and colours, to find your own voice and to dear to share it with the world. ~ Mette 


With warmth in my heart and womb I am writing this message to invite all of you who are hearing the call of the sacred feminine to gather in sacred circles of women to embrace the myriad facets of life, rise from isolation and loneliness into the Oneness with all beings. 
I know that these circles that are held by my trusted students & sisters who have been trained in the Vedic teachings, practices and the secrets of the sacred feminine can literally shift the course of life & restore the sense of belonging. 
Devī Circles have changed my life, they have supported me during the most challenging times. Since then the prayerful sacred mirroring which is an integral part of the circles which are based on mutual honour, respect & appreciation for each other has taught me how to embrace all my relationships. 
In the Vedic Vision & Teachings life is meant for growth and as a society we are meant to support each other on this journey of life. The Be Woman Community Devī Circles are our heart offerings so that we can further grow, deepen & strengthen our Sacred Sisterhood so that we all can come back home to ourselves eventually abiding in the love that we are as one whole and complete being. 
One of the Visions for Be Woman Project was one of a Global Sisterhood to manifest a Temple where all are welcome no matter the background, age or color … where all can join and participate in women’s circle and experience the magic that comes from it and heal their wounds in a loving, compassionate and empowering way …. I am so happy and grateful that we are now able to offer these circles to you. 
May all obstacles be removed so that you can join and re-discover the healing nature of women’s circle. Money often is one of the obstacles. This time we covered that for you. The circles are by donation. Give from the heart if you can & based on how the circles have impacted you and it will come back to you a 100008 fold. 
With so much love in sacred sisterhood
Shāradā Devī
Devī School Creatrix 

Sylwia Devī

I'm so excited to be able to invite you to the Community Devī Circles. They have been so transformative in my life and have helped me become a better communicator and listener, improving the way I relate with others and with myself. Having a Sacred Mirror is so precious to me and I am grateful to Shāradā for her teachings, love and trust in brining this Sacred Offering to life.
Having the possibility to share from the heart without the fear of judgement, and being accepted just as you are, having the love reflected back at you and seeing that you are never alone in anything you are going through is what I have experienced since day one participating in Circles.
Since then I have stayed committed to the path of Growth & Self-Knowledge and am blessed to immerse myself in the Vedic teachings, learn about Sacred Rituals, Mantra, Sanskrit and help to manifest, participate in and co-hold space in the offerings proposed by Be Woman Project & Devī School.
I have a deep heart connection to the Art of Communication in the form of words, music, movement, yoga āsana or creative arts and am now in studying to become a Trauma Informed Embodied Feminine Wisdom Teacher and Coach. My heart has always been searching for truth, growth, healing, connection and pure happiness with no reason.
See you in our Circle Sacred Sister!
With love,
Sylwia Devī
Devi School Co-Creatrix

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