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Navaratri is a magical 9 night festival dedicated to Devi, the Goddess.

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We pray to reach all those that are ready for change and transformation all over the world. We already managed to donate a large amount from this festival to support great causes like Bumi Sehat a natural birthing clinic, TreeSisters (planting trees around the world), Yoni Shakti Movement to eradicate abuse of women in Yoga and those that are dedicated to empower women. 

Let’s come together to break the cycles of ignorance and pain so that we can abide in unconditional love & self acceptance. 

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  • Access to the recordings of the live sessions from the Navarātri Festival 2021 & all materials 

  • Access to the playshops and talks from Navaratri 2020 (30+ hours of content with amazing teachers)

  • Bonus 1# Access Your Power - a Spiritual & Feminine Awakening

  • Bonus 2# Own Your Worth - Reclaiming our Deep Sense of Worthiness

  • Bonus 3# Love To Care - Create a Sacred Symbiosis with Life

  • One tree will be planted through Tree Sisters

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Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident that these online teachings and added materials are such a valuable learning resource that we're offering an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee.

What will be included in your

All Access Pass

Get access to all of the recordings from this year's festival

with these speakers:

Devi and the dance of Dharma - story of Devi Mahatmyam

Dr. Uma Dinsmore - Tuli

Yoni Shakti - Womb Yoga & Special Panel on Eradicating Abuse of Women in Yoga 

Clare Dubois

Embodying Ecstatic Nature

Bex Tyrer

Women's Health Activist

Dr. Sujatha Kekada


Sanna Akasha Tobias

The knowledge that gives inner freedom


Kundalini Shakti - Nourishing the Devi within

Kay Rose

The Art of Sacred Touch

Emily Kuser

Women's SelfCare - The Gift of Grief

Beta Lisboa

The Wisdom of the Menopause & C-Section  Healing

Parul Dave

Vedic Astrology / Joytish

Daniela Mandala

The Golden Manifesto. Piercing Reality through Heart Radiance.

Disa Mineur

Fertility Awareness & the Menstrual Cycle

Meghan Currie

Love Every Moment

Taj Savitri

Becoming Intimate the Multidimensional Self

Tove Folkesson

Finding Your Voice - Writing Your Story

Prema Mayi

Kirtan - Devotional Music


To Awaken the Within as we Dance Through the 9 Nights

Nidhi Singh

Sufi Whirling Meditation


Developing Devotion - Dance & Music traditions of Bali & India

Nalini Blossom

Singer Songwriter & Womb Awakening Mentor

All the recordings from Navaratri 2020 includes:

Shāradā Devi:
Opening Ceremony, daily Sadhanas & Closing Ceremony
Sylwia Devi:
Laksmi & Sarasvati Sadhana
Julia Devi:
Durga Sadhana
Rahel Devi:
Durga & Laksmi Sadhana

Swamini Brahmaprajnananda Saraswati - Shakti
Sanna - Coming Home in Yourself
Emily Kuser - Sex, Death & Money
Nathalie Sommer - The Guided Womb Healing Gathering
Amy Thiessen - Voices of the Goddess
Daniela Garza Rio - Medicine Womben
Bex Tyrer - Unwind the feminine Yoga for Woman
Maryse Cote - Be the Heroine of Your Own Myth, Living Sexuality from the Inside Out
Lakshya - Prenatal Yoga Class
Marie Close - Dance & Art Life Ritual
Prema Mayi - Magical Kirtan

Dr. Sujatha  - Nurturing Shakthi & Understanding the Fundamentals of Ayurveda
Lindsey  - Together we Honor Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, creativity, fresh waters, and so much more
Jenny Janaki - "Beloved Womb" a Yoga class
Beta Lisboa - Yin Fascial Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Reduction
Petra Parvati - "Supported from Within" a Sacred Spine Yoga Therapy
Jo Shakti Argañaraz - Sacred Rage
Ingela - Durga Devi
Kay Balnaves - Self-care abdominal, womb & pelvic massage practice
Sat Sisters - Concert with devotional music

Mistress Classes

Light up your Goddess Fire with these 3x2hours pre recorded classes

Access your power -
get clear on your goal in life. In this special Mistress Class you will learn: The three powers that are required in life to accomplish anything. The Road Map of Life & Get Clear on your Core Desire and Three Key Tools to Access Your Power.

Own Your Worth
claim a Deep Sense of Worthiness as that is essential to let our Hearts Truly Bloom and Achieve Anything. In this special Mistress Class we will Heal the Mother & Daughter Wound

Love To Care
from Competition to Contribution. In this special Mistress Class you will learn how to Truly Create a Sacred Symbiosis & Spiritualize Your Life so that you Feel Connected to All Beings and All Times.

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She is a devoted and committed student and teacher of the Sacred Feminine, Vedanta (non dual teachings), Sanskrit Language and the Vedic Tradition, as well as a Master of Ceremonies & Vedic Chanting for more almost 20. She is the Heart & Creatix of The Be Woman Project & the DEVI’s Teaching Methodology.

Her original roots are Swiss Filipina, yet her quest for healing, growth and truth has brought her to live abroad since almost 20 years. (South America, India & Bali)

She has a background in Odissi Dance; an ancient Temple Dance which portrays the stories of the Goddesses and Gods of Vedic Mythology, Yoga, Ayurveda, Rituals, Rites of Passage & Dynamic Inner Child Work. She also has deeply immersed herself into body literacy, natural fertility awareness, sacred womb & earth wisdom, holistic sex education, jade egg practice, cervical awakening as well as the neurology of trauma. 

Her many years of total dedication to understanding the self along with her lived experience of living what she teaches, following universal values, and keeping in integrity with her tradition make her an outstanding teacher. Blessed by her teachers she passes on the ancient knowledge of the self with devotion, clarity & deep compassion. Her love for the Goddess and Yoni Shakti (the power of the Yoni) shines through in all her offerings.

Night/Day 1, 2, 3 - Durgā Devī

The first 3 nights/days are dedicated to Durgā Devī to neutralize our binding likes & dislikes, inhibitions & situations we are struggling with. We invoke strength, courage, the will & effort to change what we can in life. We ask for all the guidance & tools to remove all obstacles that stagnate our emotional & spiritual growth.

Night/Day 4, 5, 6 - Lakṣmī Devī

The next 3 nights/days are dedicated to Lakṣmī Devī, the goddess of abundance & wealth. We will invoke her to bless us with health & wealth on all levels. She is the one that gives us a sense of worthiness, deservingness & helps us see that we are already what we want to be. We will honor the gift of being a woman & having a sisterhood & all other gifts that we have been given in life.

Night/Day 7, 8, 9 - Sarasvatī Devi

The last 3 nights/days are  dedicated to Sarasvatī Devī, the goddess of relative & absolute knowledge. She is also known as the goddess of communication & sacred arts. We all have been gifted with an extraordinary sacred instrument that is our body-mind sense temple through which we can embody the love that we are.

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A project that will enable you to know that you are the source of love, security and happiness.

Neutralize the competition by posting, validating, and sharing your story. Neutralize jealousy through admiration and the sacred arts. Neutralize fear, insecurity, feelings of worthlessness, shame and alienation through self-awareness and sacred sexual practices.



The Navarātri festival was an outpouring of generosity in sharing so much wisdom, knowledge, tools and sacred space holding. I learned so much, felt so inspired and nourished, and deeply touched in my heart. ❤️


The Navarātri Online Festival last year was such a blessing. So much depth, warmth and love. It really is a gift to yourself if you join this festival. Shāradā and her team share so much profound wisdom and teachings. I will certainly join this year again!


It was fantastic and filled with great knowledge & peace. It was during the work week so it was difficult to participate in all of the sessions during the day, but the ones that I did participate in were lovely, very warm, caring & inspiring. Thank You!


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